Weight Lost!!!

13 pounds down

Monday, December 6, 2010

Day 344: Working out is working out!

I have joined a gym and have a little guidance with my workouts too!   Our new insurance has a deal where they reimburse us!  Gotta love that!  The childcare for the kids is awesome too at the gym, so they get a good work out!

I have been to the gym 5 times since last week.  I am going again today to workout with my man! ;o)

I have been keeping my daily food intake again in Livestrong's My Plate and that is helping me too.  I do get really snacky but haven't been drinking enough water and I think when I start doing better with water I'll be less hungry or snacky feeling.

I did lose another pound since last week, that feels great!

I learned so much last week about gaining lean muscle.  I know I already knew that but the last few months I found myself eating what I wanted and then doing cleanses to lose a few pounds, but those stinkin' pounds always come back!  So now I am focusing on burning cals going cardio 3 times a week and doing weights 3 times a week.  One of those days I double up on doing cardio and weights.  This way I can burn my calories (lose weight) and gain lean muscle mass which helps me to burn more calories when I am at rest and helps me to keep my fat at bay for the long term.

So the journey continues.  I thought about re-starting this year, but my journey isn't starting over, it is just continuing.  So it may take me 18 months or even 24 months, but I will get this weight off and off it will stay!  So while my destination still remains I will still stay the course!

I know I can do this!  I am ready to get back to work.

Off to the gym.

Weight 194

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Day 339: What NOT to do when you are trying to lose weight

Howdy folks.  Man was I going strong.  Better than I had been, if my mind is good I was well on my way to weighing in the 170s...I had hit 30 lbs lost, THEN I went on vacation, and apparently I have been there all along.  I apologize for letting you down, but mainly I apologize for letting me down.  This is my problem and it is why I have a weight problem...So since Dec 27th of last year my goal was to lose 60 lbs...WELL, that ain't looking like a possibility at this point.  I started this blog at 212 lbs, today I sit at an ugly 195.  Yeah, I have lost 17 lbs total over the year, but I am sad that I had gained 13 lbs back after the summer vacation.  Depressing really...
SO what do I do about this?
I joined a gym, our new insurance will reimburse us so that was an easy decision!  So I started on Monday and I have gone 3 days in a row.  :o)
I am also starting back recording my food intake on Livestrong's My Plate.  That really helps me out!
I am still keeping accountable with my darling friend Dana who is dealing with her own stuff on the west coast.  So we share our struggles and we will do this together.

I am ready (again)  I know it is going to be a life long battle but it is the choice I am ready to live with.

Thanks for reading this if you did come back.


Monday, September 27, 2010

Day 243: Choose your own...(adventure)

Howdy ladies & gents.

Well, I am coming off a low.  I am only down a net of 24# from the get go.  Yes, it is 24#s less than I was 243 days ago, but I have to RE-LOSE 6#s that I lost already.  It happens, it is reality and so I will talk about it.  I gained weight, I ate terrible and didn't exercise to combat it...so here I am again, at 24#s down.

My BFF from high school, Dana, (not to be confused with my sister, Dana, whom I will mention later) and I have started talking and are coming up with a fab plan!  She has completed 2 FULL IRONMANS!  She is amazing to me!  She is now going to coach me as I do my first 100 mile bike ride, my first marathon and my first triathlon in prep for my first IRONMAN!  I will will do the first this in 2011, and do the IRONMAN in 2012.  I am excited for the venture.  However, before any of that, I need to lose the rest of my weight!  As we chatted we discussed that the weight coming off will be first priority, as I train.

So, she (fit as can be, as you can imagine) wants to lose 10#s. She isn't overweight, but would just like to be a little more slim.  So, her and I have developed an accountability plan.  We are both different leading different lives.  She is married with no children.  She has a full time job, and is a student getting her Master's degree.  I am married with kids and have a stay at home mom job.  So for us to do an identical menu is unrealistic.  We are doing what works best for us...individually.  There is not ONE DIET that is perfect for everyone.  We are all different and need to find what food works for each of us.  However, what we are doing is...keeping one another accountable.  We have to start the day with answering certain questions, such as the following:

Will get closer to goal weight today (not further from) by:

# of glasses of water,

Today's mantra:

Today's exercise:

We have to answer the questions.  We also have to record our food intake and caloric output each day on our online tracker (I use MyPlate, she uses FitDay)

We have a goal of losing 1 # a week for 10 weeks.  This is my short term goal...Of course my long term goal is to continue on like this until I have complete it all.  :o)

I suggest you find a friend and do the same thing.  Make sure you are a good match.  That you will hold each other accountable and won't let each other fail.

Join us on our quest...

Weight: 188...(for the LAST TIME)

Will get closer to goal weight today (not further from) by:

# of glasses of water,

Today's mantra:

Today's exercise:

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Day 238: Bad Heidi!

Well, I refused to weigh in this week, because I KNOW what the scale would do.  I was SO UTTERLY HORRIBLE this past week.  So after I started feeling better, I just went NUTS.  I binged, I ate donuts, fast food, ice cream...everything!  I feel sick just thinking about it.  A friend of mine who is in incredible shape now who I will refer to as "Fun Fact" sent me her "then" photos.  It was so awesome to see her transformation.  She was beautiful when she was bigger, but she is stunning now.  She did it all the right way, exercise and eating well.  I think seeing her pictures made me wake up.  I am not sure why I let myself have such a nasty week of eating, but I did.  It doesn't get easier, it is still hard to be tempted by food.  I am still tempted, but it is just making the choice and remembering that the donut will only taste good for a second but takes an hour of exercise to burn (at least).  Clearly it isn't worth it.  I have highs and lows and today is a new day!  So again I will get back up and get back in the groove!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Day 228: Unhealthy BUT looking fabulous

First of all.  I do apologize for the giant absence!  I have been pretty sick with a belly ache for 4 weeks.  It has been getting worse and worse, until last week it landed me in the hospital for 2 days.  I have ulcers and some areas of my stomach lining are eroding.  I had a biopsy done but not sure what the outcome is.  I have been avoiding gluten since then.  We shall see...  I have NO appetite, and when I do eat, I regret it.

So "dieting" is not happening right now.  I am just trying to get through.  Exercise is on the back burner too, until I can figure this out.  I have only been eating like 300 calories a day, and even that is a struggle.  I have been drinking Vemma Next and will continue to do that to get my nutrients in.  (If you have questions about this product let me know)

I will continue to figure my guts out...

On a better note... It has taken years to feel good about how I look.  However, I feel pretty!  I even feel normal, like I don't look fat anymore.  This weekend only fed into that.  Sally had her wedding reception this week, and I haven NEVER gotten so many compliments in a 48 hour period in my life.  Not even on my wedding day!  It felt so good, to feel so good about my self.  Thanks for all the compliments.  Here is a recent photo of my body and positive self image!  I finally look on the outside how I feel I look on the inside!  It feels so good!  I looked in the mirror last night, and smiled!  

Monday, August 30, 2010

215: Weight gain, struggles and stuff

Well, I have been avoiding the topic of weigh ins for over a week now.  When I left for my trip to Seattle I weighed only pounds away from getting into the 170s.  However, after continuously making poor food choices and excuses as to why I should eat them, the weight came back on, quickly and easily.  I was devastated when I got on the scale after I got home.  Then two days later, I started the 3 day.  Dieting while on the 3 day is not recommended.  So I ate the right amount of calories and I know I burned more.  Then yesterday was the state fair... HOWEVER, I had grilled salmon on a stick, nothing deep fried.  Yeah!  Ok, back to the weight game...

So I am still in the 180s.  I am 9 lbs away from being in the 170s.  I am not happy.

In 3 months I lost 10 lbs...In two weeks I gained 10 lbs.  That is too easy and scary!  I need to stay on my game all the time.  It is a good lesson.  I love food.  I love nasty, unhealthy food.  But, food tastes good for a second and then...I step on the scale.

I need to work extra hard to get this weight back off, and then lose the rest of it...

Food never tastes as good as skinny feels.

Weight 188  (YUK)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day 209: The 3 Day!!!

Got home from Seattle Thursday morning (Wednesday night) in the middle of the night.  Put the kids to bed, and went to sleep.  Woke up Thursday morning, and started getting prepared for the following days.
To be honest, the night before the walk, I wasn't jazzed up about it.  I didn't know who I was walking with.  I had met a woman at a wedding, Amanda, she was the photographer and I was the planner, she said I could walk with her team.  My team from last year wasn't walking with me this year, and I kind felt a bit lost.  At about 10pm, however I got a text from Amanda, she told me where I could meet her.  I was glad I got the text!  I felt a little hope.  Got a good nights rest and met up with them in the morning.  There was 8 of them and me, so that makes 9.  I kind of assumed it would stay that way, the 8 of them and me.  However, I was wrong.  There was 9 of us.  They welcomed me and accepted me as one of their own quickly.  All of these women are amazing, loving and kind.  They also were fun.  I got to know some pretty well.  As we walked we spoke of our kids and husbands, past walks we've done.  Many of them are runners too.  So that was fun.  I then found out that two of these amazing women are Breast Cancer survivors.  My brain tried to understand that... but they are moms, they are my age.  That doesn't happen.  Both are safe from cancer now.  It made it more real to me.  More real that I thought it would.

In the quiet moments of the walks I would think of and tear up about my best friend Kimberly, who lost her mom not to long ago and she suffered with breast cancer.  I thought how unfair it was.  How I don't understand why Kimberly (KJ) doesn't get to share so many memories with her mom by her side in the flesh.  How I don't understand why when KJ has kids why they won't get to know the awesomeness that her mom is!  So I prayed for my friend, to find and hold on to peace.

I then thought of my Aunt Roxanne, who has suffered through breast cancer two times, and survived! but still had to go through it twice.  How her life has been changed.  Why would she have to suffer two times?  Why so many women have to suffer two times.  Just one time...at all.

And most recent, my prayers and thoughts are with Beth, my sister in law's mommy.  Who is suffering from a massive headache right now as we speak from the chemo.  Her last treatment was last week.  How her life was turned upside down.  How her pain and sickness has affected her and those who love her.  Tears rolling down my cheeks as I walked!  I keep on walking with the wetness upon my face.  My knee was sore, but I'd pass by a girl holding a sign saying that we are walking because her mom can't.
As my feet became hot with blisters I'd pass another sign that said, "Blisters don't need chemo."  So I'd keep walking, sharing stories with my new 8 friends.

Walking for women everywhere.  I will always walk the Breast Cancer 3 day.  As long as my body allows it.  For my breasts, for your breasts for my daughter.  For Merideth, and Kimberly, for Candi, and Vicki. For Lily.  For all those who I know who may have it.  I walk and will walk for you.

Thanks for your support!  My team of 9 walked across the finish line hand in hand 9 across, as one team.  United to fight breast cancer.  The two women on my team that are survivors were selected to be a part of the the closing ceremony.  As we took off our shoe and raised it in the air to honor them, again the tears ran down my face.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Day 201: Knee and weight gain...

Ok, so vaca with the fam for 2 weeks isn't the greatest on the diet.  I have not weighed myself, and won't weigh in until I get home...HOWEVER, I do have to say, that it would be a miracle if I didn't gain weight while I was here.  I have thrown my diet out the window...so today I have got back on the saddle.  I am hoping that by next Monday's weigh in I can break even.  I do have a giant exercise week this week.  This week is the Breast Cancer 3 day!!!  So I know I will be burning some calories.

I have also had  some knee pain that I am trying to rest which is hard when you are training to walk 60 miles in 3 days!  I will do my best.  Last year I had some knee pain and I made every last mile without knee pain.  I am hoping for the same this year. 

Only 3 days left until I am back in the arms of my man.  I will be sad to leave Seattle, but it is always nice to be home.  Enjoy your week.

No Weigh In This Week.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Day 191: My longest training walk

Greetings folks!
I am here in the Seattle area, the weather is beautiful and so is my family.  I have been able to spend a little time with two of my brothers and their families and today we are going to the coast and my sister and her kids will be there too.  I am so looking forward to it. I can hardly wait!!!

Yesterday I did my longest training walk. I walked from Mukilteo to Edmonds Beach and then back.  I walked 20.1 miles.  It was great.  I felt great the entire time too.  I have been having this hip issue where my hip slides out and it hurts super bad.  However, funny enough it hasn't happend on a training walk.  It usually happens when I am relaxing!  :o)  I make the walk in over 5 hours.  I made a few stops along the way.  I dropped the kids off at their Auntie Merry and Uncle Spencer's to play for the day.  Then when I made it to Edmonds and popped in to see the Mayor of Edmonds, Mike Cooper.  He is a friend of many years.  In fact just after college I was his campaign manager.  It was one of the best jobs I ever had.  We had lots of fun, it hardly felt like work!  Ok, then I went down to have some lunch and then made my way back.  It was a great walk.  I get these great ideas and motivation when I am walking.  I came up with some good ones!  :o)  Much of what I was thinking about involved Haiti.  I just love that place! 

Last night I went to my older brother, Dick's, house.  It was fun to play with my niece and nephews.  I had a blast hanging out with Meri and Dick as well.  It was a great time.  I just wish there were more times like this.
Everytime I come out for a visit, I think, I should live here.  It is a hard one.  I do however LOVE my neighbors beyond anything I can explain.  I also LOVE my church and friends & Friend.  It is a great place to live.  If I didn't have that, I am sure I'd be living here. 

Being on vaca makes losing weight HARD.  I am doing my best.  My travel day...NOT GOOD.  I ate nasty junky food.  Yesterday I did better, but I also walked 20.1 miles so I think I am in the clear.  I just need to make sure I continue to eat well.  It is hard, but losing weight is harder.   I do have a few meals planned during my trip that I know will be junky, and I am ok with that.  I just need to do a long walk that day and eat healthy for my other meals.

Enjoying all the compliments from loved ones on my shrinking waist line!  :o)
Just a reminder I will weigh in when I get back home. 
Enjoy your weekend.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 188: For over 3 YEARS I have waited for this day!!!

There were a couple of things I wanted complete prior to our first child being born.  Which is always tricky because you never know exactly when she will arrive.  One of those things, was to redesign, save up for and have my wedding ring on my hand.  So all summer long I saved all my tips from weddings and saved up enough for the redesign of my ring.  Within days of our sweet Hava's arrival my ring was ready.  

I loved that ring so much.  I designed it, made it my own.  I loved it!

Then within two weeks of that, we found out about our second child, Gabe!  I was 3 months pregnant!!!! 
Since about December of 2007 my chubby hand prevented me from wearing my ring.  I was sad, so I took it off. I figured once I was done being pregnant I'd wear it again.  However, my weight decided to stick around and my ring waited for me, for years...

To keep all the men at bay (hee hee) Gary and I got tattoos for our rings.  (He isn't a big jewelry guy, except he never leaves the house without earrings, go figure).


I am so happy!  I am sooooo happy!

Off I go on a little vacation so blog post will be sparse and I will not weigh in again until I return, different scales...scare me!

Ok, so have a great week!  I will, all I have to do is look down at my hand!

Food really doesn't taste as good as skinny feels!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Day 187: Another HUGE milestone!!!

Yeah!  After many months of plateauing I did it!  I lost 4.2 pounds!  YEAH!!!  I also hit a MAJOR milestone!  I have lost THIRTY POUNDS!!!!  Yeah,  It feels so good.  I do have to say that my new diet (see post from last week) is really easy, isn't anything "bad" in the world of dieting, no pills or special powders.  Just eating the right amount of foods!  It is easy, it is doable and last week I had my biggest weight loss week!  How fun is that?!?!  It is so super duper fun!!!!  It feels so great, so amazing!  I can hardly wait to get to My Plate and report my weight...ok, so I really couldn't wait and I just went in and put it in there.  I am getting my BMI closer and closer to normal.

ALSO, this weekend, I put on and wore a size 14 pant!  I was elated.  I started out as a size 22.  It feels amazing to be 30 pounds lighter.  It seems that the first 20 came off so fast and then I had a huge long plateau, and then this 10 pounds came off pretty good too.  I just don't understand why I had such a long plateau.  Last week, my friend Cheryl said that our bodies sometimes need change.  If that was it I love the change too.  Having a diet that isn't hard makes my life so much easier.  I was never hungry last week, I got to eat plenty of food and I lost tons of weight.

This weekend, I walked again, like a crazy person.  I walked a nice 6.6 miles with Gary and we pushed the littles in the stroller.  It is much harder to walk at a good pace and push the stroller.  We took turns pushing.  Pushing a stroller while walking burns just about 100 more calories an hour!  So there is that bonus too.  I enjoyed the resistance.  Then yesterday i walked the 12.2 miles home from church, I got home at 3:15, took a shower and turned around and left at 3:40 for a super fun photo shoot!  Then Gary and I took the kids to the park.  So I definitely burned my calories yesterday!!!

This is a new week with many fun things ahead!
I am proud to report 182.4!  30 pounds lost!!!  I am excited about my next small goal of being in the 170s!  :o)

Have a great week!!!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Day 184: Importance of water

I am terrible at drinking water.  I drink it, but never enough.  I don't drink enough of anything.  In fact the last two days I was supposed to drink 80 oz of water, but going from 8 oz ot 80 oz was a stretch.  I know for sure I got about 65-70 oz a day.  So, if I have survived all these years without 80 oz of water, what will it do for me now?  So I did a little research and found:
(This information was taken from: http://www.mangosteen-natural-remedies.com/benefits-of-drinking-water.html)
I realized I can benefit from water, even if I have deprived my body from enough of it on a daily basis.  I have noticed that I have been going to the bathroom more, but I have to say, I do feel better at the end of the day, more refreshed.  So read on!

Top 11 Health Benefits of Drinking Water

You will be amazed of the benefits of drinking water as follow:

Benefits of Drinking Water
  1. Lose weight: Drinking water helps you lose weight because it flushes down the by-products of fat breakdown. Drinking water reduces hunger, it’s an effective appetite suppressant so you’ll eat less. Plus, water has zero calories. Here are the further details on how to achieve fat loss by drinking water.
  2. Natural Remedy for Headache: Helps to relieve headache and back pains due to dehydration. Although there are many other reasons contribute to headache, dehydration is the common one.
  3. Look Younger with Healthier Skin: You’ll look younger when your skin is properly hydrated. Water helps to replenish skin tissues, moisturizes skin and increase skin elasticity.
  4. Better Productivity at Work: Your brain is mostly made up of water, thus drinking water helps you think better, be more alert and more concentrate.
  5. Better Exercise: Drinking water regulates your body temperature. You’ll feel more energetic when doing exercises and water helps to fuel your muscle.
  6. Helps in Digestion and Constipation: Drinking water raises your metabolism because it helps in digestion. Fiber and water goes hand in hand so that you can have your daily bowel movement.
  7. Less Cramps and Sprains: Proper hydration helps keep your joints and muscles lubricated, so you’ll less likely get cramps and sprains.
  8. Less Likely to Get Sick and Feel Healthy:Drinking plenty of water helps fight against flu and other ailments like kidney stones and heart attack. Water adds with lemon is used for ailments like respiratory disease, intestinal problems, rheumatism and arthritis etc. Another words one of the benefits of drinking water can improve our immune system. Follow this link for further information on how lemon water can improve your health.
  9. Relieves Fatigue: Water is used by the body to help flush out toxins and waste products from the body. If your body lacks of water, your heart, for instance, need to work harder to pump out the oxygenated blood to all cells, so are the rest of the vital organs, your organs will be exhausted and so are you.
  10. Good Mood: Your body fells very good that’s why you soul feels happy.
  11. Reduce the Risk of Cancer: Related to the digestive system, some studies show that drinking a healthy amount of water may reduce the risks of bladder cancer and colon cancer. Water dilutes the concentration of cancer-causing agents in the urine and shortens the time in which they are in contact with bladder lining.
Can you see the importance of water to your body after understanding the above benefits of drinking water?

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day 183: I stepped on the scale and...

Although I don't report my weight on days other than Monday, I do step on the scale all the time.  It is never a surprise (but a let down, yes) and I have been known to pray a small prayer before stepping on the scale.  It is more begging for the numbers to change, rather than a prayer.  I go through phases where I don't weigh myself for a week too, however, it seems those phases are short.

I did step on the scale today and a smile spread across my face.  I am not going to share the numbers until Monday.  I did talk to one of my friends who is doing great on a diet plan, and she showed me the menu and food she is eating.  Yesterday I did it.  I did it and today I stepped on the scale, and I smiled!

Does anyone want to do this food menu with me, and report weight loss on Mondays?  If so post a comment with your name, the amount of weeks you want to do it.  Then on Mondays you too can post your weight on my blog via a comment, also if you are a blogger you too can add a link to your blog.  It will be fun to see how everyone does.  I am hoping it works for me and you.

The first two days eat:
2 eggs for breakfast
1/2 Orange in the morning the other 1/2 in the afternoon
Unlimited proteins
Unlimited raw green vegetables (no peas)
80 oz of water
1/4 tsp of Morton's Lite Salt

After those days you can eat:
2 portions of protein
4 portions of veggies
2 portions of fruit
1 portion of fat
2 portions of starch
1 portion of milk
80 oz of water

Sample menu:
1 egg + 2 oz of cottage cheese (1/2 protein)
1/2 cup blueberries (1 fruit)

1 cup of asparagus (1 veggie)

3 oz skinless chicken breast (1/2 protein)
1 piece of 45 cal whole wheat bread (1 starch)
side salad with fat-free dressing (1 veggie)

1 small apple (1 fruit)

4 oz Steak with 1 tbsp of horseradish (1 protien)
2 cups Salad (2 veggie) with 1 tsp olive oil (1 fat) and vinegar dressing
1/4 cup cooked brown rice (1 starch)
1 cup of milk (1 milk)

drink 80 oz of water throughout the day

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day 182: Tuesdays with Heidi

I had such a good training weekend, then yesterday the weather was so hot I didn't think that I should go for a walk, and now today, my Gabey is sick.  It is so crazy how life gets thrown a wrench when things start going well.  I was going to title this blog post Twofer Tuesdays, because I expected to get in two work outs today.  Now I will aim for one, once the hubs gets home.

I can honestly say my least favorite thing is a sick kid.  I feel so sad for them.  Both my kids do something different, my daughter is quiet and just wants to be held.  My son, screams and wants to be held.  I would do anything to make them better.  However, while they are sick they both like to be held.  I would trade that for a healthy kid in an instant, but since I can't, I do enjoy the snuggly kid.  Last night my Gabe fell asleep in my arms.  I loved that.  I let him sleep in my bed and he kept grabbing my hand and even putting his hand on my cheek while he was sleeping.  Sweet boy!

So, today we will rest, drink plenty of fluids and get healthy.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Day 180: Sunny Monday

Nothing is better than waking up before the kids, enjoying a full cup of joe alone and looking out the window at the beautiful Minnesota sunshine.  I think today we will go swimming someplace!  I am looking forward to it, my kids LOVE to swim.

I am a little frustrated at the scale.  I am guessing that the weight will come off this week, but I did so good last week that I thought for sure I'd see a fun change on the scale this week...but only 2 ounces less.  I walked like a mad woman the past two days and no weight loss.  I know it doesn't always come off the way we like, but seeing a little pay off from my past two days would have been nice.  Maybe next Monday!  :o)

In the mean time, I will continue to walk, may institute Cheryl's two a days, and focus on Jo's water challenge as well this week.  I keep trying to drink more water, and I just don't follow through.  This week, I will. I also haven't been doing much weight lifting and I know that can help lots.  So this week I will focus on those.

I know I am getting healthier and more fit.  I know my body is changing, I can see it!  So I won't let the scale discourage me, not today!

Weight 188.4

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day 179: Minnesota Sunday

I love Minnesota in the summer, long days, warm weather. Even the storms are fun.  I love Minnesota in the summer.  I walked another 12.2 miles today (see map below).  It took me just over 3 hours.  It was a nice walk. I listened to music, thought about people I love and enjoyed the exercise.  I felt like I could feel all the muscles in my legs as I was walking and although that felt good then, it is starting to hurt now!  :o)
Monday is a rest day, and I plan on doing that!  :o)

It was not my intent to offend anyone regarding my comment about those I walked past yesterday, just an observation...

Last night after my run, I went to Target to buy some new exercise pants.  The ones I wore all day yesterday were slipping down.  It was frustrating to continually pull up my pants.  Although new clothes are not in the budget, a new pair of workout pants was do-able.  I was so excited, the last pair of pants I bought from Target were XXL, these pair of pants were L!  I was so excited.  It feels good.

Enjoy your week.
Weigh in tomorrow...

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Day 178: What a journey: 23 miles today.

Today I was to walk 18 miles in preparation for the Breast Cancer 3 day.  I thought I'd change it up a bit, since I am also training for a 10 mile run in September.  I set off on my journey this morning via bike.  I biked from my house to Lake Calhoun.  It is about 10 miles.  I didn't mind the first 5 but the last 5 were through downtown, and I had to stop at many stop lights which made it less exciting. It took me 55 minutes. I got to Calhoun and met Kim (we missed Krista today) we ran 3.2 miles in 32 minutes.  Kim can run much faster but all I could commit to was an 11 minute mile.  We had a fun time running.  It was over so fast!  Then I stopped for lunch before my next journey, from Lake Calhoun back to Roseville.  It was a great walk, and I made some amazing time my first hour, but decided to take the last 5 miles a little slower, as to not injure myself.   I made the 10 mile walk in just about 2.5 hours. Tomorrow I get to walk 15 miles.  So I will walk to church in South Minneapolis it is 8 miles each way.  I may consider walking home, but may also do 8 miles in the evening.  We will see how I feel in the morning.

As I was walking through Minneapolis today, I noticed how people looked at me.  I was wearing knee-length spandex yoga/walking pants and a tank top.  Not fashion first, comfort first, I am exercising.   I am not a size 4 or even a size 14.  You can see on peoples faces as they looked at me.  It was rude and disheartening.  I would have thought people would think like I tend too...she is out losing weight, but instead their looks were almost that they were embarrassed for me.  They needn't feel that way, because I am not embarrassed, I am working it!  I am feeling good.  I was bee-bopping to music, smiling and generally enjoying myself.  Ironically these were the people drinking their large frappuccinos weighing in at a whopping 650 calories, and likely the same folks out drinking and eating last night, but there they sit, skinny on the outside...and past them I walk, skinny on the inside.

When you do that much alone time, you have time to think.  I thought about life and how good it is.  I thought much about Beth, my sister (in law)'s mom who is battling breast cancer right now.  I thought that I can do this to raise awareness, so more people do their self breast exams.  (Have you done yours this month? If not, do it right now, my blog will wait)  I thought about how I am doing this to raise money to help stop cancer.  Then I started to think, I hope myself or my daughter, mom, siblings, friends don't ever have to know the pain and hardship of breast cancer.  I will walk, my feet may get sore.  I will walk, my back may hurt...but I will walk.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Day 173: BMI, Milage and Cancer...

Yesterday was a great day!  We started off at church, a great message, my heart reminded me just how amazing our God is.  He loves us, no matter how we have dealt with our lives.  He waits for us, and still loves us, but allows us to make the choice!

So, I use LIVESTRONG My Plate, a tool to measure my weight, exercise and food diary.  I really like it.  There are many tools on there.  One of them is they calculate your BMI.  :o)  I started out as an OBESE woman my BMI was 33.  Anything over 30 is obese, I checked my BMI yesterday...and I am the proud owner of an OVER WEIGHT BMI of 28!  I was so excited to NOT be obese anymore.  When I hit 24 I will be in NORMAL range!  That seems so doable!!  Yeah!  It really was a freeing feeling.  I actually felt more normal sized yesterday.

I have raking in the milage as I train for the Breast Cancer 3 day.  Yesterday I did 8.7 miles at a 14 minute mile pace.  I walked alone with some good music.  I had a great time doing so too.  I felt clarity, I felt clean and for the first time in years, I felt like an average person exercising.  I usually feel like a fat girl exercising.  So, to have this feeling was again, freeing.  :o)

The reason I started walking was to do something, anything to help the stop of Breast Cancer.  If you have been following me long enough you know my connection to breast cancer.  My very best friend from college, Kimberly, had to endure the loss of her mother.  Her mother suffered with cancer for over 14 years.  She lost the battle, breast cancer took one of her breasts before the cancer took her life.  Within a few weeks of find that information at, my Aunt Roxanne had to endure breast cancer for a second time.  She has won the battle two times.  This year, my sister-in-law's mom (Beth) is fighting the fight.  In fact she will endure the 3 treatment of chemo this week.  She is bald, she is getting through and she is tough.  I know winning the battle is in her future.  Look down, look around, those breasts you have need saving.  Maybe not today, but maybe someday.  1 in 8 women will get breast cancer, maybe that will be you, or your daughter, your mother, sister, best friend.  Until we can stop it, it stops at nothing.  It also affects the men in our lives.  I have decided that as long as I can walk, each year I will walk in the Breast Cancer 3 day.  In order to even walk, we have to raise $2300.  Last year I raise over $3000, this year I have only raised $690.  I do need your help.  If you can make a donation, to save the boobies in your life, that'd be amazing.  However, right now, today, I am just trying to save Beth's boobies.  You can make your donation by clicking here.  Anything you can give will be a blessing!  When my training gets hard, all I have to do is think of the survivors, and their treatment and I can keep walking.  Let's save the boobies!!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

7 miles and deep fried goodness...

Yesterday morning I woke up early, and started walking.  I needed to walk 10 miles for my training for the Breast Cancer 3 day training.  So I figured if I could walk 7 or 8 miles then, I'd get the last few miles in while I was at Valleyfair.  So I did walk 7 miles, I finished it in 94 minutes.  Pretty good speed.  I felt good, and even healthy!
Then off to one of the least healthy places, Valleyfair!  On our way Gary and I stopped at Subway (after my dearest bosom friend, Kathleen, talked it up the other day, I couldn't stop thinking about it) so I started the day very healthy!
After many rides and even some waterpark, the weather changed on us and the park shut down for over an hour.  So, what else should we do besides indulge in the nasty Valleyfair fare.  I started with a Spicy Gyro. It was so good! Then Sammi had this deep fried cheese on a stick, it was SO GOOD.  I had never even heard of it.  It was so good, that I had to get one too.  The cheese coated my teeth and mouth and I had to kind of pry it off later.  What is a place like that, without Funnel Cakes?  So Sammi, Floyd and I shared one.  It was NASTY, it was so good!
I do have to say that I did plan on eating nasty there.  I allow myself a few days a year to just forgo my diet.  This is one of them, the other one is the state fair, and my first/last day in Seattle I indulge in a Dick's cheeseburger and fries.  I enjoyed the treats and know that it will be another year before I have cheese on a stick again.
The park was fun!  We did get to ride all the rides, that we wanted too!
Gotta get ready for church and worship my Amazing God!
Have a great day!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Day 171: Garden Day

I was craving a snack and didn't have much in my house (a good thing, cuz if it is there, I eat it) so I walked out to the garden and plucked a zucchini, squash and green tomatoes and a jalepeno.   After washing and slicing them, I lightly brushed with EVOO and sea salt, popped them in the oven at 400 for 10 and flipped them for 7 more mins.  
These crunchy tasty treats were healthy, and only took a few minutes!
So worth it.

For dinner tonight I made spaghetti, and put the squash in the sauce, I fried up some green tomatoes (I baked mine) and we had a nice, colorful meal.

Love that!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day 170: Work it out!

Well, during MONTHS and months of wanting to see change and not seeing it, I fell off my motivated wagon.  I feel like the first months when I started this 7 months ago I was seeing change, I was eating well and I was exercising.  For some reason I thought it'd get easier and I could lighten up.  However that is NOT the case.  It actually got harder to lose the weight and if I really want this weight to come off I have to work harder and harder.
It does all come down to calories in vs calories out.  So documenting my food intake on Livestrong MyPlate does help.  I also tend to eat too much sugar and being with PCOS I need to keep a good eye on my sugar intake.  OR SO I THOUGHT!  I went to the Gyno this past week for my annual appointment and guess what I found out!  I no longer need to take Metformin for pre-diabetes.  In fact she said my numbers were in the low side of normal.  I for the past 5 years have been taking Metformin for my blood sugar!  So, although I didn't see much change on the scale, my body is getting healthier!  :o)
I will continue to to soldier on.  This morning I woke up at 5:15 and did a 2 mile run in 20 minutes.  Last night I walked with Sammi for 5 miles and we did it in 60 minutes.  It felt so good, and we motored a fast past.  We had great conversation, and it just felt good.

I think this morning the kids and I may go biking with some of the neighbors!  :o)
Healthy living feels good.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Day 169: Busted out out of 190s!

Howdy folks!
After months of being in and around 190, I finally saw 189 today!  It is hard to stay motivated when i do not see any changes on the scale.  However, today was a big day for me.  I was so happy to see this change in numbers!  Yeah!  Yeah!!!!  Now I just need to keep on moving in the right direction!

This week I went for a long bike ride (pulling two 3 year olds in the bike trailer) on Monday and then yesterday I walked to Como pushing the kids in the stroller, I have been very wise about eating and I can see it!

I think I needed this little change in the scale.  I have not been motivated to write, and share my journey since it was at a stall, but that is reality.  It is a marathon even though I want it to be a sprint.  I really need to work on drinking more water, I think that will help too.  I just don't ever drink enough water.  I am not drinking lots of other stuff, like soda, I just don't drink anything and I need to work on that.

Well, I am a happy girl!  Thought you'd like to know!

weight 189.6!!!!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Day 153: Adjusting to the American Way

It has been a busy week since getting back from Haiti, I still haven't had time to sit and process.  I had a fabulous wedding this weekend that I shot, and just all kinds of things going on.  I did have a few hours to clean my house yesterday, but still haven't all the way gotten back to normal yet.

I am having a hard time when I hear (or even say) the word "need".  I thought before I spoke yesterday (which if you know me, doesn't always happen:o)
I nearly said "I need a pedicure", but before the words left my mouth I got sad, that I would think that.  The Haitians need a floor in the home or tent.  I haven't gone to the store yet, since I have been home, but will do that today.  I am sure it will be overwhelming.  I know I can see past it.

I am so surprised at how affected I have been by my trip.  My heart breaks for Haiti.  I have seen and even lived in 3rd world countries but this is 3rd world to the extreme.  However, you'd never know it!  They love life, and smile easily!

About my diet, I have not had the best week this past week with diet and exercise.  I only have 9 weeks left before the 3 days and I have lots of training to catch up on!  So, today I woke up with a better head on my shoulders.  I am hoping to be in the 180s by next week.  That is my next short term goal!  Even 189, but I'd love me some 187!  :o)

Off on a little walk to the grocery store with the kiddos.
Weight 190

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day 147: Home from Haiti

I do plan on debriefing a bit and then sharing more about Haiti in the next few days.  I got home last night/this morning at around 2am.  I haven't had much time to process everything yet.  It was great to see Gary last night, he waited up for me.  The kids greeted me with smiles and hugs!  I loved that.

I had an unbelievable time.  It was hard work, heartache, bonding, laughing (if you can believe it), lots of smiles shared.  I love Haiti.  I will have a hard time not being consumed by Haiti over the next few weeks.  It is still SOOOOOOO devastated.  If I didn't know better I would think that the earthquake happened this week.  There is so much to do, where do you begin?  It doesn't need to be made "American", it just needs to be put back together.  With that comes many hours of volunteers.  The site we were at was at Christianville.  They service a large area about 1.5 hours from Port au Prince.  They have a medical, dental and eye clinic as well as schools for the locals.  The medical and eye clinic were destroyed in the earthquake.  So the project we were working on was that site.  We certainly worked hard.  One of the major projects we did was dig a large trench to run electrical/power underground the trench was 2.5 feet deep and about 60 yards long.  It felt so good.  I loved digging that trench, my favorite part was breaking apart the earth with a pick ax!  I am sure I worked on some muscle groups I didn't even know existed.

I also got to see much of the area.  It was touching and amazing.  More of that to follow.
Thanks for following!

Weight 190.
Total weight lost to date 22 lbs.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Day 135: Oake on the Water

Howdy folks.  Still going strong!  My diet is going well, and so is my exercise!

That $5 a week is a good incentive for me!  :o)

Tonight Cities 97 is giving away $20k for walkers at the Breast Cancer 3 day.  I still need to raise $1660 for my minimum.  So I am going.  We will be walking 8 miles (or so I read) It will be my workout for the day....

If you want to join in the walk you can!  You need to meet today at 1:30-2:00 at Lunds in Hopkins.  Come find me.  Otherwise you can meet the rest of everyone at Oake on the Water!

Make a sign, cheer on the walkers!  I think I should get some destination skinny shirts made up!  Maybe a fundraiser for the 3 day!  Hmmm ideas!

Anyway,  I hope to see you all there!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Day 163: $5 a week for 25 weeks = $125 or $0!!!

So, yesterday I stepped on the scale...and saw that i GAINED 5 pounds.  This really sucks!  I thought it is all my fault.  I am not trying hard enough, I am all talk, and no action.  Why!  If I would just bust my butt for 6 months, I'll be where I need to be.  How can I get there?  How?  Well, I saw on a weight loss blog that I follow by Jen at Prior Fat Girl, that she recommended doing something called 'Choose You'.  So I did it!  I pledged $5 a week for 25 weeks.  I have pledged to lose 2 pounds a week.  If I don't loose 2 pounds I have to pay $5.  If I don't report my weight, I have to pay $5.  That adds up quick and on our budget I think it will be just the incentive that I need!  So, here I go on my journey!  AGAIN.
I am on day 2.  So far, so good!  So proud.

I am half way to my goal date, and not half way on my weight.  If I don't kick it into gear, I am afraid I will fall all the way off the wagon, off the trail and end up the way I am right now.  If I can do the 25 weeks of weight loss, then in 25 short weeks I will be where I want to be!  Skinny, fit, healthy, happy!  I can do this.  I will do this!

I am going to Haiti for one week departing on Monday.  We are going to Gressier.  You can read more about it here, and I am looking for prayer warriors as well as support.  There is also a blog about our journey that you can read while we are there.  You can read the blog daily.  A few of the people we are going with are already there, and you can read what they are up to right now.  Once we arrive we will be doing blog posts daily.

Off I go to clean the house, prepare for Haiti and get skinny.  :o)

Weight 197 AAGGHH!  Not for long!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Day 158: Good Morning Minnesota

I had such a nice visit with my mom and dad.  They were here for 7 days.  It went by too quickly and made me realize again that I wish I lived in Seattle.  I know it isn't possible right now, but I still miss that place.

We had a crazy time too, Hava had her first dance recital, Gabe turned 3 and had his birthday party.  Gabe got to go to his first Twins game and Hava had her first dinner at a Hibachi Grill.  Lots of fun was had by all!

I didn't eat well or exercise while my family was here.  It is amazing how I just revert when my family is around, I eat bad, I have terrible will power and I lack motivation!  Yuck.  So, today I woke up early and did a two mile run, and came back and got some stuff done before the kids woke up.  It was a nice way to start the day.  I am a morning person, but I love my sleep.   So I just need to get my sleep earlier so I can wake up and enjoy the morning.  I just need to remember that tomorrow when I am waking up early.

I lost two pounds last week and was so excited to report that.  However, I am back up.  Holding strong at 20 pounds lost but having a hard time getting past that.  I am not calling it a plateau because I am not really trying all that hard.  I want to, but don't.  However, today I ran.  I am not going to sabotage myself and say I will do this, this and this, because I have a bad track record of doing that.  So I will try to be better and do better.

Heres to a new start (again)
Weight 192

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Day 149: and a wake up...

While I was in the Army we counted down the days until we were home from deployment or basic training or a training exercise with how many full days left and "a wake up".  The last day was considered "a wake up" since we wouldn't be there the whole time.  So my mom and dad and I started doing the same thing with our visits either them coming here or me going to Seattle.  My mom and dad are coming to visit us tomorrow, so all I have left is a wake up!  :o)
I can hardly wait.  I look forward to this week every summer.  I wait and wait for it to come, and then it is over in a flash and back to the count down I go...
We have LOTS going on over the next week.  Hava has her dance recital (3 NIGHTS!) and Gabe is going with his dad, my dad and Gary's dad to the Twin's game.  Gabe's birthday party and him turning 3...Lots going on.  So I am not sure how much blogging will take place.  However, I am sure you are not at the edge of your seats since I haven't been the awesomest blogger on the block lately.
I will blog my weight on Monday and I am looking forward to doing so!  Hopefully I will get another blog in before then too.
I will be doing a new (to me) cleanse for the next two weeks.  It is called Trader Joe's Complete Body Cleanse.  It is taking Dietary Supplements while doing the following:
Eating small, healthy, frequent, balanced meals
Drinking plenty of water for your body size/height
Reduce eating: processed foods, simple carbs, beef, pork, dairy, wheat and soy products.
Avoid: caffeine, alcohol, sugar, potatoes, saturated fats, trans fats, and artificial sweeteners.
What is left to eat...fruits and veggies, legumes, chicken, turkey, rice, quinoa, cous cous.
The hardest part for me will be the caffeine as well as the sugars...I will do my darndest.
I am sure looking forward to seeing if this works like the other cleanse which puts me out for 2 days on the end of it.  This is considered a gentle cleanse.
My neighbor and buddy Randi recommended it!  I look forward to it!
Results to follow.  So stay tuned!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Day 145: Long time no bloggy

Howdy out there...out there...out there...

I have been busy in Heidiland this past week.  I don't seen an end in sight either!  Yikes.
I have been trying to do everything, and my folks are coming for a visit from the Left Coast on Wednesday so I have some cleaning to do.  :o)

I have been doing really good with my eating lately and am so super proud about that.  I have been walking but not as much as I'd like.  The weather got all warm and I instead of walking relaxed in the backyard while my kiddos played.  I will get on track though so I don't fall into a pattern.

I have been pursuing a job, however, I will post more about that later.  It has taken up lots of my time, and energy the past few days, hence, the lack of posting.

I just wanted to send out an update.

Have a great weekend.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Day 137: Rainy Day

It has been quite the rainy few weeks.  I really don't mind the rain, it greens the grass, waters my flowers and I feel like it cleans stuff away.  It also forces me inside, which gives me a bit of time to tidy/clean my house (spring cleaning!)
I love to spring clean.  I do this every year, during the rainy days.  I clean out the fridge, check all expiration dates, toss out the bad stuff, go through the pantry and prioritize food so we eat the food we bought instead of forgetting about it.  I also go through the cupboards and make sure all tupperware has lids, and re-evaluate all the dishes, "Do I really need this?"  If I don't use a dish often but still need it I put it out of the way from the everyday dishes.  I go through and clean out the drawers.  I go through mine and the kids closets and make sure we wear all the clothes in there, if they don't fit I get them ready for our annual garage sale.  It is a fun time of purging!  I always get excited when Gary comes home so I can show him my accomplishments! ;o)

So I have today and tomorrow left to get some spring cleaning and organizing done, then we get the sun back and it looks as though it is here to stay for awhile.

I know I need the vitamin D and I know the kids do too.  I am looking forward to outside play, however in the mean time, I will be burning calories by cleaning!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Day 135: Stupid Weight

I was reading the first few posts on my blog.  I am trying to find my motivation.  It comes so quickly and leaves even quicker.  I don't understand why I can do so many things but I have this hang up with losing weight.  If I just kicked some but for like 5 months I'd be there...That isn't hard at all.  It is all mental.
I can't get past the idea of it.  I am not trying to be a whiner or come up with excuses.  But that is all I do.
Today is a rainy day, and I just want to hide in the covers and watch movies...
I have a house to clean (calorie burner) and things to do, but honestly I can't get motivated.  UGH!
I keep reading about these awesome women losing weight, I was there too just a few months ago.  I think that if I were to lose some weight again I would be motivated, but I can't seem to get motivated enough to lose the weight.
On Sunday after the 5k it was all clear...now, not so much.  Not sure what to do about it all...
I guess I could leave the motivation in the dust and just do what is right.  That is what I think I will do.  Forgo waiting to be motivated, get up off my larger than I wish butt and get moving.
If I were talking to someone else I may say something like this.
"I know it is hard, but you can do it.  It isn't as hard as you think it is.  Eat right, keep your house clean, make sure you have healthy foods in the fridge and ban the bad foods.  Get outside and exercise.  You can do it!  You always feel so good when you do exercise, so just go and exercise.  Be prepared, drink lots of water and fool your belly into being full.  Think before you put something in your mouth, is it healthy?
If you are eating and not hungry find something else to do instead of eat.  You can do this!  Lose the weight, be the girl in you, that you know you are!"
I will.  I can.  I am not motivated but I can do these things anyway.
Hoping for a better day.
note: when my house is messy I feel sluggish, overwhelmed and yucky, when my house is clean I feel accomplished, and fresh.  So, I will start there!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Day 134: Not only did I fall off the wagon...

It ran me over as it passed me by!  Last week I started my no sugar no flour...well between Friday and Sunday night I cheated, cheated, cheated!  YUK.  I don't know why I did it either.  I just did.
So, after rationalizing and all that I figured it is my biggest flaw, and I decided to move on.  I was talking to a friend at a birthday party this weekend and she said that she doesn't even put sweets in her mouth, because once she does, she can't stop.  That is part of my problem too, I figure, well, I already cheated...so I might as well enjoy it.  So what I need to figure out now is how to stay away from it to begin with!

On another note...as you read last week, I ran 2 miles around the lake.  About a month ago I tried running, but I'd run a little then walk, run a little then walk.  Last week I ran for almost 2 straight miles without walking.  So I got all cocky and brave and signed up for the Race for the Cure 5k this past Sunday.  I woke up, got there, looked for a few people I knew among the thousands and ran, alone.  I at first had a goal not to be the last to cross, but as I started running, I realized that I am actually passing people.  I quickly changed my goal to finish running, without walking.  I did it!  I did it in 32 minutes!  a 10+ minute mile is not much to write home about, but it is much better than I thought I'd do.  When I was in the Army my best time was 13.50 minutes for 2 miles.  I am not even close and may never be, but my life was different, and I was 23!  ;o)   I know I can do it now!  :O)

So, back to eating healthy.  Gary and I chatted last night about eating healthy and not cheating.  So I hope he can help me a bit more again.

Still holding strong at 20.2 pounds lost.  Haven't lost a pound in a long time.  Looking forward to that happening!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Day 131: Mother's Day

I am gearing up for Mother's Day.  I love a day that celebrates us.  This year for Mother's Day I wanted several things.  1. To spend the time with my husband and kids, doing what makes us happy.  2. Support Susan G. Komen.  So for dinner on Saturday we are going to a CRAVE sponsored event at MOA.  I am excited about it.  Then I am going to run the Race for the Cure a 5k at the MOA at the crack of dawn at the MoA.  I am excited to be racing (well, that is the term anyway) in the 5k.  I have not participated in one since 2003.  Between 2000 and 2003 I ran them frequently 5k and 10k's that is.  I truly loved them.  I am hoping that this will spawn that again!  I am getting a little ahead of myself I am sure.  I ran one time last week, my legs hurt for a few days.  I am off to do it again!

After the race, off to church, then to relax and play as a family.  I am hoping for some decent weather so we can do something outside.  I just want to have no worries, and just enjoyment.

Have a great weekend all!  I will post again on Monday with my weight!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Day 130: Can't wait for warm summer

I am missing the warm weather terribly.  I got fooled again by Minnesota weather.  I thought it was getting warm about a month ago, my kids even played in the kiddie pool.  Now we are back in the sweaters.  What is up with that?  I know it will come soon, but I just want it sooner!

Yesterday, Cheryl blogger extraordinaire, came over during lunch to chat catch up and see what is new.  It was so good to see her again.  It has been too long.  I enjoyed sharing with her.  She is always a motivating person for me.  She shared her plans and I am excited to see how it works.

I have been really busy with the Census and the family, and managing to get through some very difficult situations.  I have maintained my good food choices.  However I keep slacking on working out.  I need to get back on it and work out!

I keep thinking that I'll never get to where I want to be and I keep thinking I'll stay at this size forever, however I need to remember that I thought that 20 pounds ago too!  So, if I keep working at it, I'll get there!


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Day 128: Werkin' It!

Made some new rules.  No flour and No sugar for the month of May.
Went for a 2 mile RUN!  Huh?  Yup you read that right!  I didn't know I could run...I mean, I used to be a runner, doing 5k and 10k races, but I didn't think I could do it now...I told Sara who ran with me, that I'd walk with her.  However, I ran.  I actually did it!  It felt so good too, UNTIL...

Um, how am I supposed to walk on these legs...THEY ARE SO sore!  I also am a Census worker, so I have to walk for my job.  This was likely the best thing I could do for these legs of mine.  I made it through the day, with super sore legs.
I had the ladies small group from church over to celebrate Sally and her marriage.  We had a Mexican fiesta.  The girls brought enchiladas (flour) and I ate one not really thinking, then we had carrot cake for dessert (sugar and flour) and I ate a piece!  YIKES.  Day 3 of my no flour and no sugar and I did.  I walked for 2 hours during the day.

I signed up to RUN the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure on Mother's Day.  I can hardly wait!  I have eaten well and feel back on track today.  I will be walking for 1 hour this afternoon doing the Census.  If you feel so inclined to donate to the Breast Cancer 3 day for my fundraising, please feel free.  CLICK HERE.

For those new to the blog...I walked the Breast Cancer 3 day last year, and it changed my life.  It was the most amazing 3 day period I could experience.  Since January of last year, my dearest friend Kimberly lost her mom who had breast cancer, my aunt got breast cancer for the second time and has survived it, and my sister-in-law's mom has been diagnosed.  That is one reason why I walk.  The other reason why I walk is because of the rest of us who will either get breast cancer or know and love someone who will join the ranks of breast cancer survivors.  If you feel so inclined to donate, please do.  If you'd like to walk with me, you need to raise $2300 and be ready to walk 60 miles in 3 days!  If so, please let me know!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Day 125: Hello out there....

I am sure my followers have left the building.  However here is to hoping.  Either way, here is to me...getting back at it.

I went to Mexico and got sick...within hours of arrival.  I mean I was MISERABLE.  It lasted about 15 very long hours and I became very acquainted with the bathroom.  I lost a few pounds that first day in Mexico.  After seeing the doctor, and having a bad experience with him...I was healed and didn't feel sick pretty quick after that.  Enjoyed the rest of the trip!!! It was awesome.  Sally was the most beautiful bride, the wedding was at an amazing venue that was so unique and beautiful.  We all had a great time!

Celebrated my birthday down in Mexico too.  I do have to say it was my favorite birthday of all times.  Erin Johnson, who was also my roommate, Sally and I made the night awesome and super fun.  However I do have to say that Erin had me laughing harder than anyone in my lifetime.  It was just plain fun!

I enjoyed the sunshine, the relaxing and the mojito at the poolside bar!

Once I returned I got home at 1am, and my amazing husband left for a conference in Florida at 5am.  So we were two ships passing in the night.  :o(

So the kids and I had fun together and missed daddy.  He got home we had a couple of days together and then I started my training with the census again.  It has been a crazy week.  Two of those days I went right from training to my evening job working nearly 15 hours in one day.  I have been pretty tired the last two nights.

Yesterday I had lunch and spent a few laughs with my buddy from High School and WAZZU (Washington State University) I hadn't seen him 10 years or so.  It was fun to catch up, laugh and be reminded of the good ol times.

All this to say...I have not been fervent in my dieting and exercising.  I will go a day or so and then fall off again.  I have not gained any weight since losing the 20 pounds...however I haven't lost any more either.

So here I am!  I am back, I am ready to be back in the weight loss game.  I am going to spend the next few days re-reading my blog from the beginning when I was all motivated...because I am not motivated any more...

So bear with me.

Glad to be back!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Day 106: Back in the game

Wow, I am not only not blogging, I have been not following my own words.
It has been frustrating.  107 days ago and beyond I always found myself "cheating" and telling myself I'll do better tomorrow...Over the past month I have been doing the same.  Why?  I don't know.  I think I realized I can't imagine myself skinny again, so in order to protect myself from trail and failure, I let myself cheat.  Yuck!  What fun is that.  So after realizing that, I saw like 3 girls in skinny jeans and said OH, I can not wait to be in those!  :o)  So I am back.  I also suffered with some stressful job processes that ended with no avail.  So, with the stress gone, and the realization that I will be great in skinny jeans I am back.
Over the past month I had hovered between 16 - 18 pounds lost.  Today when I got on the scale I was back  to the exciting 20 pounds lost!  It feels good and hear to stay.  I am two pounds away from the 180s.  I am excited about that because then 175 isn't far behind!  :O)  That seems like a big milestone to me!  :o)
So, off I am to get back on the saddle.  I am also in full force Breast Cancer 3-day training.  I am still in need of many dollars to raise so if you feel inclined to give please click here.  Anything you can do...will help!  So now I am up to walking about 25 miles a week and have only 19 weeks left!  :o)  It is such an awesome time!  Let me know if you want to join my team!

So I am off to Mexico until Monday when I will do my next weigh in and my next blog post.  After I return I vow to do my blog more, even daily.  Thanks for reading!

Weight 192.6!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Wow, I have been doing this for one hundred days already!  CRAZY!

Well, I have adapted and changed in these past 100 days,  I am not perfect at my new eating style, but I am much better than I was 100 days ago!  So I will continue and move forward!

I was reading up on Fad Diets and wondering if you have had any great experience with any of them?  I know they are short term, but I go to Mexico in 8 days and would LOVE to drop a few more pounds before then.  Any suggestions?

I have applied for a job and am in the interview phase of the process, it is very stressful and I will so glad when the process comes to an end.  Although, I would like the job, it isn't the end of the world if I don't get it.  Right now I am right in the middle of the process, I have made it through 2 phone interviews and now I wait to see if I get called in for the in-person interview, then if I make it through that, I go on to a final interview.  I am excited, but the nerves are wreaking havoc on my diet...I have put on a pound...

Weight: 194

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Day 98: Bad bloggy bloggerson!

People who want something to read, and there is nothing posted...I apologize.
I have slipped from the wagon this past fortnight!  I promise for more regularity.  I am ready to see the scale moving in my favor again!  Clearly my slacking does no good for my weight loss!

Today in church as I was rejoicing that my Savior has risen, in deed!  I realized how much talk I have given lately in the past two weeks.  Even to myself.  I am tired of it.  I want more change and I want it fast, but I clearly am not doing the work to get me there...so I am here professing my dieting sins to you all!

I will awake early, and get in a work out.  Then I will do "mom" all day, and get more calories burned, I will not cheat. I will NOT hide food and sneak it.  YUK.

Jesus has forgiven me, I must move forward.  Today isn't my day of atonement, my days as they come are, however, today woke me up.  AGAIN.  So destination: skinny folks.  I am back and with a vengeance!!!

Fat, be gone!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Day 94

Sunny warm weather is so much fun!
I have gone jogging the past few days and although I am not running far, I am enjoying the challenge of getting back to it!  I have a long way to go.  It is hard work, but it will pay off.

Now I just need to get my butt out of bed early and get my workout done early.

Not too much to report these days! I am staying super busy!  I have a new PT job with the Census and I have a job interview today!  So, I am excited about that!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Day 92: A little motivation!

Back in the day, I was a runner, I did mainly 5 & 10k runs.  I loved it.  I was in the Army and we had to run 2 miles for our Physical Training (PT) test 2 times a year, so 5k and 10k runs were the best for the Army's PT program.  I really enjoyed running them.  I enjoyed the fresh air, the challenge and feeling of being in shape.  To be honest with you, I thought I'd always be a runner.  I also NEVER thought I'd be "not skinny".  (Sally has forbid me from calling myself a "fat girl" any more, so I will just have to be creative.  In fact if I say anything to the sort, she gets mad, like really mad.  So I will respect my Sally as she respects me!)  :o)

Anyway...I have Mexico in 17 days, and I saw this picture this morning on facebook, a friend (and fellow runner, however he is still running!) posted this picture of me at the end of a 13k race in Germany. That is me in the middle.  It was a run to the top of a small mountain at the end of the mountain in Darmstadt was Frankenstein Castle.  It was awesome and intense!  I loved it and what I loved even more, was seeing this picture this morning!  :o)  I love my little body, and can't wait to get it back!  So after this post I am going to double up on my sports bras (hee hee hee) and don my running shoes and just see how I do.  I'll report back tomorrow with the painful story of my first run in a LOOONG time.  This awesome sunshine...I gotta be outside.  I have 17 days to get a little more fit before I am in Mexico with the beautiful and fabulous Sally!  So, off I go to better myself!

Note: this is me at my goal weight, in the picture.  So do-able, so tangible, so MY future!  Can't wait!

Weight 194.6 (NO CHANGE since last week! Boo, HOO!)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Day 90: 3 months in!

Regarding the Ultimate Body Applicator by It Works.  Well, I do have to say... it works!  My measurements were 1/4 of an inch smaller after using the wrap.  My stretch marks seemed to be less saggy, and although I couldn't notice the 1/4 of an inch difference I did measure myself several times for accuracy, it was there!  So it is worth a try.  I wish I had 6 more of them to do a real test. Maybe when I come into some more money I will do this!

Well, 3 months into it and I am actually sad to say that my weight loss is not where I had imagined it would be.  I actually thought I'd be 30 pounds down by now.  While that is discouraging, I do have to say that I have slacked on this project lately.  I have lots of reasons why, but when the reality of the excuses sets in, there will always be something, and I can't let the excuses rule my weight.  I need to be in control and regardless of what is going on, I need to still put my weight loss and future weight management as a priority.

It is so much work to lose the weight and it is SOOO easy to put it back on.  Like I said at the beginning, nothing tastes as good as skinny feels!

Friday, March 26, 2010

And the award goes too....

Me!?!  Seriously, out of all of the bloggers she knows, I am a winner!  Thanks!
Cheryl at Losing my Behind is a fellow weight loss blogger.  You can read her blog here.  I highly recommend it.  Not only is she a fabulous writer, she also is a funny lady and she is real.  So, bookmark or follow her!
I am now a winner of the Beautiful Blogger and One Lovely Blog awards!

And, I'll be passing these two awards on to 15 other deserving bloggers as well as REVEALING some stuff I bet you never knew about me....ooohh, the suspense of it all! Here's how it all works:

For the "One Lovely Blog Award":
* Thank and link to the person that gave you the award.
* Pass this award on to 15 fantastic bloggers you’ve recently discovered.
* Contact said Blogs and let them know they’ve won

For the "Beautiful Blogger" award:
* Thank and link to the person that gave you the award.
* Pass this award on to 15 fantastic bloggers you’ve recently discovered.
* Contact said Blogs and let them know they’ve won.
* State 7 things about yourself.

Here are the 5 bloggers I am passing these awards on to. Check them out when you have a chance!  I choose 5 instead of 15.  :o)

  1. Sheinds
  2. Mama Eve
  3. La Vie Photography
  4. Erin Johnson Photography
  5. Stephens Bird Family 

And, here's the seven things about me
  1. I have two amazing kids and one amazing husband.
  2. I have a connection (6 degrees of separation) to people in Hollywood, Indy Car Racing, Grammy winners, Emmy winners, Sports Icons, Fashionistas, Presidents of countries...
  3. I lived in Europe for 5 years.
  4. I hate winter but love Minnesota summers.
  5. All of my siblings and sibling - in - laws are married/or have kids.
  6. I love Seattle!
  7. I am going to give my husband the skinny lady he married for our next anniversary!

Day 89: Getting Caught up!

I am sorry for my hiatus!  It was unintentional!  I had a either a terrible cold or allergies, and it knocked me right on my bum.  That coupled with Census training in the day and working sales at night, I was burning the candle at both ends...giving me no time blog among other things.  So here I am today, playing catch up.

Last week or earlier this week I mentioned a product I was going to try out and blog about.  I did use one of the products on my face.  While I didn't see my face get slimmer, I did however see a beautiful difference on my face.  It gave my skin on my face and chin a great tone, a fresh color that was awesome to see.  Also, when I put it on, my skin was flaky and peeling really bad.  When I woke up the next day, my face was fresh and new, no dead peeling skin.  :o)

As I type I am wearing the Body Slimming Applicator from It Works.  I was given this product to try and then tell you all about it.  I am excited to see the results.  I took my measurements, and marked on my body just wear I measured to be accurate.  I am going to wear it for a few hours and then post my results tomorrow.   It right now feels cool and tingling.  The product benefits are: firms, tightens, and tones problem areas of your choice.  Minimizes the appearance of cellulite and skin slackening.  Restores youthful-looking body contours.  Leaves skin supple, soft and satin smooth.  I am hoping all of the above are true!  :o)  The product can be used every 72 hours until desired results are achieved.

I do hope you are all enjoying the weather and being outside as much as the kiddos and I are!

Looking forward to blogging more about it tomorrow!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Jay Robb Shake GiveAway

Go to this blog to enter the giveaway!

This is from the blog 'Me and Jorge'.

Shakes are a great snack or meal replacement on the Belly Fat Cure. Can't find Clemmy's Ice Cream, whip up a shake with extra ice and you are set! They are yummy, filling, and good for you. That is one reason this week is Shake Week here at Me & Jorge!

I love a good giveaway, its a great way to try a product you might not otherwise. I hope you all have been enjoying the giveaways! Jorge Cruise has given Jay Robb Whey Protein Shakes his Belly Fat Cure Seal of Approval primarily because it is made with Stevia and has a great S/C Value (Hello, 0/0). This week they have provided me with a really fun giveaway for my readers.

The giveaway includes:
  • 2 packets each of: Tropical Dreamsicle, Pinacolda, Strawberry, Chocolate, Vanilla Whey Protein shakes.
  • 1 packet each of Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate Egg Protein shakes
  • 1 packet each of Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate Brown Rice Protein shakes.
  • 3 Jay Robb Protein Bars (not really BFC friendly)
  • Shaker Bottle
  • Large reusable shoulder shopping bag 
  • Bedazzled black tank top with Jay Robb printed on it!

Day 85: New Product Trial...2 pound gain...and allergies, Oh My!

It has been a busy weekend and I don't see much of an end coming too soon!  I am ok with it, I like to be busy, however these ALLERGIES are kickin' me butt all over the place.

I was at the Semple Mansion Wedding Event this weekend and met some great people.  I got info on two weight loss products I want to share with you!  I am first going to talk about "It Works, Ultimate Body Applicator"  I met Lin and her business partner Jenny and I told them about the blog and all my many followers!  So they let me try their Ultimate Body Applicator.  I am going to try it out tonight!  I took my measurements.  I did use it on my face on Saturday night, and although I didn't see weight loss in my face, I do have to say, that it made my skin feel FABULOUS.  I had super dry skin, so bad it was peely and gross.  Now, not at all.  So, I loved it!  Although Gary called me Hanibal Lector when I had on the mask, it did positively affect my skin!  I am going to be posting tomorrow about my body wrap, I will be placing it on my belly.  Hoping to see some fun changes!  If it works, I just may have to use it again.

Last week I posted that I hit the 20 lb weight loss mark.  Since then, I have added two pounds so I am only at the 18 pound mark.  Not sure why, but it does happen during the month about the same time, so I am not discouraged...I am still eating well and did a great 5 mile walk yesterday.  So I know I am on track. However, my hormones and life happen, so my weight can fluctuate even during a weight loss program...

Allergies...These are HORRIBLE!  I feel sorry for all of you who have had allergies your whole life.  I haven't, and I hate them.  I am all stuffy, itchy eyes, and feeling run down.  Yuck.  I will not slow down because of it, because weight loss still needs to take place even when it is hard, and I am not feeling great.  If I stopped every time something came up like that, then I'd NEVER lose weight.  So I stay on track and hope for the best.  I am going to Mexico in 3 weeks and 2 days and I have hope that there are plenty of pounds to loose before then.

Check back tomorrow to see how the wrap results come out!  :o)
Weight: 194.4

Friday, March 19, 2010

Day 82: Eating out, getting full and staying happy!

As I was talking to my bosom buddy Kathleen today a great topic came up so I thought I'd blog about it today!

I went to lunch for my super fun friend, Heather's birthday today.  We went to Red Lobster (Fried Food ALERT!)
So I asked what I could get that was low in fat and NOT DEEP FRIED!  Our awesome waiter gave me great suggestions, and I ordered well, shrimp and scallops (boiled) with scampi sauce on the side.  I got steamed broccoli and asparagus as my side.  I stayed away from the cheddar bay biscuits as well as the dessert.  I drank water.  It felt good to eat out and be healthy!  I dipped about 1/2 a teaspoon worth of scampi sauce, so I got little flavor and not much calories.

As I was chatting with Kathleen I talked about how I drink a giant glass of water with metamucil powder in it before I leave for lunch.  That way I am not so hungry that I make poor choices.  Kathleen mentioned (sorry girl!) that fiber can make her a bit gassy.  I then mentioned how GREAT the Houston Enzymes Tri-Enza works.  I nearly never toot, fart, or cut the cheese when I take 2 enzyme pills prior to eating.  So, I take my enzymes, then before my biggest meal, I take the Metamucil, then I eat.  That way I feel full even if my meal is a great salad!  Also, fiber helps clean me out, which promotes weight loss.  The enzymes aid in digestion, decreasing inflammation and help with bloating!

Try it!
Have a great Friday!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Happy St. Paddy's Day!

Woo HOOOOOOO!  I hit the 20 pounds down mark today!  I am so excited!!!!  I wasn't going to do my new weekly reporting but I am just too darn excited NOT to do it!  What a great day!  I couldn't believe it!
I feel proud, happy, healthy, re-motivated!  Watch out size 8 I'm coming to get you and then I have plans on leaving you for smaller sizes!  :o)

What a fun thing, who knew it'd be this fun!

Today is St. Paddy's...so my neighbor Randi and I took our kids to the parade.  It was craziness.  St. Paul on St. Patrick's Day is like a mini green version of Mardi Gras.  It was fun.  We pushed our strollers for 2.25 hours and watched the crazy people.  It was great.  The sun is shining, it is warm out, it is a GREAT day!

Enjoy the weather.  I am going to clean the house for a bit, then indulge in a little green beer on our porch!