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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Day 137: Rainy Day

It has been quite the rainy few weeks.  I really don't mind the rain, it greens the grass, waters my flowers and I feel like it cleans stuff away.  It also forces me inside, which gives me a bit of time to tidy/clean my house (spring cleaning!)
I love to spring clean.  I do this every year, during the rainy days.  I clean out the fridge, check all expiration dates, toss out the bad stuff, go through the pantry and prioritize food so we eat the food we bought instead of forgetting about it.  I also go through the cupboards and make sure all tupperware has lids, and re-evaluate all the dishes, "Do I really need this?"  If I don't use a dish often but still need it I put it out of the way from the everyday dishes.  I go through and clean out the drawers.  I go through mine and the kids closets and make sure we wear all the clothes in there, if they don't fit I get them ready for our annual garage sale.  It is a fun time of purging!  I always get excited when Gary comes home so I can show him my accomplishments! ;o)

So I have today and tomorrow left to get some spring cleaning and organizing done, then we get the sun back and it looks as though it is here to stay for awhile.

I know I need the vitamin D and I know the kids do too.  I am looking forward to outside play, however in the mean time, I will be burning calories by cleaning!


Me and Jorge - Amber said...

Too many rainy days plays with my head and gets me down!

taisafoster said...

I love spring cleaning too. I have done a lot of what you listed so far. I still have photos to organize, a few boxes of misc. stuff to deal with, papers to sort and windows to wash but after that it is just playing with my flowers and buying summer clothes for the girls. I can imagine you doing it too and it makes me feel less alone in the process. Thanks for sharing.