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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Day 125: Hello out there....

I am sure my followers have left the building.  However here is to hoping.  Either way, here is to me...getting back at it.

I went to Mexico and got sick...within hours of arrival.  I mean I was MISERABLE.  It lasted about 15 very long hours and I became very acquainted with the bathroom.  I lost a few pounds that first day in Mexico.  After seeing the doctor, and having a bad experience with him...I was healed and didn't feel sick pretty quick after that.  Enjoyed the rest of the trip!!! It was awesome.  Sally was the most beautiful bride, the wedding was at an amazing venue that was so unique and beautiful.  We all had a great time!

Celebrated my birthday down in Mexico too.  I do have to say it was my favorite birthday of all times.  Erin Johnson, who was also my roommate, Sally and I made the night awesome and super fun.  However I do have to say that Erin had me laughing harder than anyone in my lifetime.  It was just plain fun!

I enjoyed the sunshine, the relaxing and the mojito at the poolside bar!

Once I returned I got home at 1am, and my amazing husband left for a conference in Florida at 5am.  So we were two ships passing in the night.  :o(

So the kids and I had fun together and missed daddy.  He got home we had a couple of days together and then I started my training with the census again.  It has been a crazy week.  Two of those days I went right from training to my evening job working nearly 15 hours in one day.  I have been pretty tired the last two nights.

Yesterday I had lunch and spent a few laughs with my buddy from High School and WAZZU (Washington State University) I hadn't seen him 10 years or so.  It was fun to catch up, laugh and be reminded of the good ol times.

All this to say...I have not been fervent in my dieting and exercising.  I will go a day or so and then fall off again.  I have not gained any weight since losing the 20 pounds...however I haven't lost any more either.

So here I am!  I am back, I am ready to be back in the weight loss game.  I am going to spend the next few days re-reading my blog from the beginning when I was all motivated...because I am not motivated any more...

So bear with me.

Glad to be back!

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Cheryl S. said...

So glad to hear your voice again! You can do this Heidi...I know what busyness can do and despite not losing any more weight, you have not gained either! Holding steady is good...when energy returns in enough measure to focus on this, you'll pick right up where you left off. You've only got 47 pounds left! Go you!