Weight Lost!!!

13 pounds down

Monday, June 28, 2010

Day 153: Adjusting to the American Way

It has been a busy week since getting back from Haiti, I still haven't had time to sit and process.  I had a fabulous wedding this weekend that I shot, and just all kinds of things going on.  I did have a few hours to clean my house yesterday, but still haven't all the way gotten back to normal yet.

I am having a hard time when I hear (or even say) the word "need".  I thought before I spoke yesterday (which if you know me, doesn't always happen:o)
I nearly said "I need a pedicure", but before the words left my mouth I got sad, that I would think that.  The Haitians need a floor in the home or tent.  I haven't gone to the store yet, since I have been home, but will do that today.  I am sure it will be overwhelming.  I know I can see past it.

I am so surprised at how affected I have been by my trip.  My heart breaks for Haiti.  I have seen and even lived in 3rd world countries but this is 3rd world to the extreme.  However, you'd never know it!  They love life, and smile easily!

About my diet, I have not had the best week this past week with diet and exercise.  I only have 9 weeks left before the 3 days and I have lots of training to catch up on!  So, today I woke up with a better head on my shoulders.  I am hoping to be in the 180s by next week.  That is my next short term goal!  Even 189, but I'd love me some 187!  :o)

Off on a little walk to the grocery store with the kiddos.
Weight 190

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day 147: Home from Haiti

I do plan on debriefing a bit and then sharing more about Haiti in the next few days.  I got home last night/this morning at around 2am.  I haven't had much time to process everything yet.  It was great to see Gary last night, he waited up for me.  The kids greeted me with smiles and hugs!  I loved that.

I had an unbelievable time.  It was hard work, heartache, bonding, laughing (if you can believe it), lots of smiles shared.  I love Haiti.  I will have a hard time not being consumed by Haiti over the next few weeks.  It is still SOOOOOOO devastated.  If I didn't know better I would think that the earthquake happened this week.  There is so much to do, where do you begin?  It doesn't need to be made "American", it just needs to be put back together.  With that comes many hours of volunteers.  The site we were at was at Christianville.  They service a large area about 1.5 hours from Port au Prince.  They have a medical, dental and eye clinic as well as schools for the locals.  The medical and eye clinic were destroyed in the earthquake.  So the project we were working on was that site.  We certainly worked hard.  One of the major projects we did was dig a large trench to run electrical/power underground the trench was 2.5 feet deep and about 60 yards long.  It felt so good.  I loved digging that trench, my favorite part was breaking apart the earth with a pick ax!  I am sure I worked on some muscle groups I didn't even know existed.

I also got to see much of the area.  It was touching and amazing.  More of that to follow.
Thanks for following!

Weight 190.
Total weight lost to date 22 lbs.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Day 135: Oake on the Water

Howdy folks.  Still going strong!  My diet is going well, and so is my exercise!

That $5 a week is a good incentive for me!  :o)

Tonight Cities 97 is giving away $20k for walkers at the Breast Cancer 3 day.  I still need to raise $1660 for my minimum.  So I am going.  We will be walking 8 miles (or so I read) It will be my workout for the day....

If you want to join in the walk you can!  You need to meet today at 1:30-2:00 at Lunds in Hopkins.  Come find me.  Otherwise you can meet the rest of everyone at Oake on the Water!

Make a sign, cheer on the walkers!  I think I should get some destination skinny shirts made up!  Maybe a fundraiser for the 3 day!  Hmmm ideas!

Anyway,  I hope to see you all there!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Day 163: $5 a week for 25 weeks = $125 or $0!!!

So, yesterday I stepped on the scale...and saw that i GAINED 5 pounds.  This really sucks!  I thought it is all my fault.  I am not trying hard enough, I am all talk, and no action.  Why!  If I would just bust my butt for 6 months, I'll be where I need to be.  How can I get there?  How?  Well, I saw on a weight loss blog that I follow by Jen at Prior Fat Girl, that she recommended doing something called 'Choose You'.  So I did it!  I pledged $5 a week for 25 weeks.  I have pledged to lose 2 pounds a week.  If I don't loose 2 pounds I have to pay $5.  If I don't report my weight, I have to pay $5.  That adds up quick and on our budget I think it will be just the incentive that I need!  So, here I go on my journey!  AGAIN.
I am on day 2.  So far, so good!  So proud.

I am half way to my goal date, and not half way on my weight.  If I don't kick it into gear, I am afraid I will fall all the way off the wagon, off the trail and end up the way I am right now.  If I can do the 25 weeks of weight loss, then in 25 short weeks I will be where I want to be!  Skinny, fit, healthy, happy!  I can do this.  I will do this!

I am going to Haiti for one week departing on Monday.  We are going to Gressier.  You can read more about it here, and I am looking for prayer warriors as well as support.  There is also a blog about our journey that you can read while we are there.  You can read the blog daily.  A few of the people we are going with are already there, and you can read what they are up to right now.  Once we arrive we will be doing blog posts daily.

Off I go to clean the house, prepare for Haiti and get skinny.  :o)

Weight 197 AAGGHH!  Not for long!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Day 158: Good Morning Minnesota

I had such a nice visit with my mom and dad.  They were here for 7 days.  It went by too quickly and made me realize again that I wish I lived in Seattle.  I know it isn't possible right now, but I still miss that place.

We had a crazy time too, Hava had her first dance recital, Gabe turned 3 and had his birthday party.  Gabe got to go to his first Twins game and Hava had her first dinner at a Hibachi Grill.  Lots of fun was had by all!

I didn't eat well or exercise while my family was here.  It is amazing how I just revert when my family is around, I eat bad, I have terrible will power and I lack motivation!  Yuck.  So, today I woke up early and did a two mile run, and came back and got some stuff done before the kids woke up.  It was a nice way to start the day.  I am a morning person, but I love my sleep.   So I just need to get my sleep earlier so I can wake up and enjoy the morning.  I just need to remember that tomorrow when I am waking up early.

I lost two pounds last week and was so excited to report that.  However, I am back up.  Holding strong at 20 pounds lost but having a hard time getting past that.  I am not calling it a plateau because I am not really trying all that hard.  I want to, but don't.  However, today I ran.  I am not going to sabotage myself and say I will do this, this and this, because I have a bad track record of doing that.  So I will try to be better and do better.

Heres to a new start (again)
Weight 192