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Monday, May 10, 2010

Day 134: Not only did I fall off the wagon...

It ran me over as it passed me by!  Last week I started my no sugar no flour...well between Friday and Sunday night I cheated, cheated, cheated!  YUK.  I don't know why I did it either.  I just did.
So, after rationalizing and all that I figured it is my biggest flaw, and I decided to move on.  I was talking to a friend at a birthday party this weekend and she said that she doesn't even put sweets in her mouth, because once she does, she can't stop.  That is part of my problem too, I figure, well, I already cheated...so I might as well enjoy it.  So what I need to figure out now is how to stay away from it to begin with!

On another note...as you read last week, I ran 2 miles around the lake.  About a month ago I tried running, but I'd run a little then walk, run a little then walk.  Last week I ran for almost 2 straight miles without walking.  So I got all cocky and brave and signed up for the Race for the Cure 5k this past Sunday.  I woke up, got there, looked for a few people I knew among the thousands and ran, alone.  I at first had a goal not to be the last to cross, but as I started running, I realized that I am actually passing people.  I quickly changed my goal to finish running, without walking.  I did it!  I did it in 32 minutes!  a 10+ minute mile is not much to write home about, but it is much better than I thought I'd do.  When I was in the Army my best time was 13.50 minutes for 2 miles.  I am not even close and may never be, but my life was different, and I was 23!  ;o)   I know I can do it now!  :O)

So, back to eating healthy.  Gary and I chatted last night about eating healthy and not cheating.  So I hope he can help me a bit more again.

Still holding strong at 20.2 pounds lost.  Haven't lost a pound in a long time.  Looking forward to that happening!


kimberlymunsonisablogger said...

Yeah Heidi! Glad you are back into blogging. I read it occasionally and always walk away so inspired.

I totally get your friend's perspective on refraining even from a nibble of those naughty but yummy treats. I get the occasional eye roll or another awkward facial expression when I decline but I have gotten used to it. People don't appreciate the difficulty some people, like me, have in the entire concept of moderation!

Secondly, you should be TOTALLY proud of yourself for your accomplishment this past weekend. Give yourself some well-deserved credit! Anyone who doesn't is likely very jealous or simply insecure.

You go girl!!!

Heidi said...

Thank you my inspiring sweet sister in law! You have done it. You have succeeded and you have maintained to be healthy! I take your advice to heart!
Thanks for your inspiration!
Thanks everyone for your comments, emails and facebook messages. It truly helps me.
Another friend emailed sharing a 150 calorie treat she has to help her through. If I get in a bind, that may just be what I do! Thanks!!!

taisafoster said...

Zone Bars are completely balanced and work great to curb a chocolate craving while still staying on your diet. I also use them when I am in a hurry and need eat. I eat 6 small meals a day and Zone bars help make that happen.
I lost 11 pounds. I gained one back over the weekend but that is going to happen. I started working out a little over 3 months ago and this is week 2 of my nutrition plan.
If I get any more ideas for you, I will definitely share them. Your posts are so encouraging to me. I am glad we are on this journey together.