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Monday, April 12, 2010

Day 106: Back in the game

Wow, I am not only not blogging, I have been not following my own words.
It has been frustrating.  107 days ago and beyond I always found myself "cheating" and telling myself I'll do better tomorrow...Over the past month I have been doing the same.  Why?  I don't know.  I think I realized I can't imagine myself skinny again, so in order to protect myself from trail and failure, I let myself cheat.  Yuck!  What fun is that.  So after realizing that, I saw like 3 girls in skinny jeans and said OH, I can not wait to be in those!  :o)  So I am back.  I also suffered with some stressful job processes that ended with no avail.  So, with the stress gone, and the realization that I will be great in skinny jeans I am back.
Over the past month I had hovered between 16 - 18 pounds lost.  Today when I got on the scale I was back  to the exciting 20 pounds lost!  It feels good and hear to stay.  I am two pounds away from the 180s.  I am excited about that because then 175 isn't far behind!  :O)  That seems like a big milestone to me!  :o)
So, off I am to get back on the saddle.  I am also in full force Breast Cancer 3-day training.  I am still in need of many dollars to raise so if you feel inclined to give please click here.  Anything you can do...will help!  So now I am up to walking about 25 miles a week and have only 19 weeks left!  :o)  It is such an awesome time!  Let me know if you want to join my team!

So I am off to Mexico until Monday when I will do my next weigh in and my next blog post.  After I return I vow to do my blog more, even daily.  Thanks for reading!

Weight 192.6!


Emily said...

Woohoo! Nice work on 20 lbs gone!!!

Minnesota Mami said...

Heidi I can so relate to your post. I let myself indulge WAY more than I should have when I was on vacay last week...and then realized I was back in the thick of my poor habits from before...rationalizing, "I'll get on track tomorrow", everything. Made me realize that though I've lost 20 pounds and spent the first 3 months of 2010 focusing on health & weight loss, I'm just one small bad choice away from unraveling all the good work that has been done. I'm back in the saddle too...looking forward to my own 'skinny jeans' moment!

Disfruta Mexico!!! (Enjoy Mexico!)

Missy said...

Love that you got your groove back!! 175 is just around the corner ;o)

Me and Jorge - Amber said...

Congrats on the 20lbs lost!! That is awesome and just in time for vacation. I love your old running photos, what a great motivator! Ive been running to and am ready to push myself a little more.

Ann said...

Good job with the 20 lbs! I feel the same way about, "What if I don't succeed, maybe it'll be easier just to cheat and not feel like a failure", but GREAT JOB getting back on track!! :)