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Monday, June 28, 2010

Day 153: Adjusting to the American Way

It has been a busy week since getting back from Haiti, I still haven't had time to sit and process.  I had a fabulous wedding this weekend that I shot, and just all kinds of things going on.  I did have a few hours to clean my house yesterday, but still haven't all the way gotten back to normal yet.

I am having a hard time when I hear (or even say) the word "need".  I thought before I spoke yesterday (which if you know me, doesn't always happen:o)
I nearly said "I need a pedicure", but before the words left my mouth I got sad, that I would think that.  The Haitians need a floor in the home or tent.  I haven't gone to the store yet, since I have been home, but will do that today.  I am sure it will be overwhelming.  I know I can see past it.

I am so surprised at how affected I have been by my trip.  My heart breaks for Haiti.  I have seen and even lived in 3rd world countries but this is 3rd world to the extreme.  However, you'd never know it!  They love life, and smile easily!

About my diet, I have not had the best week this past week with diet and exercise.  I only have 9 weeks left before the 3 days and I have lots of training to catch up on!  So, today I woke up with a better head on my shoulders.  I am hoping to be in the 180s by next week.  That is my next short term goal!  Even 189, but I'd love me some 187!  :o)

Off on a little walk to the grocery store with the kiddos.
Weight 190


Cheryl S. said...

I was thinking the 3 day started Friday - guess you won't be coming to dinner thurs night!

I've never been to a third world country, but know several who have and every one without exception came back so grateful and could see more clearly the excess in their own life. Still can't wait to hear more about what you experienced there! Call me when you get some time to come up for air. :)

Cheryl S. said...

I'm such a dope, I just re-read your post and see the 3 day is in 9 weeks! I wish I could blame it on a lack of coffee (nope, not today) or sleep (nada, slept great). No, I'm just a dope! A loving, caring dope tho! Looking forward to seeing you soon!