Weight Lost!!!

13 pounds down

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Day 169: Busted out out of 190s!

Howdy folks!
After months of being in and around 190, I finally saw 189 today!  It is hard to stay motivated when i do not see any changes on the scale.  However, today was a big day for me.  I was so happy to see this change in numbers!  Yeah!  Yeah!!!!  Now I just need to keep on moving in the right direction!

This week I went for a long bike ride (pulling two 3 year olds in the bike trailer) on Monday and then yesterday I walked to Como pushing the kids in the stroller, I have been very wise about eating and I can see it!

I think I needed this little change in the scale.  I have not been motivated to write, and share my journey since it was at a stall, but that is reality.  It is a marathon even though I want it to be a sprint.  I really need to work on drinking more water, I think that will help too.  I just don't ever drink enough water.  I am not drinking lots of other stuff, like soda, I just don't drink anything and I need to work on that.

Well, I am a happy girl!  Thought you'd like to know!

weight 189.6!!!!


Jo said...

Congrats, Heidi! I have been hovering around a certain number for 3 weeks now and it is so frustrating! I will just keep on with the Plan and it has to happen...right?

Heidi said...

Thanks Jo,
If we stick to it, it does have to change eventually! I love hitting a small goal like this because then it makes my next goal of 179 all the more attainable! Little goals make the big ones more do-able!