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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Day 135: Stupid Weight

I was reading the first few posts on my blog.  I am trying to find my motivation.  It comes so quickly and leaves even quicker.  I don't understand why I can do so many things but I have this hang up with losing weight.  If I just kicked some but for like 5 months I'd be there...That isn't hard at all.  It is all mental.
I can't get past the idea of it.  I am not trying to be a whiner or come up with excuses.  But that is all I do.
Today is a rainy day, and I just want to hide in the covers and watch movies...
I have a house to clean (calorie burner) and things to do, but honestly I can't get motivated.  UGH!
I keep reading about these awesome women losing weight, I was there too just a few months ago.  I think that if I were to lose some weight again I would be motivated, but I can't seem to get motivated enough to lose the weight.
On Sunday after the 5k it was all clear...now, not so much.  Not sure what to do about it all...
I guess I could leave the motivation in the dust and just do what is right.  That is what I think I will do.  Forgo waiting to be motivated, get up off my larger than I wish butt and get moving.
If I were talking to someone else I may say something like this.
"I know it is hard, but you can do it.  It isn't as hard as you think it is.  Eat right, keep your house clean, make sure you have healthy foods in the fridge and ban the bad foods.  Get outside and exercise.  You can do it!  You always feel so good when you do exercise, so just go and exercise.  Be prepared, drink lots of water and fool your belly into being full.  Think before you put something in your mouth, is it healthy?
If you are eating and not hungry find something else to do instead of eat.  You can do this!  Lose the weight, be the girl in you, that you know you are!"
I will.  I can.  I am not motivated but I can do these things anyway.
Hoping for a better day.
note: when my house is messy I feel sluggish, overwhelmed and yucky, when my house is clean I feel accomplished, and fresh.  So, I will start there!


Sara's Stories said...

girl - plateaus SUCK. They mess with your mind so much. Today I stepped on the scale after 1.5 weeks of eating great. And nothing. I've been stuck here for 3 months. So I shall forgo weighing my self for awhile. I will keep on eating right and exercising and ignore that damn scale! Eventually it will move - it has to.

Broken Yet Grateful said...

I totally hear you but I am truly pathetic! I have only been at this one month and already have had a really bad weekend. I think the difficulty (this is not an excuse) is that our emotions and hormones play such a big part. If I had fewer of those I feel like I could stay focused and my mind would not need as many slaps to get it back on track. Anyway, I feel it with you BUT God has not given us a spirit of fear but of POWER and LOVE and...wait for it...SELF-CONTROL!! I am saying this for myself as much as I am saying it for you. We can do it!!

Me and Jorge - Amber said...

Heidi, I have my first 5k in 16years this weekend! Ugh!

I have a great story this week on my blog about a man who has lost 200 lbs doing the BFC. It is a great motivator!

taisafoster said...

I just learned that people who keep a food diary of everything they eat, lose 50% more weight than those that don't. I have started mine and it makes a huge difference. The trick is to be disciplined enough to use it.
I totally spent all my leeway of extra calories for the week all in one day today because of my emotions, so I complete relate to what you are saying. I need motivation too.
It is super hard some days. I am glad you were honest with yourself and us. We can do this. You are not alone in this. All this week I will do great and you will too.

Cheryl S. said...

I know what you mean about feeling motivated after exercising...I don't think I have EVER exercised and regretted it, but there are plenty of times when I haven't exercised and just swim in that sea of regret. You are right, it's in our mind, so set feelings aside and make the choice to exercise. I know you can do this even if you are doubting yourself right now...I see it in your eyes, girl!

ndever said...

Heidi, even though I'm not trying to lose weight, I often struggle with motivation in other areas. I was challenged a couple months ago with a great reminder: "a body at rest stays at rest; a body in motion stays in motion" (Newton's law of motion). Whenever I am tempted to just stay in bed or ignore a task, I repeat this phrase to myself, understanding that if I choose not to move now, I will probably not move later, either! So, get moving!! :-)

Leah Miller said...

From what I know, your house is always clean. Punk. I don't know what all this "my house is messy" talk it about.