Weight Lost!!!

13 pounds down

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Day 98: Bad bloggy bloggerson!

People who want something to read, and there is nothing posted...I apologize.
I have slipped from the wagon this past fortnight!  I promise for more regularity.  I am ready to see the scale moving in my favor again!  Clearly my slacking does no good for my weight loss!

Today in church as I was rejoicing that my Savior has risen, in deed!  I realized how much talk I have given lately in the past two weeks.  Even to myself.  I am tired of it.  I want more change and I want it fast, but I clearly am not doing the work to get me there...so I am here professing my dieting sins to you all!

I will awake early, and get in a work out.  Then I will do "mom" all day, and get more calories burned, I will not cheat. I will NOT hide food and sneak it.  YUK.

Jesus has forgiven me, I must move forward.  Today isn't my day of atonement, my days as they come are, however, today woke me up.  AGAIN.  So destination: skinny folks.  I am back and with a vengeance!!!

Fat, be gone!


Cheryl S. said...

Yeah!! The ebb and flow, the ups and downs and life in general sometimes gets in the way of what we're trying to do...and that's how it'll be for the rest of our lives. Finding ways to relax and not be so terribly strict at times without falling completely off the wagon will prepare us for, well, real life in the future.

You are doing great, you are one of the busiest women I know!!

Heidi said...

Thanks Cheryl. funny you should say I am the busiest...because I can't imagine my life any other way, but people are always telling me how busy I am. I have no idea what it looks like NOT to be busy. I should experiment! :o)
Thanks for your encouragement!