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Monday, March 29, 2010

Day 92: A little motivation!

Back in the day, I was a runner, I did mainly 5 & 10k runs.  I loved it.  I was in the Army and we had to run 2 miles for our Physical Training (PT) test 2 times a year, so 5k and 10k runs were the best for the Army's PT program.  I really enjoyed running them.  I enjoyed the fresh air, the challenge and feeling of being in shape.  To be honest with you, I thought I'd always be a runner.  I also NEVER thought I'd be "not skinny".  (Sally has forbid me from calling myself a "fat girl" any more, so I will just have to be creative.  In fact if I say anything to the sort, she gets mad, like really mad.  So I will respect my Sally as she respects me!)  :o)

Anyway...I have Mexico in 17 days, and I saw this picture this morning on facebook, a friend (and fellow runner, however he is still running!) posted this picture of me at the end of a 13k race in Germany. That is me in the middle.  It was a run to the top of a small mountain at the end of the mountain in Darmstadt was Frankenstein Castle.  It was awesome and intense!  I loved it and what I loved even more, was seeing this picture this morning!  :o)  I love my little body, and can't wait to get it back!  So after this post I am going to double up on my sports bras (hee hee hee) and don my running shoes and just see how I do.  I'll report back tomorrow with the painful story of my first run in a LOOONG time.  This awesome sunshine...I gotta be outside.  I have 17 days to get a little more fit before I am in Mexico with the beautiful and fabulous Sally!  So, off I go to better myself!

Note: this is me at my goal weight, in the picture.  So do-able, so tangible, so MY future!  Can't wait!

Weight 194.6 (NO CHANGE since last week! Boo, HOO!)


McQuen said...
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McQuen said...

You can do it Heidi. You get there by taking one step at a time and just keep moving forward.

Remember a step back isn't a set back, but rather just a point from which to spring forward.