Weight Lost!!!

13 pounds down

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 188: For over 3 YEARS I have waited for this day!!!

There were a couple of things I wanted complete prior to our first child being born.  Which is always tricky because you never know exactly when she will arrive.  One of those things, was to redesign, save up for and have my wedding ring on my hand.  So all summer long I saved all my tips from weddings and saved up enough for the redesign of my ring.  Within days of our sweet Hava's arrival my ring was ready.  

I loved that ring so much.  I designed it, made it my own.  I loved it!

Then within two weeks of that, we found out about our second child, Gabe!  I was 3 months pregnant!!!! 
Since about December of 2007 my chubby hand prevented me from wearing my ring.  I was sad, so I took it off. I figured once I was done being pregnant I'd wear it again.  However, my weight decided to stick around and my ring waited for me, for years...

To keep all the men at bay (hee hee) Gary and I got tattoos for our rings.  (He isn't a big jewelry guy, except he never leaves the house without earrings, go figure).


I am so happy!  I am sooooo happy!

Off I go on a little vacation so blog post will be sparse and I will not weigh in again until I return, different scales...scare me!

Ok, so have a great week!  I will, all I have to do is look down at my hand!

Food really doesn't taste as good as skinny feels!


Leah Miller said...

Woohoo! We were JUST talking about this! Who knew it would be this soon? It's beautiful! And you are, too. :)
Hope you have a great trip. We are missing you already. Please don't love Seattle too much and want to move back, ok?

Heidi said...

Thanks! I know! How fun huh? I haven't taken it off yet! I miss you guys but am enjoying my time here. I do have to say that every time I come here. I want to stay. However MN has made it's impression on me...and i will come home.
Hugs to you!