Weight Lost!!!

13 pounds down

Monday, March 22, 2010

Day 85: New Product Trial...2 pound gain...and allergies, Oh My!

It has been a busy weekend and I don't see much of an end coming too soon!  I am ok with it, I like to be busy, however these ALLERGIES are kickin' me butt all over the place.

I was at the Semple Mansion Wedding Event this weekend and met some great people.  I got info on two weight loss products I want to share with you!  I am first going to talk about "It Works, Ultimate Body Applicator"  I met Lin and her business partner Jenny and I told them about the blog and all my many followers!  So they let me try their Ultimate Body Applicator.  I am going to try it out tonight!  I took my measurements.  I did use it on my face on Saturday night, and although I didn't see weight loss in my face, I do have to say, that it made my skin feel FABULOUS.  I had super dry skin, so bad it was peely and gross.  Now, not at all.  So, I loved it!  Although Gary called me Hanibal Lector when I had on the mask, it did positively affect my skin!  I am going to be posting tomorrow about my body wrap, I will be placing it on my belly.  Hoping to see some fun changes!  If it works, I just may have to use it again.

Last week I posted that I hit the 20 lb weight loss mark.  Since then, I have added two pounds so I am only at the 18 pound mark.  Not sure why, but it does happen during the month about the same time, so I am not discouraged...I am still eating well and did a great 5 mile walk yesterday.  So I know I am on track. However, my hormones and life happen, so my weight can fluctuate even during a weight loss program...

Allergies...These are HORRIBLE!  I feel sorry for all of you who have had allergies your whole life.  I haven't, and I hate them.  I am all stuffy, itchy eyes, and feeling run down.  Yuck.  I will not slow down because of it, because weight loss still needs to take place even when it is hard, and I am not feeling great.  If I stopped every time something came up like that, then I'd NEVER lose weight.  So I stay on track and hope for the best.  I am going to Mexico in 3 weeks and 2 days and I have hope that there are plenty of pounds to loose before then.

Check back tomorrow to see how the wrap results come out!  :o)
Weight: 194.4


Cheryl S. said...

Gains are discouraging but it sounds like you have the best attitude about it! I tend to let them really kick my butt, which then can backfire! Eager to see how the wrap works, will be back tomorrow. :)

Heidi said...

Thanks Cheryl!