Weight Lost!!!

13 pounds down

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Day 35 & 36: Quality Time

My BFF Kimberly who I lived in a GIANT sorority house at WSU with and then in the cutest little house with our senior year, is here visiting from California.  It was so much fun to visit and share a few tears, laughs and beers with her.  HOWEVER,  I had WAY too many calories last night.  With Olive Garden and then beers...I added a pound!  YUCK.  It makes me feel so yucky.  I did clean the house all day yesterday, so at least I burned a little bit of calories before the major failure.  She brought her workout clothes so we can walk and do the shred together.  :o)  So, I am ok with it.  I actually planned for extra calories, just not that many extra.  However, life does go on and so does my trek for weight loss.  :o)
We are off to the Mall of America, you really can't visit Minnesota without going there, so off we go!

Weight: 203

Friday, January 29, 2010

Day 34: Six Figures

Today was one of the best days I have had in a LONG time.  Due to the "awesome" recession that is affecting so many of us, times have been a little tight in our cute little bungalow.  However, politics aside, my boy Barack and the government, put out a Mortgage Modification for qualifying folks like us.  Due to some job changes and changes in income, we qualified for this AWESOME gift.  Our mortgage rate was dropped from the ridiculously high percentage down 5% to just 2%.  It didn't change our loan amount, or amortization, so the savings is just interest alone!  This saves us so much money that in the 27 years left we have on our mortgage we will have saved just over $129,000 that is six figures my friends.  On interest alone!  Praise God!  I am so super thankful for this!  I am sharing this with you because I vowed to tell you about all the ways we are saving this year in my quest for smaller is better.  :o)  So, if you are upside down in your house, and have a change in your situation (even adding to your family can qualify you) then look into it!  HOWEVER, there are so many scams out there.  This is done with your Mortgage company or bank, so don't get tricked!  Man, it feels so good, to know that I can make a call and change things!  Life is good for the Heidsta and fam right now.  
All that to say, that the hubs and I have been praying about the finances and consulted one of my best friends, who gets it with the finances too, and she gave me the best advice, to tithe my 10% even if it feels that will break the bank and the Lord will bless us.  Well, we did and He certainly has!  Thanks Kathleen for being there, being faithful to the Lord and helping us with our situation, by sharing your knowledge!   I am getting skinny in debt and in weight!

Today I have eaten pretty well, one of my dearest friends, Heather had me over for a play date (Hava's best friend Sadie).  Heather made the most tasty healthy chili I have ever had!  It was a good chat time too!  I don't know what I would do in this world without my best friends.  Heather and I have been friends our entire life as moms, it is an amazing and enduring relationship, I am blessed!  

Speaking of, my best friend that I met at Washington State University (Go Cougs) is coming tomorrow.  I can hardly stand it!  I wish I could wake up and see her standing at my door.  I can't wait to hug her!  We don't see each other enough.  So I am going to soak every second that I can with her!  So if I don't blog regularly over the next few days...you know why!

Weight: 202
I am just two pounds away from a HUGE milestone.  I can hardly wait.  My belly is looking a bit flatter and I can see that my waist is in there too someplace.  I can't wait to be fabulous, well I kind of already think I am a bit fabulous, so I can't wait to be even more fabulous!  

Have a great weekend!

Day 33: Event Day

We Hip Chicks had a FABULOUS event hosted by Z.Bigatti at La Vie Photo Studio, Sponsored by Nordstrom, Salon Lili, and Paperhouse Designs.  It was such a beautiful event too!  Not to mention every woman (and a few dudes) walked out of there more beautiful than they did when they came in.  All of the guests were gorgeous anyway, so Minneapolis had some HOTTIEs walking around.  The event highlighted the amazing Z.Bigatti products, which I totally recommend especially in this bitter cold skin damaging weather.  Women got their hair did by Salon Lili, they got facials with Z.Bigatti product done by their techs. Then got their make-up done by Nordstrom make-up experts, and got mini-manicures by Salon Lili.  To top it off, they drank some tasty martini's, munchies and wine.  Live music which was AWESOME was done by Dan Rinstrom and his dad.  They were amazing and totally worth having at any shindig, large or small!   Nordstrom, Salon Lili, Lifetime, Z.Bigatti, prizes were given out.  Also massages, manicures, haircuts!  Everyone walked out a winner!!!  It certainly was fun.  I have to say with the way the ladies looked leaving the event, I am sure there was a small surge in the Metro's economy last night.  When I feel that good, I go out! And I did!  It was a fun Hip Chick night!

Diet wise:  I ate TERRIBLE yesterday, not in the food I ate, but I have this problem of not eating when I am really busy, So I literally ate only about 500 calories, then I had two glasses of white wine and extremely good dirty martini's with The Hip Chicks after the shindig.  I didn't feel so hot when I woke up either.  I think I burned a crazy amount of calories, getting ready, setting up and hostessing the event. So it all worked out in the wash.

Weight: 203.5

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Day 32: Enzymes & Friends

I am back!  Ate great, didn't sit down all day, and tomorrow will be the same.  The Hip Chicks (our event planning company) has a big event tomorrow, so getting ready for that and being a mom, just no rest for the weary!  ;O)

I found some good info reading online and in magazines about natural approaches to weight loss.  Of course, eating well and exercise.  I have decided that I am not going to use the ever tempting weight loss pills.  So I am reading up on what natural things I can do to assist my body in shedding it's "tons o' fun" which has happily settled all over my body.  :o)

Here is some good information that I dug up and thought I'd share the wealth of knowledge about some vitamins, enzymes and even laughter.  So read up, and thin down!

Calcium and Vitamin D when taken together can curb your cravings for fatty foods, as well as quadruple your weight loss results if you are calcium deficient according to a 2009 British Journal of Nutrition study. Many women are either calcium and/or vitamin D deficient.  I know at my last doctors appointment I found out that I am Vitamin D deficient, which is common in colder climates, like this frozen tundra we call home.

On to Enzymes.  [Information taken from Natural Health Magazine November 2009] Enzymes can ease digestive woes such as acid reflux, heartburn, cramping, gassiness, and bloating; reduce inflammation of the joints and muscles.  Some people experience weight loss after take digestive enzymes.  Digestive changes are often noticed with the first dosing!  While anyone can benefit from from digestive enzymes, research suggests people with conditions like lactose intolerance, cystic fibrosis, autism, pancreatitis, celiac diease, gluten intolerance, or chronic pain can experience dramatic benefits.  Be aware that thus far, enzyme supplements have not been shown to "cure" any disease or condition.

There is an important difference between probiotics and enzymes. Probiotics, like acidopholus and bifidus, are live organisms that produce enzymes to help our digestive tract function normally, while enzymes are proteins our body creates.  Taking the two together can actually make each do it's job better.

WHAT TO BUY: Houston Enzymes HN-Zyme Prime or Houston Zyme Prime  You can also get these enzymes in your food.  Pineapple, contains the enzyme bromelain, which has been shown to ease inflammation and relieve pain.  Sprouts have many health benefits.  I recommend to read more on them. Papaya, contains the enzyme Papain, which has a mild and soothing effect on the stomach and is helpful in protein digestion.

A small note on laughter:  we all know it is good for us, it makes us feel better, but it truly does make you feel better.  It can lower your glucose levels!  A 2003 Japanese study showed that after watching a comedy show glucose levels had dropped.  It can also boost your immunity and increase your pain tolerance, as stated in a UCLA study in 2007.  Not to mention the great effects it has on your heart.  It can improve your HDL (good cholesterol) levels and reduce your levels of inflammatory compounds known as C-reactive proteins.  So find a funny friend to hang out with, talk to on the phone, or start watching some funny TV.

Hope you find this helpful!  I have and am excited to start to put it into practice!

Weight: 203

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Day 31: Gotta have faith, faith, a faitha!

Ok, well it was another bad day.  Didn't eat too bad, nothing tasty and cheaty, just not like I was doing last week.  Workout, well, unless dealing with a 2 year old, with a bad case of the terrible two's counts for exercise, I didn't do any.  I had really good intentions, and with the stress of the little bugger, I probably added some stress weight.  Something has to give.  I know I am not done, I have 334 days until I am done.  So a couple of bad days here and there will not derail me!  I promise.  Thanks for the encouragement.  Tomorrow is a new day.  If you feel like it, pray for my little dude, that he eases up on me, and that I get this profound wisdom to be a "pre-school whisperer" and I can talk him out of his craziness!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Day 30: Called in sick today

When you are a stay at home mom, calling in sick doesn't mean much.  However, I decided today I would call in sick.  The kids watched all they wanted!  Funny thing is I put 'The Sound of Music' on for them and they LOVED it.  All 3.5 hours of it!  So, while I didn't get to just stay in bed and be alone.  I did remain in my pj's and robe all day, until just after dinner, when I got showered and dressed to go pray at church for Haiti.  I was feeling really run down, I feel like I am on the verge of being sick, with coughing, sneezing, and a minor sore throat.  I am tired.  So, once I got home from church I realized that "calling in sick" only means tomorrow I have more to do.  The house needs to be cleaned, the kids need to be played with.  So today, I called in sick.  I didn't eat great, and I didn't exercise.  So forgive me, my lack of motivation today. I did vow to do the 30 day shred in 30 times in 30 days, so I will make up for it.  I am looking forward to a visit with Cheryl tomorrow, and even a walk.  I am off to bed.  Hoping for a good day tomorrow.

Weight: 203.5

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Day 29 AGAIN!! BRUTAL!!!

I decided not to go for a walk and in lieu of it I did Jillian's Shred Workout 1 and Workout 2.  Each are 20 minutes.  I remember about a week ago, I thought Workout 1 was hard...I still think it is pretty much NOT easy...HOWEVER, I just did Workout 2 immediately following Workout 1...UM...BRUTAL.
Jillian was nice and all, I can not imagine how hard the actual Biggest Loser is if I am just doing a video.  I am drenched, shaking from muscle fatigue and beyond myself.  I did nearly every rep of ever exercise too. Even the one's I thought I wouldn't be able to do.  I am not sure I'll do that again right away, but I think it made up for my not exercising yesterday and then not walking today!
Thought you should at least feel my pain!  :o)

Day 28 & Day 29: Great weekend!

Day 28: Time with God and friends
I woke up and got to eat breakfast with my awesome church friends at our women's retreat.  Then spent the next 4 hours alone, reflecting, and spending time with God.  It was awesome.  I worked on my testimony that I gave in church this morning.  It was a very nice time.  It was nice to be alone.  I was nice to not have to run around getting things for and entertaining my lovely munchkins.  It was about me and God.  Then after lunch I got the chance to get to know two of my favorite girls at Hiawatha.  We shared what we needed from God, we prayed and it was just nice.  No interruptions, just good discussion!  After dinner, things changed just a bit!  We discussed our ideal commune living.  Many laughs were shared.  It was a fun time.  I am glad I went.  I feel refreshed and renewed!  I didn't do any fitness other than my spiritual fitness.  The food was not low-calorie or low-fat.  However it was worth the risk to be where I was.

Day 29: Testimony, Home and Refreshed
This morning I shared my testimony at church.  It was truly emotionally exhausting.  It felt so good to share my story.  It was welcomed with love and hugs from everyone.  We are starting a new Sexual Abuse Recovery group.  The group will run for 14 weeks.  It begins on Sunday February 21st at 7pm in the Hiawatha Church library.  It is open to all sexual abuse survivors in the Twin Cities.  Please let me know if you are interested in more information my sending me an email.  Today I will do the Shred workout 1 & workout 2.  For a total of 40 minutes.  UGH.  I am not looking forward to it, but I am sure it will be good to be done! :o)
I did gain a pound since Day 27. I know it will come back off.  One day of not being in control of my food and the fluctuation of weight during a week, it doesn't deter me, but it makes me want to work all the more harder!

I am looking forward to tomorrow's post.  I have lots of good info I have been reading about that I am looking forward to sharing!  Not to mention, I am looking forward to starting it too!

Weight: 203.4

NOTE: Our church [Hiawatha Church] will be holding an update on Haiti with prayer and fundraising tomorrow Monday Jan 25th at 7pm.  All are welcome to pray as well as donate.  We have a goal to raise $20k to send supplies to Haiti. We have a direct connection to a family serving as medical missionaries there.  If you want to come to pray, please do.  If you want to donate but can not make it, you may send your checks to Hiawatha Church.  Write the Checks out to 'Hiawatha Church' and put 'Haiti Fund' in the memo line.   Mail checks to 4155 41st Ave South, Minneapolis, MN 55406

Friday, January 22, 2010

Day 27: Guess what I found!?!

My KNEES!  Yup you read it right.  I was looking over my body and was trying to locate the place where the fat has left the building, and I located my knees.  I have HATED my knees for years, because they were all covered up with this chunky-yucky fat.  However, I found them, and I love them!  Maybe, just maybe this summer I'll even forgo the capris and wear me some shorts!  Oooh!  It feels so good.  I love my knees, I love my knees!  Ok, but the thighs, butt, belly, chin, arms...are still missing.  I will report findings immediately upon discovery of those as well!

Last nights walk was great, however they closed at 5:00 so we were only able to walk 75 minutes instead of the 120 that I thought I would walk.  However, we speed-walked every 3rd lap.  It was a good workout too!  I am feeling the effects of it today.

Just about ready to have my coffee and toast and fruit.  Then I have to pack for me and my kids cuz they are doin an over night and I am off to the women's retreat.  So I will not be able to post later and I also won't be weighing in tomorrow.  So my next post will be on Sunday.

Looking forward to telling you how awesome the women's retreat was!  God bless you all!

Weight: 202.4!!!!!!!!!!!  I am very pleased!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Day 26 Part 2: How much water do we need?

How much water do we need a day?
Here is a calculator that can help you figure it out!
I found this helpful!

Day 26: The 3 day

I was so excited when I stepped on the scale today!  It felt so good.  I feel like all of last week I was at 205, then yesterday I was at 204 and today I was at 203.6!  It feels so good.  If I had only done this last year, I'd already be done!  However, I am glad I am doing it this year, so next year I can focus on some other amazing life changing event!

I have been getting really excited for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer 3 Day lately.  I remember training last year.  One day in particular stands out to me.  We (my team) biked 6 miles and walked 10 miles.   I remember thinking that about 45 minutes into the training walk, I wanted to give up.  I don't think we ever made it the 10 miles, but we were pretty close.  I was suffering from IT band issues at the time, but that was better for the walk.  I am excited to be doing the training this year.  Being that I am already walking between 16-20 miles a week already, when training time comes up (after the thaw) I'll be well on my way. Not mention, how much easier it will be to walk with the weight I will lose by August!  :o)  My team from last year, is not going to join me this year.  So if you are in the twin cities and want to walk with me...I'd love to have you.  If you are from another place and want to fly in and walk...All the better!  You do need to go to www.the3day.org and register for the Twin Cities walk.  You also need to raise a minimum of $2300.  It is for such an amazing cause though.  Did you know that  over 40,000 women will die from breast cancer in 2010!  1 in 8 women are diagnosed with breast cancer.  That is staggering.  Look around the room, or think of your group of friends...1 in 8.  It could be your best friend, your sibling, or even you.  Cancer doesn't discriminate, race, age, class...we are all at risk.  That is why I am so determined to walk the Breast Cancer 3 day every year until I can no longer do it!  I am excited for year two.
Last year myself (and my teammates) didn't think I would finish, and walk every last mile.  But I did!  It was so amazing.  If it wasn't I wouldn't do it again!  I have raised $525 of my $2300 so far.  If you can donate to my cause I'd greatly appreciate it.  As you can see on my Breast Cancer 3 day page  I am walking for my Aunt Roxanne who is in remission from her second battle with breast cancer.  Also, my best friend Kimberly who lost her mom last year.  It still breaks my heart every day I think of Pam.  She battled cancer for over a decade.  She was an amazing woman, who is sorely missed.  If I can raise some money so that the cure is found so other women don't have to fight this battle I will do it until the cure is found!  Ok, enough about that.  I am truly passionate about this cause and I wanted to share it.

Last year I trained from March to August and didn't lose ONE pound.  I walked nearly every day, and we did some good walks too!  However, I wasn't having my food mirror my exercise.  I was walking but then I would say, "I worked hard, I had better go and eat...and a milk shake!"  However, this year, I am walking, doing Jillians 30 day Shred and most importantly, I am eating the right amount of calories to actually have a deficit to lose the weight!  A fellow blogger friend of mine is doing The Biggest Loser 30-day Jump Start .  I bought the book and started to do the exercises in that book too.  The first 48 pages is very inspirational and educational, then it breaks down the 30-day plan.  It tells you what to eat, with recipes and all.  Then it tells you what exercises to do.  It breaks it down into Beginners and Challengers.  I am already on a good eating plan so I am going to continue with that, but I am going to follow the exercises in the book that it recommends for me to do.  Also each day has a good page of inspiration.

As I was looking through the book today, my 3 year old, asked if one of the people (clearly a BEFORE picture) was a picture of me making french fries!!!  HUH?!  That is what my daughter thinks of me.  UGH.  I have a ways to go.  Oh, and by the way....I have never made french fries except for sweet potato fries in the oven...

Today I ate really well for breakfast and lunch and plan to do so for dinner.  Feel really good and am going on a 120 minute walk after I do the 30 day shred and my Biggest Loser 30 day Jump Start exercises (Day 1).

Tomorrow night I am leaving for a women's retreat with the hot and awesome ladies at my church.  I am excited, many of the girls are watching their weight as well, so I am hoping we can help each other when the snacks come out!   I'm bringing veggies and hummus. :o)

Thanks again for following and rooting me on!  It is making a huge difference!

Weight: 203.6  YEEHAW

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day 25: Fitness and Frame of Mind

Hello out there!  What a good day.  All over the place!  I had an awesome talk with one of my inner circle best friends (we call eachother bosom friends!) Kathleen.  We keep helping each other through hard times. I am in love with a friendship that had both give and take.  She and I met in Germany and became super close when Gary was in Iraq.  We were fitness and health buddies too!  Our lives have changed and we have changed with them.  I am blessed by her!  We talked about the economy today.  It was very uplifting! I feel renewed about it all!  ;o)  She mentioned to me Dave Ramsey.  He has a show on TV.  He teaches to apply wise decisions in saving and recovering from money woes.  I am excited to learn more about him, and increasing my financial health this year as I increase my fitness and health.

Then after eating two great meals I did my 30 day shred with Jillian and immediately went for a one hour walk, keeping my heart rate up I was able to burn more calories and get into the fat reserve!  Nice!  It felt really good.  Then I came home to make dinner, although, about one time a week work as a short order cook for my family, I still ate really good.  My man is allergic to fish, and I eat it about 2-3 times a week, so those nights I let everyone choose...
I made grilled tilapia on my George Forman Grill and had 1/2 cup of 1% cottage cheese, and 1/2 cup of grape tomatoes.  It was tasty and filling!  Likely I will finish off with my yogurt dessert and a fiber one bar.  I also treated myself to a Diet Pepsi.  :o)

As far as weight goes, I am still at the same weight as yesterday, which makes me happy!  I am hoping to drop a few more pounds by months end.  On my walk with "Pace" today, we talked again about realistic goals and how this time it is so much different that my "diets" before.  I know I mentioned it before, but I feel so good about it, I'm going to mention it again.  I think every time I have dieted in the past 4 years I have put such unrealistic goals on myself.  So I'd step on the scale and not lose the weight. So I'd give up.  I hadn't surrendered to health, like I have this time.  I have to be honest, my awesome blog followers help too!  I know I have to be honest with what I do/don't do and have to blog about my day.  That also encourages me!  I know if all these people are going to read about what I ate, I am going to choose wisely about what I put in my mouth.  More than that though, it is for me.  I set myself on a new track, with large goals, with small goals, and a timeline to get to where I want to be to maintain on that track!  I am 3 and 1/2 weeks into this and it feels good.  It feels right, and the scale is helping too!
So, thanks for following, thanks for passing me on to your friends, and thanks for your constant encouragement!  I love it!

Weight: 204.8 :o)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day 24: Terrible Twos

Man, oh man!  My little man is giving me a run for the money.  My daughter's terrible twos (only a year ago) seemed to be so dramatic I thought I'd never see the other side of it. Dun Dun Dun...enter Gabe.  He makes Hava's twos seem like an angel sneezing.  He is a crazy, crazy, inconsolable little dude.  His "spats" last about 2 hours at a time.  He has only had about 6 major ones, and it is making me a little beyond crazy.  I can't wait until this is done.

Today was a fun day (beside said 2 year old spat).  This morning I was able to take pictures of my dear friend Heather's daughter Effie.  You will be able to see her pictures on my blog in a few days.  We got a chance to chat again.  She is who I had dinner with on Sunday.  It was great to see her again so soon!  Then my fellow blogger, Cheryl, came over for a chat and to try out my "chips" made from roasted kale.  You should read her blog and become a follower if you are not already.  It was great to catch up again and talk about our diets and what we are doing and just plain old catch up.  It was so good for me to have a chance to talk to humans that are not tiny-mini human-child (under 4 feet and can carry on a conversation!)

Today, another good day with food and exercise.
For dinner I made some TASTY burritos.
I used whole wheat tortillas and filled them with pinto and black beans. Spinach, baked and mashed sweet potato, skim mozzarella, taco bell sauce (packets) grilled chicken.  I then put it on the
George Forman Grill
and sprayed some olive oil on the grill and made them crispy.  MMM they were very good!

I did Jillian's 30 day shred with the hubs.  He did pretty good today too, and so did I.  It is difficult for a 20 minute video.

Weight: 204.8!!!  Yes, finally I don't weigh 205.  Hopefully I don't go back up...that'll surely make me mad!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Day 23: Just Another Day

Today was a normal day in the life.  I did hear of a great family friend's uncle who passed away today and to be honest it shook me a little more than I had imagined.  I had only met Bill and his sons one time, but they were welcoming and loving.  I think what hit me so hard is the reality of death, how quick it can happen and how it is the only guarantee in life.  It is strange that I am at the age where the generation above mine is starting to pass on.  It seems to me that I am too young to experience that, that Bill's kids are too young to be without their parent.  It brought me to some of my other friends who have lost their parents.  It is just sad.  I don't want to depress, but it was a hard start to the day, and I can only imagine how hard it is for his family.  As well as all of those affected by Hiati.

On lighter note, life just keeps on going by.  I really have a handle on my eating and I am excited about that.  I did walk about 4.5 miles today in an hour and did my first day of the 30 day shred.  My husband (who I'll be surprised if he reads this) did it today too!  I was happy to see him panting when he was done.  It is hard, and he is in good shape...I still don't pant when I am done, although I am pretty well warn out!  :o)  I am hoping to see the number 204 or lower this week.  After hovering at 205 all week last week.

I was thinking today about summer and how I'll have a new body this summer, I got all excited about what I can wear and how I'll feel comfortable in my clothes!  Summer is still far off, but the warm (34 degrees) weather today made me think of summer.  Fortunately it is still several months off so I have time to get down a few sizes before then!  I just get excited about shopping in the normal sized areas.  I can't wait to go into ANY store and buy clothes!  Oh, yeah!!!

I wonder, what do you do about clothes in the mean time?  I don't want to spend money on new clothes (nor do I have any money) when I am just going to grow out of them in a month.  So does anyone have any ideas?  I was thinking I may put my clothes online to sell in the sizes I grow out of for some other person with skinny on the calendar.  That way I can get some cash for my clothes but also someone else can have some nice transition clothes too.  Any ideas on that?  Ooh, or maybe I'll have a swap party!  That way we don't have to spend any money and can swap out our clothes.  Hmmm...

Well today I ate really well.  Ended the day on a great salad with grilled shrimp. :o)

Weight: 205.6
Here's to hopin for a 204 or lower weight in the next few days!

Day 22:

Another Sunday had come and gone.  It was a restful day.  With sick kids I was unable to go to church, so the kids stayed in PJs, until the game!  What a game it was too!  Go Vikings.

I woke up after my cheat day and only gained ounces!  So that is great.  Just to show one bad meal doesn't break a diet.  A lifetime of poor eating...does.  So I woke up and started new.

I did go out to dinner with one of my amazing friends, Heather, and took the advice of Jillian and Bob and reviewed the menu at home, so I knew what my most healthy options were.  I ordered a great salad, swordfish, and it came with dessert.  Normally I would have devoured the dessert.  I had two bites of the apple strudel and was satisfied!  :o)

I do have to say that I am very tired of the weight 205.  I feel like I have been here for far too long.  So I am looking forward to starting the 30 day shred and hope that I can see the numbers and my body change.  I had intended on starting the shred on Day 22, however Day 23 is going to be my start day.  So for the next 30 days I will do Jillian's 30 day shred.  Along with my 3-4 walks a week.

Breakfast: Yo-Plus Yogurt, toast, grapes
Lunch: Shrimp cocktail, fruit
Dinner: Fruit Salad, Swordfish, Apple Strudel
Snacks: Fiber One bars

Weight: 205.8

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Day 21: Make or break the habit

Well after eating REALLY well for 20 days, today came and has gone down as my first official cheat day. I had two pieces of pizza and about 20 pringles.  My tummy is telling me all about it too!  I was great until Dinner.  My sick lil dude wanted pizza and I felt that after eating so good for so long, that I deserved it.  It is dumb, but I did partake.  It was good, but not as good as I remembered and of course the food never tastes as good as skinny feels.  I will wake up tomorrow a new fresh day and eat right.  In the past I would have given up on my diet after just one cheat, because of one dumb day of poor eating.  That just means I never really wanted to do it in the first place!  So, now I just look at tomorrow as a new day.

I did walk for one hour today.  I feel "sick" with bad stomachache that comes around about 12 times a year (if ya know what I mean).  I woke up at 4am with cramping and felt miserable all day, until about 6:00, when the pizza gut ache kicked in.  Now I am off to bed to get good rest because my two kids are sick and I need to stay healthy!

I did eat too many calories for weight loss but I did eat the right amount to maintain my current weight...let's see what tomorrow's weight brings!

Weight: 205.5
Calories eaten: 2302 (YIKES)
Calories burned on walk: 325

Day 20: Nothing to report

I am not feeling well so am going to keep this one short.

I did go for a walk yesterday and although not feeling well I was able to keep up with "Pace".
I ate really well, nothing special!  I promise to write more when I am feeling better.

Weight: 205

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day 19: Cleaning Day

We are having a heat wave here.  An increase of 40 degrees over the past two weeks allows me to say that 25 degree weather is warm...I guess I have succumbed to being Minnesotan.  I did some pre-spring cleaning, and it felt good.  Especially when considering all the calories I was burning.  I did moderate cleaning, of floors, corners, dusting, window sills...the works for 4 hours today!  Nice!  And my house was cleaner than clean to boot.  I mean my mom would have been impressed, and she is the woman with the cleanest house on earth.  After I cleaned the house, I went to walk and walked for 45 minutes at a moderate pace.  Likely only about 2.5 or 3 miles.

Good day today.  I ate really well, and feel even better.

I have been thinking about how I thought I would've lost more weight by now...likely due to my Biggest Loser watching.  However, I do not have 6-8 hours to work out each day not to mention Jill and Bob working me out, so the possibility of losing 16 pounds in one week is not a reality.  I did realize though that I can only start so much at a time.  So my goal was to implement new programs to get me fit (skinny) in 21 day (or until I am set in my new way) increments until I am at a good weight losing pace.  I decided 19 days ago, that I would eat better and add in some exercise.  Although, in my mind I can do everything at once and keep powering on for days and weeks.  My history has proven otherwise.  So, over the past 19 days I have been more active by walking 3-4 days a week and doing Jillian's Shred 3-4 days a week.  In just two more days I am going to do Jillians 30 day shred for...30 days straight!  So, I will have the food thing down, and the walking (I am a Breast Cancer 3-day walker, this will be my second year, so I train for that as much as I can)  After I complete the 30 day Shred, I will begin, in full force P90X.  I did think when I bought the workout videos, that I could just do it...but I was wrong.  It is a workout video for people that are already in shape, so I'm giving myself the time to prepare my poor body for P90X.  So, although I am not seeing Biggest Loser numbers, I am not let down by my performance.  This is the longest I have stuck to healthy (future looking) weight loss in over 10 years.  So, I am more than proud of myself.  I am my new self already, just working out a few lumps and bumps that will smooth themselves into the Hot new Heidi that year end 2010 is beckoning!  Thanks for sticking with me...I am looking forward to tomorrow!

Breakfast: Toast, Grapefruit, Coffee
Lunch: Garden Salad with Grilled Salmon (mmm)
Snack: Lean Pocket
Dinner: Pork tenderloin medallion, garden salad, steamed broccoli, brown rice
Snack: Air popped pop corn with Mrs. Dash and a glass of white wine.

Weight: 206...still looking forward to the big drop.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day 18: Wait for the weight to fall

Although today was a fun and busy day, and I am only on day 18 of 365, I am the type who likes instant results...I know I can't be alone.  I don't see or feel any smaller, but wish I did.  I know in 2 months, and even 11 months It'll be worth the wait...but today, I wish I could see the difference.

Today I woke up and did Jillian's Shred.  I really felt it too, all day long.  Or it could have been last nights super walk...maybe it was a combo.  Either way, the pain felt good.  I know it is happening.  That is good! Next year today I'll be writing a different blog.  I just need to get through this and try to stay positive.  All of the awesome comments help me keep going and knowing I have to write about it!

Breakfast: toast, coffee, grapefruit
Lunch: Taco Bell...(I ate from the fresco menu) and ended with a York.
Dinner: Sushi YUM

Weight: 205.6 (I think I'll get pretty inspired when the 6 pounds come off and I am in the one hundreds!)

I actually feel like I cheated today.  We will see what the scale says!  Tomorrow I'll eat more salads!  Didn't I say that last night?  Anyway, I am in a small funk.  I will go to bed, and wake up to do my early morning phone workout date with my High School best friend Dana.  We did this last week too.  It was fun to catch up and we both were burning calories, so it was great!  It'll be a good start to the day.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day 17: A good day gone bad day gone good!

Huh?!  The start of today was great, I did my video 30 day Shred by Jillian Michaels, then got all dolled up for late morning martini's with some Hip Chicks.  Yeah, you read that right!  Not really on the diet, but when duty calls!  Being an event planner I sometimes get to do some fun things, today we taste tested a signature martini.  It was good!  Then in creeps the stress of finances, taxes and it caused me to stress out!  So I drank a big ol glass of white wine and then went for an AWESOME walk!  We walked 5 miles in 62 minutes!  I KNOW!!!  Pretty freaking amazing.  It felt so good every turn we took. So it started and ended on a good note, so stress is gone and I am feeling great.  Just about ready to watch The Biggest Loser.
In the middle of that I spent some more time reading (painfully) YOU on a Diet.  It is just horribly written but there is tons of good info.  So I am going to share my new/reminder info that I read.
-Type 2 Diabetes ages you one and a half years for every year.  YIKES
-Belly fat increases your risk for Type 2 Diabetes, and the inflammation in the inner belly fat breaks down your ability to protect you from some cancers!  "In fact, there is a direct correlation between waist size and an increased risk of hormonally sensitive tumors such as breast cancer in women, prostate cancer in men." (pg 118)
-This is a no brainer and something I am looking forward to no longer having: Joint Problems.  Increased weight causes more joint issues that can go into your later life!
So those were some things that made me realize even more that my weight is affecting more than just my self-esteem!

Today I ate 2000 calories  Nothing out of the norm!
Burned: 1272!
Weight: 205.4

I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!  :o)

Day 16: Walk and Salad feel so good

On Day 16 I started the day running (but not literally).  Mondays are always hard because Hava has dance class first thing in the morning, so we have to eat breakfast, get ready and head out the door.  So we did that and then have some fun friends over!  It was a good start to the day.  I made a fabulous salad for us mom's while the kids enjoyed some tasty kid food!  It was good fun to sit and chat and catch up over the past few months.  Then I went for a 4+ mile walk with Sammi after the kids went down for nap and daddy came home.  It was a great walk!  Great pace, and we talked about our soaps.  It was fun to just chat about non-sense.  Then I had another great salad for dinner and out the door for bible study.  It was an all around good day!

I made both lunch and dinner's salad with:
spinach, roma tomato, cauliflower, pepper jack cheese, Mrs. Dash, apple and spray walnut vinegarette.
For lunch I added Grilled Tilapia.  For dinner I added Seafood Medley that had shrimp, calimari, muscles and clams.
I had a popcorn snack for after dinner.  I only at 1090 calories yesterday and burned about 600 on my walk.  I was glad to see the .4 lb weight loss.  every ounce counts!

I am so inspired by all of my friends and family!  It makes this a fun adventure!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Day 15: Lazy Day

Well, as I type this I am making my roasted kale (potato chips as I like to call them).
Yesterday wiped me out, today was better but I didn't eat as healthy as I'd like and then I didn't get around to exercising.  My former self would have quit after today, my new me looks at tomorrow as a new day, and I will get back into the grind!  :o)
I am getting tired of the cold Minnesota weather and am looking forward to running and walking outside again.  :o)  In the meantime, I'll do my videos and walking.

I was talking with Sammi about the order we eat our foods and if that helps with weight loss/digestion etc.  I have found two things, so if you know a magic formula please do share!
If you eat one serving of cashews, almonds or walnuts 30 minutes before a meal your brain's satiety center let's you know you are satisfied so you won't eat as much, on that note, eat fruits and veggies first so you make sure you get them in.  Also eat protein with each meal.  The other thing I have read is to eat your fruits first because they only take 30 mins to digest so they won't be stuck behind the rest of the food and ferment...causing gas.  So if you have a formula that will help that'd be great.

Since the flush I have gained 1.2 pounds which I expected.  At least I am still 3 pounds lighter than pre-flush.  :o)

Breakfast: Grapefruit and ww english muffin
Lunch: Lean Pocket
Snack: Fiber One bar
Dinner: Weight Watchers Pizza
Snack: Roasted Kale

Vitals: 205.8

Day 14: Flushed

Yesterday was a LONG day!  I was flushing my body all day long.  It was brutal and painful, but it feels good today.  Yesterday I took it easy and enjoyed princess movies with my kiddos.  To start off the day I drank a big glass of water, then drank Magnesium Citrate...YUK.  But, it worked.  I continued to drink water and green tea all day.  I was glad when the day ended.  I took a 2 hour nap when my kids napped and fell asleep at about 8:30 or 9:00.  You can tell that my body was working.  I was a bit crabby too.
Today I woke up refreshed and ready to go!  I will do today's post tonight after I eat.
I didn't get to posting yesterday due to my need to be near the bathroom and be there for the kids, the hubs had to work.  Which I was glad about, although it would have been nice to be alone yesterday.  ;o)  I was glad my love didn't see me flushing.  Although he has done it before, it's something you want a little privacy.

Weight: 204.8
Just drank clear liquids and had some fruit and fiber later in the day.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Day 13: Ready for Flushing!

I am so hungry.  The funny thing is I am rarely ever thirsty, I just never get to the point where I am thirsty and I can say I do NOT drink enough water, now today, I am doing a liquid diet, and I am so thirsty!  Huh?!  Doesn't make sense.  I am looking forward to flushing my toxins tonight and tomorrow, only because then I get to back to being a normal human!  Tonight and tomorrow are not going to be my favorite days but I'll have yet another detox behind me, and I will start anew come Sunday.

So, today all I had was apple juice, distilled water, green tea and chicken broth.  You are all jealous...I know,  today I drank like 1500 calories!

After last night's post, I read "Losing My Behind" which is another blog that I have mentioned before written by Cheryl.  I was totally blown away by her kind words, her friendship, her honesty and her companionship during this trek.  I truly am blessed by my friends.  Each friend that I have is a collection in my beautiful bouquet of friends.  On the same day I was blessed with a note of encouragement and love from one of my dearest friends Dawn.  I met Dawn during my tour in Heidelberg GE.  She and I became super close, but she has also been my ultra cheerleader who is always in my corner.  It has been a good week of affirmations and I think I needed it to get through this week.  :o)  So thanks.  My husband has also given me the kudos that I was needing.  There are many more of you out there that are helping me make this work too.  Thanks!

Today, I walked with Sammi, it is such a good outlet.  We have a great time, chatting and before we know it we have walked 5 miles.  Today, however...3 miles may be a stretch.  I was not up to speed.  Maybe it was the lack of food! ;o)

I am so blessed by my friends and family!  Every time I hear someone say I couldn't do it...I think, I can! So I am glad I have made it!  In every era in my life I have collected the most amazing people to be my closest friends.  In my life there has been one or two key people for each era that have made me who I am.  Until today, when I still have all of my friends from the past and all my new Minnesota friends, and I am excited about even more friends to come!
High School: Dana
Sorority: Kimberly
High School/Post College: Britta
Germany Part 1: Tamara
Germany Part 2: Kathleen
Germany Part 3: Dawn
Minnesota: So many to name!  Sally, Heather, Sammi, Randi, Cheryl, Mandy, Kerri, My neighborhood, My church...
Throughout all of that I have my amazing and beautiful mom and my always in my corner and fun-loving dad.
How can I be so blessed?  I haven't even mentioned my mother and father in law, All of my sister in laws, my brothers, my brother in laws.  My amazing husband, my beautiful kids...I have a great collection of people I could trust with the world.  Thank you lovely people for loving me just as I am.  I love each of you so very much!
I hope I haven't missed anyone...I am running on empty.

Well, wish me luck as I drink a nasty cocktail of Grapefruit Juice and Olive Oil...
I had better lose a pound or more from this!!!!

Have a great weekend!

Weight: 207.4 boring...same weight, but surely it will come off!
Cals: 1500 or so

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day 12: Eating Like a Rabbit

Ok, so I am looking forward to the eating of rabbit food to come to an end.  However, I have realized that I don't need to eat so much food to get full.  I don't have any giant words of wisdom to share today.  My brain feels tired.  Today I had a house full of kids all day.  It kept me busy!  Two friends came over too at different times and that made the day go by super fast!

So, I am on to the vitals, because I'm just tired and my head is in the clouds...
No exercise today, well besides being a mom!  :o)  Note: I nearly drank as many cals as I ate.  Tomorrow will likely be all beverage cals!  Tomorrow I'll be getting ready for my flush so I'll be eating less food than today.

Weight: 207.4
Breakfast: Cranberries (whole) those don't taste like I thought... grapes, banana and coffee (198 cals)
Lunch: Roasted Broccoli and Cauliflower, Roasted Kale, Avacado, Carrots, Hummus (596 cals)
Dinner: Roasted Broccoli and Cauliflower, Roasted Kale, Spinach (270 cals)
Apple juice throughout the day (702 cals)
Total Cals: 1765

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day 10 & 11...OOPS! Vision Quest

Hi Followers, Friends and Family!

So sorry I didn't post yesterday!  I was a busy Hip Chick the first part of the day, then had an awesome chat over tea with an amazing woman and friend yesterday.  She has her own blog and after you start reading it...you too will want to be as lucky as me and be her friend.  I have put her link to the right on my blog.  Her blog is called "Losing My Behind", we are going to meet regularly because she is so super fun, smart and just an awesome lady, but also to compare notes and share our weight loss, one-on-one with one another. The rest of the day I was a lazy detoxing health nut the remainder of the day...making me so lathargic I could honestly not function enough to blog.  I am on my "vision quest" again today.  I feel high!  I am eating as much as possible but it is all fruits, veggies and lentils and beans, but it truly makes me feel a bit "out there" so bear with me!  Yesterday I didn't do much on the exercise front, I did do a bit on the stair master, and did my kitchen workout (that is doing push-ups while waiting for my food to prepare, as well as other things like lunges, dips...) but I didn't have much energy so only went for a 30 minute walk.  I ate lots and lots of fruits and veggies but also had a giant yogurt with fruit and oatmeal for lunch while having tea with Cheryl.  It isn't part of the detox, but due to my bad planning, it was, what it was.  I still have until Friday night to detox, so I think my yogurt mishap will be forgiven by my body.
I have also begun reading "YOU on a Diet" by Drs. Oz and Roizen.  It is hard to read because of their ridiculous amount of "cliche" statements that litter the great text.  I have learned a lot, I just have to skip over the cheese factor in the cliches to get to the good stuff in there.  I wanted to share some of that with you today.  Much of it, I already know, but some of it was a really good reminder, so here I go:
Regarding High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) I am paraphrasing from page 47.
HFCS, a sweetener in many processed foods, like soft drinks and salad dressing...turns on your desire to eat because your brain doesn't see it as regular food.  Since your body doesn't see the fructose as regular food your body wants you to keep eating (which means that even low-fat foods can have extremely bad consequences, calorie and appetite wise).  Since HFCS doesn't turn off your desire to eat, eating a low-fat diet can cause you to eat more than whole foods such as fruits and veggies do.  So you constantly get the desire to eat, even after your belly if full of fat-free food, full of calories.
I found this really interesting, and ironically, Cheryl and I were just talking about why we feel hungry after we eat pre-packaged foods!  Now we know.
There is lots of great info in the book too regarding inflammation.  Chances are the toxins we put in our body are causing our intestines to become inflamed.  When that happens our body can't absorb the good stuff and the fat sticks around.  So by eliminating the toxins (pre-packaged food, sugar, fat, deep fried anything) we can help with the inflammation, and watch our waists rid of the waste! Love that!
This next quote from page 83 summed up my life for the past years. "How you feel influences ow you eat, and how you eat influences how you feel. When you eat food that makes you feel bad, you self-medicate with food that make you feel good in the short term, but will actually contribute to both inflammation and weight gain."  So true!

Ok, back to me!  Only a few days left to detox.  I have entered the fruit, veggies and legumes only portion of the diet, thank goodness for those legumes!  Thursday and Friday I will only eat fruits and veggies to prepare for Friday night/Saturday's detox.   So on Monday I cut meats and nuts.  I had a few shrimp Tuesday but I cut all meat.  Wednesday I cut all dairy.  Thursday I will cut the legumes and then only eat fruit and veggies.  So for the un-fun part of the detox.  It begins Friday night for me.  I have also forgot to mention that I drink 4-5 glasses of apple juice each day, this softens any toxins or stones in my system.  You must drink it at room temp.
Friday afternoon, I am going to liquids, so I will use my juicer for my fruits and veggies, it makes the remainder of the detox more pleasant to me.  Right before bed (10pm) I squeeze two grapefruits into juice to make 1/2 cup of juice.  I mix this with cold pressed extra virgin olive oil. YUCK I know!  I recommend using cold EVOO.  So as you will notice the two separate so make sure you bring a spoon or straw.  Now go stand next to your bed.  Mix the two really good and GULP it all down.  Lay down immediately.  Do not get up, so make sure you go to the bathroom and do all you need to do before you drink.  Lay on your right side (the side your gallbladder is (was) on.)  Place two pillows under your right hip.  The pillows slant your body so the oil will leave the stomach faster and go into the duct area and into the gallbladder.  As you rest (sleep) the oil will saturate and clean the body tissues.  It will feel awkward, but this is the most effective way to sleep so the oil can work it's magic by expelling the toxins and stones.  You may change your position after 4 or 5 hours.  You body will likely wake you up to expel the toxins.  They will be floating and may be waxy or look like stones from grey to green.  Some may be the size of a pea and some the size of the end of your thumb.  The apple juice you drank earlier will help soften them so it doesn't hurt.  You may feel very sick and even feel like vomiting.  This is normal.  Some (I will do this) will drink a portion of Epsom Salt mixed with water (please do your research on this, it isn't for everyone, and can make you sick if you don't use the right portions.)   I do this to further assist in getting out the toxins.  You will need to just relax this day, drink water, and read or relax.  Once you feel like eating again by the afternoon.  TAKE IT SLOW work your way back to your regular day over the next 3-4 days.  Start with some juice, maybe apple sauce, then work into soup and then fruits and veggies, after you have worked your way back up, you may resume your regular diet.  I always feel more energetic, and cleaner after my cleanse.  It is about a 2 week process, but I have ridded myself of toxins and that makes my skin feel better too!

Today I did 20 minutes of abs and 60 minute walking plus light to moderate housework burning 988 cals.

Day 10 weight: 210.2
Day 11 weight: 207.8

Breakfast: boiled and drained spinach, red grapes, banana (266 cals)
Snack: Odwall Orignal Superfood drink (179 cals)
Lunch: Red grapes, Baby Carrots, Brocolli (158 cals)
Snack: Lentils, Superfood drink(399 cals)
Dinner: Black beans, cilantro, brocolli (334 cals)
Apple Juice throughout the day (351 cals)
Total Cals: 1627

Monday, January 4, 2010

Day 9: Detox begins

Well, today felt like a Monday all around!  I started off good with a phone date workout with my best friend from high school, Dana.  I did yoga/pilates while she rode the bike.  We chatted it up for about 50 minutes and the exercising was done before I even knew it!  So that was a good start, then the kids woke up and we were off and away doing what stay at home mom (SAHM)'s do to keep the day rolling.  I was on day one of my cleanse diet...it was hard and I was sluggish and hungry ALL day.  I did sneak in a fiber one bar, for several reasons.  However, that is not on the cleanse diet.  However since I am doing it for seven days I think one fiber one bar on day one will be ok.  During the first 2-3 days I can eat seafood or lean protein.  So I did have a few shrimp.  Everything else that I ate was fruits and veggies.

I did get creative with my Kale though.  I set the oven to 375, washed and trimmed my Kale (4 cups), then I took 1 tbsp of EVOO and stirred it up, placed it in the oven on a cookie sheet for 7 minutes, then flipped and cooked it for 7 more minutes, took it out and sprinkled some sea salt on it.  It was like I as eating pretend potato chips!  It was so good, I feel good eating it, and it satisfied that, I want an unhealthy salty snack!  I highly recommend it.

I did not do a good job of keeping my food intake today, but I do know I at Kale, asparagus, shrimp, red grapes, green tea, baked apple, cherries, peaches, and a fiber one bar.

Hopefully I do better tomorrow!  I am sure that I will!

Weight: 209 :o)

Have an awesome day!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day 8: Necessity and sin

Here I am to blog.  Today was surely a restful day.  I am not a good nap-taker.  I can't just power nap, I just get super tired afterward, so it is the full 2 hour nap or nothing.  Today in indulged in the 2 hour nap.  It was awesome!  When I woke up, the hubs had cleaned up the kitchen!  It was great!

This morning's sermon at church was a great fresh start sermon for me to hear.  It was about Psalm 51.  You should take the time to read it and pray through it, if you feel inclined.  It is such a great prayer about sin and forgiveness, but even better, God's restoration of David's heart, and David's desire to have a clean heart.

So, before I took my communion this morning I asked, like David, for God to cleanse me, to change my sinful nature, and make me white as snow again.  While I was listing my iniquities in my prayer I thought about how food has such a hold on me.  When thinking about addictions food is a hard one, because it is a necessity.  Where cigarettes or alcohol, to name a few, are not vital to live, food is. (Don't get me wrong, I am sure those are very hard addictions and am not comparing them at all)  I was then thinking of how tempting it is, all the time.  So when asking God for a clean heart I asked for him to take the food desire away, and for me to look at it as a necessity rather than an indulgence.   As I continued to think about this through the morning I began to think of binge or sneaky eating, as a sin.  In the past I thought that I was the only one suffering (well, and my husband and kids, indirectly) but truly God gave me this body as a temple.  So when I eat food that isn't for my body's nourishment, I am not doing my body good.  I understand giving myself a treat now and then isn't a sin and I will not look at it that way.  I did use food in an unhealthy way and viewed it as such too.  I would over eat because I could.  I would also sneak food when no one was looking.  The two people who did see were me and God, so I guess I didn't hide anything.  I am excited to view my body as the temple it is created to be, and to nourish and treat it well.  I feed my kids, cat and even plants better than I do myself.  I would never consider putting unhealthy food in my cat's bowl or a flower pot, however, I consider doing that to me.  My kids eat great, veggies, fruit, well rounded.  So now all four of us are all eating healthy together.  Everyone benefits.   I also tended to think, I am fat anyway, so what is another piece of junk food.

Not anymore!

So, today I went to the grocery store for the first time to shop for the week with my new found lifestyle.  It was much harder than regular grocery shopping...I keep going back and forth, reading the labels and seeing what was in the foods on the inside of the grocery store.  I tend to shop only around the edge except for a few things on the inside.  However, today was football day and I knew tempting food would be in the house, so I went down the frozen food aisle and got some tasty lean frozen items, which I figure would be good to have on hand on those busy days where cooking a chicken breast, fish or preparing a salad for lunch isn't feasible.  I also took a closer look at other items like bread and tortillas.  So a few extra minutes, and it was all good.  I also had to shop this week for my cleanse (detox) that I start tomorrow.

I am on my out the door to go for a walk for 4 miles coming out to a 300 cal burn.
Tomorrow along with my detox I am starting to add in an exercise video with 3-4 one hour walks a week.  :o)

Weight: 210 (hmm) well not super happy that I have gone up and down this week but my net loss is 2 lbs so I will take that! *
Breakfast: Whole wheat toast with Brummel and Brown spread and coffee (185 cals)
Morning Snack: Baked Apple with whipped cream (80 cals)
Lunch: Portabella Mushroom burger on whole wheat english muffin with pico de gallo and fat free cottage cheese (450 cals)
Dinner: Lean Cuisine Margherita Pizza, asparagus, baked chicken breast (437 cals)
Evening Snack: Fiber One bar, green tea (142 cals)
Total Cals: 1294

* My weight loss, I have heard several people recommend that weighing in once a week at the same time is the best idea because you can fluctuate during the week.  I however, have to do it daily.  It holds me accountable.  It helps me to look back on the days with a loss and see what was done differently.  Also, knowing myself, if I don't weigh myself daily, I can see myself cheating a bit more.  So a daily weigh in is my choice.

One more note!  I am so excited that so many of you have decided to join in my quest for healthy living! Taisa, that is awesome, we both start at the same weight.  I know we can do this.  To the rest of you who put your comments up, thanks so much!  YOU are helping me through this!  I am grateful to all of you, thank you!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Day 7: Not in the mood to blog

Hi out there!

Well, it is Saturday, just got home from a good one hour walk and talk!  :o)
I am just now at 9:06pm sitting down to blog when I usually do it throughout the day.
So I am going to make it short and just share the vitals.

Calories in 1700 (or there about)
Exercise burned 300+ cals

Weight 208.  Glad about that.

See you tomorrow!  Off to watch a movie (that I don't want to watch, but lovingly will, cuz I try to be a good wife) with my husband.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Day 6: Fresh New Year

Last night was fun, but I know I drank too many calories...the Pinot Grigio was flowing like water...not the best, I also made a few bad choices and ate 4 mini tacos which is one serving...they were tasty, but not worth it.  It was a good first attempt at temptation, tomorrow I will be tested again at the in-laws but my great mom-in-law is going to bake me a chicken breast, as to not be so tempted.  Thanks Dianne!  

I am going to start the new year off with a cleanse.  Due to Gallbladder Disease several years back, my Gallbladder was removed.  It is a vital organ despite what you have heard.  The Gallbladder for those of you who don't know much about it is a small pouch that sits just under the liver. "The gallbladder stores bile produced by the liver. After meals, the gallbladder is empty and flat, like a deflated balloon. Before a meal, the gallbladder may be full of bile and about the size of a small pear.  In response to signals, the gallbladder squeezes stored bile into the small intestine through a series of tubes called ducts.  Bile helps digest fat." (webmd.com)  Since I am lacking this organ, I assist it several times a year by doing cleanses.  There are varying opinions about cleanses from they are necessary to the opposite.  I feel it is important for me.  My husband usually joins me in the adventure starting either a day before or after I do, so the final day we are not fighting for the restroom.  (Draw your own conclusion)

I have read quite a bit about them, and feel it is a personal medical choice, I don't recommend it unless you speak with your doctor first.  There are different cleanses you can do.  Some you buy at a store, and others you do with just eating foods, and avoiding others.  I will start my next cleanse on Monday. If you care to join me in the 6 or 7 day cleanse, please make sure you do your research over the next few days so you are ready.   I have recently read that you should never do a cleanse longer than 4 days.  However, since I have done them in the past and spoken with my doctor about them, I am going to do the 7 day cleanse.  I will report my eating like usual at the end of each day.  I have also had 5 lb weight loss during those weeks of cleansing which is another reason I like to do them.  ;o)

I have been reading a bit about fruits and veggies and why they are important in your health, not that you should just eat them, but what they actually do for your body.  Here are a few that I thought were helpful for my weight loss.

Lemons (with pulp) break down fat toxins, so add to your green tea
Cranberries: heal the liver, helps with cellulite, drink a glass of pure cran.  Try it warmed up too!
Leafy greens: spinach, kale, swiss chard, flushes excess water weight, burns fat and helps with fatigue
Red grapes: 1 cup/day, can increase fat burn

For exercise today, I with my fellow walking friend, went for a 4 mile walk in 60 minutes.  It was good, but I felt super sluggish, and light headed.  I didn't seem to eat much today before the walk, and likely still recovering from my wine intake.  I do feel back to normal now.  Burned 309 cals walking.

Weight: 209.9 (not a shocker after last night...)  This is a minor set back, and I know for those who weigh in weekly, this is normal.

Breakfast: Whole wheat toast, clementine and coffee (233 cals)
Lunch: 3/4 cup of cooked veggies (35 cals)
Snack 1: Fiber One bar, green tea, and Crystal Light (147 cals)
Snack 2: Carnation Instant Breakfast 1/4 c peanuts (400 cals)
Dinner: Grilled Salmon with Lemon and Mrs. Dash, 1 cup of lentils, asparagus (635 cals)
Snack: milk with ovaltine and green tea (114 cals)

Total cals 1564

Happy New Year!