Weight Lost!!!

13 pounds down

Friday, March 19, 2010

Day 82: Eating out, getting full and staying happy!

As I was talking to my bosom buddy Kathleen today a great topic came up so I thought I'd blog about it today!

I went to lunch for my super fun friend, Heather's birthday today.  We went to Red Lobster (Fried Food ALERT!)
So I asked what I could get that was low in fat and NOT DEEP FRIED!  Our awesome waiter gave me great suggestions, and I ordered well, shrimp and scallops (boiled) with scampi sauce on the side.  I got steamed broccoli and asparagus as my side.  I stayed away from the cheddar bay biscuits as well as the dessert.  I drank water.  It felt good to eat out and be healthy!  I dipped about 1/2 a teaspoon worth of scampi sauce, so I got little flavor and not much calories.

As I was chatting with Kathleen I talked about how I drink a giant glass of water with metamucil powder in it before I leave for lunch.  That way I am not so hungry that I make poor choices.  Kathleen mentioned (sorry girl!) that fiber can make her a bit gassy.  I then mentioned how GREAT the Houston Enzymes Tri-Enza works.  I nearly never toot, fart, or cut the cheese when I take 2 enzyme pills prior to eating.  So, I take my enzymes, then before my biggest meal, I take the Metamucil, then I eat.  That way I feel full even if my meal is a great salad!  Also, fiber helps clean me out, which promotes weight loss.  The enzymes aid in digestion, decreasing inflammation and help with bloating!

Try it!
Have a great Friday!

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Cheryl S. said...

Was just tweeting of my love for fiber cuz of the weight loss beny! Nice work on the meal out!