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Monday, March 15, 2010

Day 79: Sunshine and being noticed

The sunshine came out and my awesome neighbors did too!  It was fun, as I drove up from a meeting 7 of the neighbors and their kids were out hanging out drinking lemonade and cookies and playing!  I love Minnesota in the summer.  Sally said something today that rang so true.  Californians just don't appreciate a 55 degree day like we do.  It is true.  We do have to endure the ugly winter, but we do love our summers.  I am so glad it has been so beautiful!  Today we celebrated Hava's best friend Sadie's 5th birthday, we played, danced and ate and then we went outside and the kids ran around climbed and jumped out of the tree.  Tonight I went for a nice long walk.  Well, it was 45 minutes but lately that is a long walk.  The fresh air, the good conversation, the exercise...FEELS GOOD!
While I was socializing with my neighbor girls tonight, they all mentioned that they could tell I had lost weight!  THAT IS FUN!  I love that!  That make me want to work even harder.  So, the warm weather will only encourage more weight loss right!  YEAH.
Have a great week.  I have fun topics this week to share.
As stated in an earlier post I am going to continue to weigh myself daily, but I am only going to report weight loss on Mondays.  So here it is:
Weight: 196

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