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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Day 73: Perspective

Last night I went with my small group ladies to Feed My Starving Children.  It was fun, I got to hang out with my girls, meet some new people and the time flew.  What I walked away with though was that for only 17 cents a child can be fed.  Donations are needed.  So you can make a donation in any amount by going to their website.  You can even just donate 17 cents and feed a child, or you can make a larger donation.  It really put my weight loss into perspective!  Here I am trying to decide not to eat certain foods and to eat healthy foods and there are babies and children (and their parents) who may not even eat today, tomorrow or the next day.  Is that just sad.  I know I have known that there are starving children out there.  I know as a child if I didn't eat all of my food my mom would tell me that there were starving children.  I get it now.  I have seen the pictures, but it took the packing of the food for me to realize just how important and easy it is to feed our starving children.  I spend just under 2 hours with my girls, enjoying good conversation, with a healthy competition to do better than the guys, and in that time the group we were with fed 73 children for a year!  Isn't that awesome?!
So I really think I need put my eating issues into perspective.  I also think I will be going back to Feed My Starving Children again soon. I was wondering how many of you Destination: Skinny folks in the Twin Cities would like to go for a couple of hours and pack food for starving children.  Just post a comment and let me know if you are interested and I will get a group organized to go.  Maybe we can do this monthly or every other month, just to get together and do good for the world.  Let me know if you are interested!
So, today as I make my food choices, I will keep in mind that I am blessed!  I have never known hunger.  I just want all the kids in the world to be able to say the same thing!
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Cheryl S. said...

I'm in! Great post. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!

Mommy P said...

I would definitely be interested. FMSC is a great cause.


Missy said...

Good for you doing Feed My Starving Children. My roommate's small group just did that last night. It's a great organization!!

Heidi said...

Great, once I get 10 people interested we can sign up!
How fun! Missy, I wonder if your roomie is in my small group!?!

I'll keep you posted.

thanks ladies.

The Millers said...

Great work Heidi! I was thinking of you and your blog followers today as I listened to a podcast by Beth Moore on Life Today...it was titled "The True You- Physical Health" from before the holidays. It was so good and put eating/weight loss/exercise in perspective for me. Not to mention I love Beth Moore. Thought I would share. Good good good stuff!!!

Heidi said...

Sarah, I love Beth Moore too! I'll have to look up that podcast! I have many of her books, she is just good at what she does! Thanks for your support girl!