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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Day 77: Working out commences...

Well, after a full week of feeling "back to normal" I am looking forward to having my workout life back in the picture.  I am going to have to figure out a new schedule because I am working nearly every evening right now beside Monday which is small group.  I was doing my workout during the kids nap time in the afternoon, but that is when I have time to get ready for work.
I have this goal of waking up at 6:00 before the kids get up and doing my workout then, and then instead of sitting on the couch during the day watching the kids play (which mono encouraged) I am going to do my housework and hop on the gazelle here and there to keep burning those calories.

I have been having a hard time lately with temptations again!  I was doing really good for awhile and over the past few weeks, I got my "entitled" feeling back.  Saying to myself, that I am entitled to have a piece of candy, or other junk food.  The problem with that mentality is I feel entitled all the time!  This is how I got to be this size in the first place.  So, yesterday as I was contemplating french fries and a chocolate shake...which I did resist, I talked to myself about how I eat it so fast, and although those 6 minutes the food tastes so good, it never tastes as good as skinny feels!  So I just need to keep reminding myself that no matter how good something sounds, my body doesn't need it, in fact my body doesn't want it.  Then there is the caloric intake and how hard I'd have to work just to get that off, not to mention the rest of the weight I am wanting to get rid of!  So, I am laying it all out for you!

So, today, as the house is clean, we have NO PLANS but to be together as a family, I have time to spend on being a healthy mom, and I am looking forward to working out today!  I am pretty sure Gary is going to work out with me today too.  P90X here we come!  I have exactly 4.5 weeks until I go to Mexico, so I am going to kick it into high gear, Biggest Loser style!  :o)

Have a great weekend!
Weight 197.2
p.s. I am going to continue to weigh my self daily but I am going to report my weight on Mondays!  So you can tune in on Mondays to find out my weight loss for the week!  :o)

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