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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Day 68: On the right path again

Hi!  I didn't get as much sleep as I would have liked but today is definitely a fresh new start.  I saw that "1" in the scale again.  I am vowing not to allow myself to see my weight in the 200s again.  So although I am not 100% healthy, I am still going to focus heavily on weight loss!  Today I woke up ready for it too!  I ate great, and feel good too!  I am actually going to be adventurous and run errands with the little today too.  They need hair cuts, then I need to renew my driver's license as well as my passport, so off I go to do all of that.  Then I'll come home and rest up, because I work tonight.  So we will see how I do.  Tomorrow is a more relaxing day, so I will be able to recover more tomorrow.

Gary and I keep telling ourselves we are going to start P90X but it still lays up there, untouched for weeks. I know I can't do too much while I am recovering but I get so excited about the skinny me.  Part of me (the doubter) thinks I'll stay this size forever.  The other part of me (the optimist) can't wait to see the me unveiled!  I can't wait to see people I haven't seen in a while and be proud of myself!  It is very exciting!

Well, off to run some errands, so I can be home in time to eat a healthy lunch!

Weight 199


Heidi said...

One more thing...sorry for the constant change to my blog, I just keep finding new looks that like. this one is a keeper!

andreaberg said...

Congratulations. I got under 200 a few months ago and fear that I am up at it again. I haven't been to WW in 3 weeks and am terrified to go on monday. Congratuatulations for getting under the 2!!

Missy said...

You'll get there! So excited for you to reach your goal!!

Heidi said...

andreaberg and Missy, thank you! I am excited too!