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Monday, March 8, 2010

Day 72: Health & Beauty

I was just reading around and found some fun health and beauty tips.  I love reading First magazine, it is super inexpensive, and I always find good info in there.  Here are some things I liked.

Puffy eyes and dark circles:
Mix 1/2 tsp of almond oil and 1tbsp of yogurt in a small resealable jar. At bedtime dab around your eye.  keep it in the fridge, it can keep for one week.  Almond oil is anti-inflammatory and will reduce puffy eyes, while yogurt's lactic acid helps to speed cell renewal to brighten the eye area.  This information is found by Naine Kicogosian, author of Return to beauty: Old world recipes for great radiant skin. 

Belly Fat:
Using Chlorophyll can help reduce belly fat.  You can find it in health food stores, a liquid form is best absorbed and can be found for under $15.  It has magnesium to help with blood sugar.  It acts as a mild laxative and rejuvenates the liver

Carb Addict:
Drink 2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar mixed into warm water daily.  The acid in the vinegar breaks down starch slowly to regulate your blood sugar.

Sweet tooth:
You could have an overload of candida yeast. To fix this, consume two cloves of raw garlic a day.  You can grate it and put it in plain yogurt for a spread, or add them to your salad or dressing grate garlic into your home-made oil and vinegar dressing.   Garlic contains allicin, a natural yeast killer.  Eating too many processed foods can cause yeast as well.

Girls night out:
Getting out with your friends on a regular basis, every other week or once a month even can help to boost your self esteem as well as cure the blues.  It helps to lower cortisol, a stress hormone that makes us depressed and adds to belly fat.  So get out your calendar and lower your cortisol!  Make sure to add in some laughs and burn some cals while you are at it, while increasing your seratonin!

Of course don't use any of these ideas without seeking your physician first.


Missy said...

Oh so many of those would be helpful!!

Liz said...

I've done the apple cider vinegar - mix it with lemon juice and a packet of splenda. Then it won't be so bad!