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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Day 75: "Drop XX pounds, without dieting"

How many of these magazines have you picked up at the grocery store?  I bought two last week.  One had the this headline on the front, " Lose 100 lbs without dieting" Subtitle, "Most dieters make too many changes. Adopt just 3 new habits for faster, easier weight loss: 20 to choose from"
The other magazine says,  "Sick of being fat? Drop up to 40 lbs a month, with 4 simple, supercharged metabolism tricks!"

Ok, sure I'd love to get both of those...so I read them, the info was SHOCKING!  It said we need to eat lots of veggies, protein at every meal, eat breakfast...super helpful huh!?!  So why on earth would I buy this!?  But I do.  I do like to read of the women who lose 60 pounds.  So, if nothing else, I get inspired by these stories.

I am interested to see if you pick these mags up and if so, have you got any fun facts that are not public knowledge?

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