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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Day 80: Energy...WOW

Last year during the winter, I did a class at the gym (back when I had a membership) called the Biggest Loser.  It was a great class, but I didn't lose weight (of course) because I hadn't surrendered to the weight loss idea.  I remember reading about if you are lacking energy what you can do, so today, I decided to dust off the juicer.  Last year I juiced my veggies for like 2 weeks, and I had loads of energy, so today I did the same thing, I am kind of bouncing off the walls.  Which is great because I have 3 kids today!  :)  I am trying to keep up with them.  I usually try to have a second cup of coffee about now, but today I don't need it!  I have lots of energy.  I wonder how many more calories I'll burn today!

If you have been following for a while now, you would know that I am walking the Breast Cancer 3-day in August.  I officially start training today.  I am looking forward to it!  It is in 24 weeks.  I have $2000 to raise and working on that, but the best part is the training and the actual event.  Not to mention, that the money I raise is making a difference!

I am still looking for team mates so, let me know if you are wanting to walk!  You do need to raise $2300 and train.  I'd love to walk with some people I know, so let me know!


Cheryl S. said...

I am going to try that! Been thinking about healthy smoothies with veggies. What did you put in yours?

Heidi said...

Cilantro, broccoli, baby spinach, sprouts, grapefruit, kale, arrugala, I think that was it. I was going to put carrots in, but they were not looking too healthy...