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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Day 71: Family Time

 It was a great fun family weekend too.  Friday night Gary took Hava to the Daddy Daughter Cinderella Princess Ball.  It had been the topic of conversation for Havs for 7 days straight, and I really mean it.  It was very sweet how excited she was.  When she woke up from her nap on Friday, I whispered in her ear, "It's Friday" and she looked at me with her eyes WIDE open and said, can we get ready for my ball?!  I said yes, so I gave her the hair brush, and she brushed her hair, then we put a purple clip in it.  She then asked for the make up.  I gave her some shimmery blush and brush and she managed to put it on all by herself.  It was sweet, we picked her tights put on her princess dress and her princess shoes.  I made a flower, pearls and beaded head halo that had ribbons and pearls hanging down in back, we pinned it in and off she went.  It was so sweet!  Gabe put on his cool guy sweatshirt and out of his mouth came, "I'm bringing you on a date mom.  We are going to mall to ride some rides" all that said with his adorable lisp.  We went to the MOA and rode rides.  We also saw that Danny Gokey was there and the line to see him was about 300 women deep.  So we went back to ride more rides, as we were leaving we saw that there was no line, so we went and met him.  It was pretty cool!  He even said "Hi little buddy" to my little date!  It was fun.  Then yesterday we went for a big walk around Roseville, then we went to Papa's 65th Birthday party.  It was a super fun time!  Today was church and then we went to McD's and let the kids play their energies away, now they are sleeping.  I ate a really tasty Southwestern Chicken Salad (hold the tortilla strips).  I think it was the first time I went to McD's and ate a salad.  I ate a salad, but not because I am on a diet, but because I have changed my life!


Ann said...

That's awesome about the salad - and I'm glad to hear your girl had such a wonderful time at the ball!! :) Overall, a good weekend?!

Heidi said...

Thanks Ann! Yes, she had a great time, and is enjoying talking all about it.