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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Day 66: I'll do better tomorrow

Well, I am not sure if it is the mono or just my "old ways" coming back into play.  I remember just a mere 66 days ago, my dieting strategy was, I'll eat this junk today and start my diet tomorrow.  Great strategy, except tomorrow never came, and the junk kept going down the hatch.  So the weight loss never happened.  I also partook in the ever so popular sneaky eating.  This harms only me.  So who am I sneaking from?  Anyway, I have to say that being sick, and lacking hunger and then feeling good and eating, then feeling drained again, has put me back in the mindset of my "diet tomorrow" mentality.  It is no good!  I have heard many stories of people who lost all this weight with mono...not me!  I am staying the same, in fact I have gained 2 pounds since being sick.  What is up with that?  I am sure it is the sneaky treats that I have eaten when I am feeling better.  I also haven't done the grocery shopping lately and since my hottie husband isn't dieting he doesn't really know how to shop for me.  I went back to work this week, and that means less family time, and family meals and more time eating on the run, or in between meetings.  So I need to get back on track.  I need to eat healthy even when I am not hungry, and especially when I am hungry.  I also have not been taking my enzymes which I do swear have been helping with digestion and the food back out of my system, as well helping to rid my body of the junk.   I have to say too, that when I was drinking the Vemma too I was feeling more myself.  I had more clarity and energy.  I need to get back to taking them both for my health as well as weight loss!  So hopefully tomorrow my post will be a good turn, in both health and weight loss.  I also see the sunshine outside, the snow melting and I get so super excited about training for the 3 day outside!  I look forward to having my energy back, so I can get back to walking!  I am fundraising, for the 3 day and need just about $2000.  So if you'd like to donate you can do so by clicking here.  Also, ask your work if they match donations.  Many companies do!  Last year, I had one donation of $1000!  His work matched it, and I got $2000 from one donation!
I am motivated just by getting this off my chest!  Thanks everyone just for being there.

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