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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Day 67: Pep Talk, Coupons and Kids (Oh My!)

Ok, I was just looking over my blog...and sadly 20 days ago, I weighed the same as I do today.  Granted I have been sick.  But that really SUCKS!  So, I got all down on myself, (normal, I am sure) and thought I just need to buckle down.  I haven't really been eating that much, and what I do eat, has been not that high in calories (with a few exceptions) so I just don't get it.  But, if you don't eat enough calories and have been just resting like I have been, then it will be harder to lose the weight.  So, I just decided to stop looking back and remember that I still have 298 days left until my goal date.  20 days lost and sick, is fine.  I am still on my new life plan so that is ok.  I am better today, with the mono.  I am better with the mindset too!  So on to new days and new numbers!

Let's talk coupons.  I have NEVER cut and used coupons.  I was just like, whats 55 cents here and there.  Well, I used coupons yesterday.  I have cut them, and never used them.  However, times are tough in our country, and in our house too, so I was just going to do it!  So I did.  Guess what.  I shopped more smart, used coupons and made my shopping list from the coupons so we will get a bit more variety as well!  I got $100+ worth of food, and I only paid $80+ dollars.  I saved $20.18 on my groceries in ONE shopping trip.  That is just NUTS.  Some of the savings were sales at the grocery store, the rest was from coupons.  Seriously, that is just awesome.  Do you know if I saved that amount of money each time I shopped how much money I'd save in a year?  $1040!  That is a vacation.  That is NUTS.  I loved it.  If you really think about it, groceries end up in the toilet anyway (via the intestines and their friends) so why would I want to spend an extra 55 cents on just "poop".  I know that is gross, but hey, that is the truth.  So, our poop will cost us $1040 less next year!  :o)  I do need to figure out how to organize my coupons, because it was a little bit bananas going through the grocery store and trying to find the items to make sure that I am getting the right product.

Speaking of poop...Just kidding!  My kids who are 2 and 3 are just awesome.  I love them.  They are the best of friends and that makes my life easier.  They love to play, they love to talk (A LOT) and they are so smart and adorable.  I did mention they are my kids, so all that goes along with it.  I am sure you'd say the same about yours too.  So, last night, my little man couldn't sleep so he came down to watch TV with me.  We watched Idol.  After each singer he would clap and then sing into his microphone (spoon) it was sweet and fun to watch.  I didn't clap with him one of the times after a singer was done and Gabe looks me dead in the eyes and says "Cwap Mom, theeth guyth are gweat"  (Clap Mom, these guys are great)  I was like, dude you are so smart!  What a sweet little man.  On to Hava, she is going on a date with her dad this weekend to a "Cinderella Daddy Daughter Princess Ball".  The girl just can not talk enough about it.  She picked the shoes she is going to wear yesterday, as well as her dress from her dress up box.  Then she asked if I could do her hair on Friday and asked if she could wear makeup.  How sweet!  I wish I could go and watch.  However I have a hot date with my little man.  We are going on a date too.  I couldn't be more blessed with my kids!

I am ready to start losing weight again!
Weight: 200


Ann said...

That's awesome you are approaching your weight-loss with such a positive attitude! Keep up the awesome work!! :)

Heidi said...

Thanks Ann!

In My Head said...

Hey Heidi! Coupons are awesome! I've been clipping them for years. Organizing is the biggest challenge I find. I've changed my strategy here a few times. For me, what I find that works best is to arrange by area's of the store. So I have an envelope for frozen, fridge section (cheese, milk, yogurt, meat) personal (toothpaste, asprin, shampoo) etc. If I find a category is getting too big, I make a new envelope to s the category, so I'm not thumbing through tons of coupons to find what I need. (I'm still a work in progress) Oh and the other is getting rid of the expired ones, so they're not in the way.