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Friday, January 1, 2010

Day 6: Fresh New Year

Last night was fun, but I know I drank too many calories...the Pinot Grigio was flowing like water...not the best, I also made a few bad choices and ate 4 mini tacos which is one serving...they were tasty, but not worth it.  It was a good first attempt at temptation, tomorrow I will be tested again at the in-laws but my great mom-in-law is going to bake me a chicken breast, as to not be so tempted.  Thanks Dianne!  

I am going to start the new year off with a cleanse.  Due to Gallbladder Disease several years back, my Gallbladder was removed.  It is a vital organ despite what you have heard.  The Gallbladder for those of you who don't know much about it is a small pouch that sits just under the liver. "The gallbladder stores bile produced by the liver. After meals, the gallbladder is empty and flat, like a deflated balloon. Before a meal, the gallbladder may be full of bile and about the size of a small pear.  In response to signals, the gallbladder squeezes stored bile into the small intestine through a series of tubes called ducts.  Bile helps digest fat." (webmd.com)  Since I am lacking this organ, I assist it several times a year by doing cleanses.  There are varying opinions about cleanses from they are necessary to the opposite.  I feel it is important for me.  My husband usually joins me in the adventure starting either a day before or after I do, so the final day we are not fighting for the restroom.  (Draw your own conclusion)

I have read quite a bit about them, and feel it is a personal medical choice, I don't recommend it unless you speak with your doctor first.  There are different cleanses you can do.  Some you buy at a store, and others you do with just eating foods, and avoiding others.  I will start my next cleanse on Monday. If you care to join me in the 6 or 7 day cleanse, please make sure you do your research over the next few days so you are ready.   I have recently read that you should never do a cleanse longer than 4 days.  However, since I have done them in the past and spoken with my doctor about them, I am going to do the 7 day cleanse.  I will report my eating like usual at the end of each day.  I have also had 5 lb weight loss during those weeks of cleansing which is another reason I like to do them.  ;o)

I have been reading a bit about fruits and veggies and why they are important in your health, not that you should just eat them, but what they actually do for your body.  Here are a few that I thought were helpful for my weight loss.

Lemons (with pulp) break down fat toxins, so add to your green tea
Cranberries: heal the liver, helps with cellulite, drink a glass of pure cran.  Try it warmed up too!
Leafy greens: spinach, kale, swiss chard, flushes excess water weight, burns fat and helps with fatigue
Red grapes: 1 cup/day, can increase fat burn

For exercise today, I with my fellow walking friend, went for a 4 mile walk in 60 minutes.  It was good, but I felt super sluggish, and light headed.  I didn't seem to eat much today before the walk, and likely still recovering from my wine intake.  I do feel back to normal now.  Burned 309 cals walking.

Weight: 209.9 (not a shocker after last night...)  This is a minor set back, and I know for those who weigh in weekly, this is normal.

Breakfast: Whole wheat toast, clementine and coffee (233 cals)
Lunch: 3/4 cup of cooked veggies (35 cals)
Snack 1: Fiber One bar, green tea, and Crystal Light (147 cals)
Snack 2: Carnation Instant Breakfast 1/4 c peanuts (400 cals)
Dinner: Grilled Salmon with Lemon and Mrs. Dash, 1 cup of lentils, asparagus (635 cals)
Snack: milk with ovaltine and green tea (114 cals)

Total cals 1564

Happy New Year!


taisafoster said...

I have been reading your blogs and I started along with you today. I already took dairy, caffeine and artificial sweeteners out of my diet and increased my water intake. Now I am taking out muffins and sweets which are the most difficult for me to avoid. We had ground chix tacos tonight. Yummy! Shawn is very supportive and encouraging. He bought me a Wii fit and sport package.
Almost every morning we have cooked oats, a little soy milk mixed in with dried cranberries. If I can just stick to this and exercise at least a little everyday, I know the pounds will start to fall off. My biggest battle is my Bi-polar illness. The depression and mood swings make food addictive to soothe anxiety and exercise or even getting up and moving is really hard. I have improved so much over the last 5 years through the grace of God. I can see having a healthy and happy life.
Along with improving my health outside, I have committed to reading my Bible everyday, increasing my prayer life and leaning on God for strength and guidance this year.
Thanks for inviting me to join with you.
Starting weight: 212
Goal weight: 1 pound week for a year.

Cheryl S. said...

Hey Heidi, I'm glad you brought this up. I, too, am gall bladder-less and was just thinking the other day about doing a detox regime too. Hope you are well and have recovered from the other night! love ya..