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Friday, January 29, 2010

Day 33: Event Day

We Hip Chicks had a FABULOUS event hosted by Z.Bigatti at La Vie Photo Studio, Sponsored by Nordstrom, Salon Lili, and Paperhouse Designs.  It was such a beautiful event too!  Not to mention every woman (and a few dudes) walked out of there more beautiful than they did when they came in.  All of the guests were gorgeous anyway, so Minneapolis had some HOTTIEs walking around.  The event highlighted the amazing Z.Bigatti products, which I totally recommend especially in this bitter cold skin damaging weather.  Women got their hair did by Salon Lili, they got facials with Z.Bigatti product done by their techs. Then got their make-up done by Nordstrom make-up experts, and got mini-manicures by Salon Lili.  To top it off, they drank some tasty martini's, munchies and wine.  Live music which was AWESOME was done by Dan Rinstrom and his dad.  They were amazing and totally worth having at any shindig, large or small!   Nordstrom, Salon Lili, Lifetime, Z.Bigatti, prizes were given out.  Also massages, manicures, haircuts!  Everyone walked out a winner!!!  It certainly was fun.  I have to say with the way the ladies looked leaving the event, I am sure there was a small surge in the Metro's economy last night.  When I feel that good, I go out! And I did!  It was a fun Hip Chick night!

Diet wise:  I ate TERRIBLE yesterday, not in the food I ate, but I have this problem of not eating when I am really busy, So I literally ate only about 500 calories, then I had two glasses of white wine and extremely good dirty martini's with The Hip Chicks after the shindig.  I didn't feel so hot when I woke up either.  I think I burned a crazy amount of calories, getting ready, setting up and hostessing the event. So it all worked out in the wash.

Weight: 203.5

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