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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Day 31: Gotta have faith, faith, a faitha!

Ok, well it was another bad day.  Didn't eat too bad, nothing tasty and cheaty, just not like I was doing last week.  Workout, well, unless dealing with a 2 year old, with a bad case of the terrible two's counts for exercise, I didn't do any.  I had really good intentions, and with the stress of the little bugger, I probably added some stress weight.  Something has to give.  I know I am not done, I have 334 days until I am done.  So a couple of bad days here and there will not derail me!  I promise.  Thanks for the encouragement.  Tomorrow is a new day.  If you feel like it, pray for my little dude, that he eases up on me, and that I get this profound wisdom to be a "pre-school whisperer" and I can talk him out of his craziness!

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Cheryl S. said...

Something WILL give. You are run down and tired, so since this whole journey is about getting healthy, take a little time to be kind to yourself. Workin' it is as much about listening to our bodies as it is about kicking our own butt.

love ya, you will do this, I know it!