Weight Lost!!!

13 pounds down

Monday, January 18, 2010

Day 22:

Another Sunday had come and gone.  It was a restful day.  With sick kids I was unable to go to church, so the kids stayed in PJs, until the game!  What a game it was too!  Go Vikings.

I woke up after my cheat day and only gained ounces!  So that is great.  Just to show one bad meal doesn't break a diet.  A lifetime of poor eating...does.  So I woke up and started new.

I did go out to dinner with one of my amazing friends, Heather, and took the advice of Jillian and Bob and reviewed the menu at home, so I knew what my most healthy options were.  I ordered a great salad, swordfish, and it came with dessert.  Normally I would have devoured the dessert.  I had two bites of the apple strudel and was satisfied!  :o)

I do have to say that I am very tired of the weight 205.  I feel like I have been here for far too long.  So I am looking forward to starting the 30 day shred and hope that I can see the numbers and my body change.  I had intended on starting the shred on Day 22, however Day 23 is going to be my start day.  So for the next 30 days I will do Jillian's 30 day shred.  Along with my 3-4 walks a week.

Breakfast: Yo-Plus Yogurt, toast, grapes
Lunch: Shrimp cocktail, fruit
Dinner: Fruit Salad, Swordfish, Apple Strudel
Snacks: Fiber One bars

Weight: 205.8


Minnesota Mami said...

I stayed in my PJ's ALL DAY yesterday! Even after my shower (which happened much later in the day than it should have) I just put on clean PJ's to wear! A PJ day once in a while is really nice!

Have a great day today! And I'm going to use your tip for checking the menu of a restaurant online BEFORE going to it to pick out the healthy options!

Cheryl S. said...

Way to go Heidi! I, too, had a cheat day on Saturday...and when I stepped on the scale this morning, was down 3.6 pounds from last week! Granted it likely would have been more had I not succumbed, but you're right, one bad day does not a diet break.