Weight Lost!!!

13 pounds down

Friday, January 8, 2010

Day 13: Ready for Flushing!

I am so hungry.  The funny thing is I am rarely ever thirsty, I just never get to the point where I am thirsty and I can say I do NOT drink enough water, now today, I am doing a liquid diet, and I am so thirsty!  Huh?!  Doesn't make sense.  I am looking forward to flushing my toxins tonight and tomorrow, only because then I get to back to being a normal human!  Tonight and tomorrow are not going to be my favorite days but I'll have yet another detox behind me, and I will start anew come Sunday.

So, today all I had was apple juice, distilled water, green tea and chicken broth.  You are all jealous...I know,  today I drank like 1500 calories!

After last night's post, I read "Losing My Behind" which is another blog that I have mentioned before written by Cheryl.  I was totally blown away by her kind words, her friendship, her honesty and her companionship during this trek.  I truly am blessed by my friends.  Each friend that I have is a collection in my beautiful bouquet of friends.  On the same day I was blessed with a note of encouragement and love from one of my dearest friends Dawn.  I met Dawn during my tour in Heidelberg GE.  She and I became super close, but she has also been my ultra cheerleader who is always in my corner.  It has been a good week of affirmations and I think I needed it to get through this week.  :o)  So thanks.  My husband has also given me the kudos that I was needing.  There are many more of you out there that are helping me make this work too.  Thanks!

Today, I walked with Sammi, it is such a good outlet.  We have a great time, chatting and before we know it we have walked 5 miles.  Today, however...3 miles may be a stretch.  I was not up to speed.  Maybe it was the lack of food! ;o)

I am so blessed by my friends and family!  Every time I hear someone say I couldn't do it...I think, I can! So I am glad I have made it!  In every era in my life I have collected the most amazing people to be my closest friends.  In my life there has been one or two key people for each era that have made me who I am.  Until today, when I still have all of my friends from the past and all my new Minnesota friends, and I am excited about even more friends to come!
High School: Dana
Sorority: Kimberly
High School/Post College: Britta
Germany Part 1: Tamara
Germany Part 2: Kathleen
Germany Part 3: Dawn
Minnesota: So many to name!  Sally, Heather, Sammi, Randi, Cheryl, Mandy, Kerri, My neighborhood, My church...
Throughout all of that I have my amazing and beautiful mom and my always in my corner and fun-loving dad.
How can I be so blessed?  I haven't even mentioned my mother and father in law, All of my sister in laws, my brothers, my brother in laws.  My amazing husband, my beautiful kids...I have a great collection of people I could trust with the world.  Thank you lovely people for loving me just as I am.  I love each of you so very much!
I hope I haven't missed anyone...I am running on empty.

Well, wish me luck as I drink a nasty cocktail of Grapefruit Juice and Olive Oil...
I had better lose a pound or more from this!!!!

Have a great weekend!

Weight: 207.4 boring...same weight, but surely it will come off!
Cals: 1500 or so


Cheryl S. said...

This journey is not doable without support! I, too, am so grateful for you and the support of others. Besides a necessary component for any big task, traveling companions just make it more fun! Love ya right back!

Minnesota Mami said...

Heidi - you are doing great! I'm not jealous of the grapefruit juice/olive oil blend though... :)
Question for ya...when you go on your walks, are you doing them outdoors? I was just talking w/my sis today about trying to figure out a good workout routine with the freaking cold we are having! We don't have a gym membership (saving $$), and DVD workouts are only so motivating. I'd definitely do walking...but I'm a weakling when it comes to the cold! If you walk outside...tell me your tips to staying warm enough to walk 5 miles?!

Heidi said...

MM- I walk indoors at the Roseville Oval, it isn't warm in there, but MUCH warmer than outside, so dress in layers. It is probably 35-40 degrees, you need to go to their website to see the walking times. However it is free! 7 laps is a mile. It is fun because there are always things going on. Give it a try!