Weight Lost!!!

13 pounds down

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day 18: Wait for the weight to fall

Although today was a fun and busy day, and I am only on day 18 of 365, I am the type who likes instant results...I know I can't be alone.  I don't see or feel any smaller, but wish I did.  I know in 2 months, and even 11 months It'll be worth the wait...but today, I wish I could see the difference.

Today I woke up and did Jillian's Shred.  I really felt it too, all day long.  Or it could have been last nights super walk...maybe it was a combo.  Either way, the pain felt good.  I know it is happening.  That is good! Next year today I'll be writing a different blog.  I just need to get through this and try to stay positive.  All of the awesome comments help me keep going and knowing I have to write about it!

Breakfast: toast, coffee, grapefruit
Lunch: Taco Bell...(I ate from the fresco menu) and ended with a York.
Dinner: Sushi YUM

Weight: 205.6 (I think I'll get pretty inspired when the 6 pounds come off and I am in the one hundreds!)

I actually feel like I cheated today.  We will see what the scale says!  Tomorrow I'll eat more salads!  Didn't I say that last night?  Anyway, I am in a small funk.  I will go to bed, and wake up to do my early morning phone workout date with my High School best friend Dana.  We did this last week too.  It was fun to catch up and we both were burning calories, so it was great!  It'll be a good start to the day.


Cheryl S. said...

Small funk? Me too. Just tryin' to push through, tho. I am worrying right now about getting bored with the food I'm eating ~ lots of salads, soup, chili. I guess I like my food all mixed together, eh? ;) Anyway, hang in there, you are RIGHT, it is going to be TOTALLY worth it in the coming months. luv ya!

Minnesota Mami said...

That's right - the perspective is good...only day 18 of 365...I, like you, thrive off of instant results. But those don't happen every day/every week in our weight loss journey - even if we did everything right! So keeping perspective...that is good for all of us!
I'm sure in just a few weeks you'll have already broken through the 200 barrier!
PS - I don't have Jillian's Shred workout, but I started the BL 30-Day Jumpstart today...