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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day 8: Necessity and sin

Here I am to blog.  Today was surely a restful day.  I am not a good nap-taker.  I can't just power nap, I just get super tired afterward, so it is the full 2 hour nap or nothing.  Today in indulged in the 2 hour nap.  It was awesome!  When I woke up, the hubs had cleaned up the kitchen!  It was great!

This morning's sermon at church was a great fresh start sermon for me to hear.  It was about Psalm 51.  You should take the time to read it and pray through it, if you feel inclined.  It is such a great prayer about sin and forgiveness, but even better, God's restoration of David's heart, and David's desire to have a clean heart.

So, before I took my communion this morning I asked, like David, for God to cleanse me, to change my sinful nature, and make me white as snow again.  While I was listing my iniquities in my prayer I thought about how food has such a hold on me.  When thinking about addictions food is a hard one, because it is a necessity.  Where cigarettes or alcohol, to name a few, are not vital to live, food is. (Don't get me wrong, I am sure those are very hard addictions and am not comparing them at all)  I was then thinking of how tempting it is, all the time.  So when asking God for a clean heart I asked for him to take the food desire away, and for me to look at it as a necessity rather than an indulgence.   As I continued to think about this through the morning I began to think of binge or sneaky eating, as a sin.  In the past I thought that I was the only one suffering (well, and my husband and kids, indirectly) but truly God gave me this body as a temple.  So when I eat food that isn't for my body's nourishment, I am not doing my body good.  I understand giving myself a treat now and then isn't a sin and I will not look at it that way.  I did use food in an unhealthy way and viewed it as such too.  I would over eat because I could.  I would also sneak food when no one was looking.  The two people who did see were me and God, so I guess I didn't hide anything.  I am excited to view my body as the temple it is created to be, and to nourish and treat it well.  I feed my kids, cat and even plants better than I do myself.  I would never consider putting unhealthy food in my cat's bowl or a flower pot, however, I consider doing that to me.  My kids eat great, veggies, fruit, well rounded.  So now all four of us are all eating healthy together.  Everyone benefits.   I also tended to think, I am fat anyway, so what is another piece of junk food.

Not anymore!

So, today I went to the grocery store for the first time to shop for the week with my new found lifestyle.  It was much harder than regular grocery shopping...I keep going back and forth, reading the labels and seeing what was in the foods on the inside of the grocery store.  I tend to shop only around the edge except for a few things on the inside.  However, today was football day and I knew tempting food would be in the house, so I went down the frozen food aisle and got some tasty lean frozen items, which I figure would be good to have on hand on those busy days where cooking a chicken breast, fish or preparing a salad for lunch isn't feasible.  I also took a closer look at other items like bread and tortillas.  So a few extra minutes, and it was all good.  I also had to shop this week for my cleanse (detox) that I start tomorrow.

I am on my out the door to go for a walk for 4 miles coming out to a 300 cal burn.
Tomorrow along with my detox I am starting to add in an exercise video with 3-4 one hour walks a week.  :o)

Weight: 210 (hmm) well not super happy that I have gone up and down this week but my net loss is 2 lbs so I will take that! *
Breakfast: Whole wheat toast with Brummel and Brown spread and coffee (185 cals)
Morning Snack: Baked Apple with whipped cream (80 cals)
Lunch: Portabella Mushroom burger on whole wheat english muffin with pico de gallo and fat free cottage cheese (450 cals)
Dinner: Lean Cuisine Margherita Pizza, asparagus, baked chicken breast (437 cals)
Evening Snack: Fiber One bar, green tea (142 cals)
Total Cals: 1294

* My weight loss, I have heard several people recommend that weighing in once a week at the same time is the best idea because you can fluctuate during the week.  I however, have to do it daily.  It holds me accountable.  It helps me to look back on the days with a loss and see what was done differently.  Also, knowing myself, if I don't weigh myself daily, I can see myself cheating a bit more.  So a daily weigh in is my choice.

One more note!  I am so excited that so many of you have decided to join in my quest for healthy living! Taisa, that is awesome, we both start at the same weight.  I know we can do this.  To the rest of you who put your comments up, thanks so much!  YOU are helping me through this!  I am grateful to all of you, thank you!


Leah Miller said...

So, did you know you can also fluctuate during the month depending on your cycle? Maybe you should make a monthly graph so you can see the trend. :)

Minnesota Mami said...

alright Heidi, my blog is official! It got a bit of a late kick-off due to some travel I had to do this weekend, but check it out for the first post of the year: http://makingoverme.blogspot.com/2010/01/first-day.html

Looks like you are doing great so far! Keep up the good work!

Cheryl S. said...

I was talking with one of my sons about food addiction. He's been clean and sober for 5+ years now, and he agreed that food addiction is, in some ways, more difficult because we can't just go without but instead have to change our relationship with it, learn to live peaceably with it. And, that's what this year is all about.

You are doing great with your exercise too! I meet with a personal trainer tomorrow to get a plan in place, and am very excited!

Keep on!