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13 pounds down

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Day 62: Playing Catch up

Had a super fun, wedding planning date with my all time favorite bride Sally she is also a FABULOUS photographer, and does travel if you need to do a destination wedding.  Enough of the commercial.  She is getting married in April in Mexico, and I get to go too.  This is a HUGE motivator too, for my weight loss. I have to wear a pretty dress, and likely a swimsuit (no bikinis for me thanks)
We had fun picking out and purchasing things to decorate the table.  Fortunately there are only 14 of us going down, so we can make one long table extra fabulous.  ;o)  It was such fun.
We looked at lots of magazines over a tasty lunch.  Just a fun time.  I ate some tasty fish and declined unhealthy items.  After I got home I hung with the family.  I had great aspirations for a workout, but I am going to heed the advice that I got from many and ease into it a bit.  I am only going to workout when I have all the energy.  I am feeling much better overall.

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