Weight Lost!!!

13 pounds down

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Day 49: New Venture

As a stay at home momma, I am trying to find ways to make some extra cash, keep my resume active and keep my mind engaged.  So I took a position as the Fashion and Photography Writer on Examiner.com.  Yesterday, I got my first article published.  You should check it out.  http://bit.ly/9HXkUG

I will writing about 3-5 articles a week, and I get paid based upon my article's popularity.  So if you are into Fashion and Photography, I recommend that you take a peek from time to time.  When you go to the site you can also sign up to receive the articles as they get posted.

This year, I have taken on many new roles, weight loss, fitness, staying on top of my household duties (which could use some help in the laundry dept.) and trying to find ways to make me feel connected to the workforce during this hard financial time as well as to keep my brain in the game.  I have applied for over 50 full time jobs.  I have taken a part time sales job in the evenings as well as continuing to keep The Hip Chick Co. moving in the right direction.  I also applied for a Census 2010 job.  I haven't heard back on that one.  The job with Examiner.com I can do from home, I get to write about two of my passions, and it keeps me out there!  Which when my kids do go school full time, I'd like to have a full resume while I was at home with them.  Yeah, I sound over busy, and I know it may be lots, but I do best this way.  When I add all the hours of these jobs (and my [fingers crossed] pending job with the Census) I will work 40 hours a week.  However, I get to do it, staying at home with my kids.  What a blessing.  Although part time jobs don't offer the benefits, and the pay doesn't match up, in the long run I am making more money than I would if I had to pay for childcare, so I feel blessed.

If writing for the online local magazine Examiner.com sounds like fun to you, let me know!  I can refer you and you get a leg up on getting the job.  It doesn't pay a great amount, but it is fun, it keeps you busy and you get published!  So, check out the website, they have them in MANY cities across the country, so even if you are not in my neck of the woods, you can still write for your favorite topics in your neck of the woods.  Send me a message, and I can get you a referral!

On to weight loss...
I am not feeling so great still, not eating much, and doing zero exercise...
Weight: 198.8 :o)  Gotta love losing weight, even if you are sick!


Cheryl S. said...

You are under 200!!! I hope you're starting to feel better? Is there anything you need? Prayin' for you!

Heidi said...

Thanks! Pretty exciting! If you can just pray for me to feel better. It is really hard to be active with mono, and I have no energy to do so. So, that is what I am asking for right now. My mom is coming on Wednesday. ;o)