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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day 54: Milk Thistle and Turmeric

My mom, Gaga as my kids call her, has been talking these two up for years.  If you are anything like me, if my mom says something to me, it takes me hearing it from someone else before I heed the advice.

So after years of hearing how great Milk Thistle and Turmeric are, I am taking them.    Let me tell you why it is very wise to take these both.  They both share some life saving benefits, but each have their own benefits as well.

First I'll talk about Milk Thistle.  It is a flowering herb that hails from the middle east, the Mediterranean and north Africa.  It is mainly used for healing the liver and gallbladder, however it also has aids the immune system and can even help heal the common cold.    Milk Thistle also helps with inflammation as well as a great antioxidant.  Which in earlier posts you will read help fight off free radicals.  It is also good for ridding your body of bacteria that can be harmful to the liver.  It also boasts of the prevention and treatment of breast, cervical and prostate cancer.  It also helps in lowering cholesterol.

Now I'll discuss the goodies in Turmeric.  It is commonly used in India as a dye.  Like Milk Thistle it helps with inflammation.  It also shares the treatment and prevention of some cancers such as breast, melanoma, and prostate.  It detoxes the liver, removes plaque in the brain which can slow the progression of Alzheimer's.  It is a natural painkiller.  It can be used to treat depression, as well as psoriasis and other skin conditions.   The part I like most about Turmeric is that it can assist in fat metabolism and weight management!

I mentioned that both of these supplements help in ridding your body of toxins (with the aid of antioxidants) and I wanted to share that fat cells collect toxins, so when we give our bodies these antioxidants, we are helping to shed the unwanted toxins,  and it will help you lose weight.  Our bodies are amazing.  The more toxins we consume (some are unavoidable as they are in the air we breathe, water and chemicals in our household products) the more fat our body holds onto in order to protect our organs from the toxins.  So, a layer of fat will be between your organs and toxins.  Thanks body for protecting me from myself... Many of the foods we eat that are processed, or even sprayed on our foods before we get them.  So in order to save ourselves from our foods, we need to use these supplements to help clean our body.  I, like many, do like to "detox" my body.  This works for the moment, but if I continue to take these two supplements as well as other vitamins and minerals to help my body fight itself, I can lose weight, as well as toxins while at the same time fighting off unwanted inflammation, protect against cancers and help build my immune system.

So, now the question is...why wouldn't you take these?  They can come in pill form or be used as a tea.  As with anything, pregnant women should not use these, and everyone should consult their physician before using these.

Thanks mom, for the good advice, even if it did take me years to decide to listen to you!

Weight: 199

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Cheryl S. said...

Hey Heidi ho, loved the post today! There are so many things God has given us that are natural remedies....vs the western mentality of prescription default. Really good info...and hope you are feeling better! GLAD your mom is there now. :)