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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Day ?-39: Sunny Outlook

Well, my visit with Kimberly was great but FAR too short!  We had a fun time just being together and catching up.  I wish we had the means to see each other more often.  That goes for all my far-away friends.

I contacted the Houston Enzyme company and I am going to try out their TriEnza product and will report the way it works as the days pass.  I am receiving the product for free as a trade for talking about how their product works.  My plan is to start with a smaller dose and work my way up.  I am excited about trying the product!

Food and workout:  Well, I failed myself when visitor is in my presence.  I did not do well at all.  In fact over the 4 day visit with Kimberly, I gained TWO pounds!  YUP!  Ugh.  Well, I take full responsibility for this.  I just didn't do well with my choices.  I have done so well for 35 or so days, that I was actually surprised at how easy I made poor food choices.  Yesterday I had a long talk with myself and I did well.  In fact I decided not to weigh myself yesterday out of sheer fear, but was pleased that I am back down to 202 today.  I need to rid of those two stinkin pounds by the weekend!  That is my short term goal.

I am also going to be going Sally's wedding in Mexico this April (mid-month) and my next goal will be to be down 20 pounds by April 12th!  This will be a good incentive!  Mexico = warm weather which means swim wear and summer clothes.  So let's see how it all pans out!  I am hitting it hard!

I got my Polar heart rate monitor watch in the mail last week and bought the Avia Avi-Motion shoes this week with some "fun money" I had.  I tried out the Avia shoes yesterday on our one hour walk and I could feel them working different parts of my legs.  It was great.  I watched their video on their link and it claims to work the legs, buttocks and abs because of the shape of the sole.  I can see how it works.  I felt a little different while walking, so hears to hoping it works.  My heart rate monitor, shows how many calories I burn based on my heart rate/weight/height and age.  All of that is programmed into the watch and I wear a band around my waist to read the HR and send the info to the watch.  It is pretty stellar.  So now I can get an exact read on my calories burned during exercise.

Today, I will go for a walk again and start back doing the 30-day shred...I stopped for 5 days!  So I am going to make up for it by doing it two times a day for 6 days.  I am also going to be doing it a bit longer than the 30 days since I am having a hard time with work-out 2 and clearly not ready for workout 3.  So I am pushing the P90X  back a few weeks.  I'll let you know when I am ready!  However, with my new "going to Mexico" goal I need to get into gear!  :o)

So that is all folks.
Weight: 202 again


Cheryl S. said...

This is a life long journey, so splurging when a friend is in town is ok I think...getting right back down to business is wise too, and look at you, you're already back to where you were! Nice work!

There will always be visitors coming, weddings and parties to attend, super bowl food...the list is endless. Making peace with food is the goal, and you are doing GREAT! So glad we're in this together, too. ;)

Minnesota Mami said...

Going to Mexico IS a great motivator...hmm...how can I schedule me a motivator like that?!

My husband was telling me about those shoes...sounds interesting! And I totally want a heart rate monitor thingy! Maybe in March...gotta get me some 'fun money'! :)

Glad you had a great time with your friend...and that you are jumping back into it with BOTH FEET!

Heidi said...

Thanks Ladies! You gotta get the shoes! So worth it!