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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Day 50: See Saw

Ups and downs, teeter totter, roller coaster, peaks and valleys, highs and lows, loss and gain, the numbers go up and down all throughout the week.  This is why many people only weigh themselves weekly, and if it would be discouraging to you to see that you can gain weight back in the week even though over-all you will come out of the week with a loss, then weighing in weekly is the best thing to do.  However, I see it as a direct reflection of the day before.  Last night, I ate pizza...today I weight 2 pounds more.  It makes total sense,  I haven't been eating much, I haven't been exercising at all, due to my being sick.  So while I weigh myself daily, I know that the numbers will go up and then go back down.
It also reminds me, to think pizza may not be the best choice. Obviously, but why didn't I turn it down?  Because every bad choice I make effects the outcome of the diet.  I think of things like, if I didn't eat that, then I'd be that much closer to skinny.  I know how life goes, there are parties, there are evenings, there are events.  However, if I don't make the right choices for the majority of those events, then it will be harder for me to get to my destination.  So I will continue to weigh in every day even though I will see the numbers go up and down.  As long as my chart shows a continuing downward trend, then I can keep learning from my choices, and get to skinny!
I just look forward to being farther away from 200 so that my up and downs only start with the number 1.  :o)
Weight: 200


taisafoster said...

So very, very true. I only weigh myself on days I feel skinnier because I know I am doing my best and making good (not perfect) choices.
Thank you sooooo much for the info on Enzymes. I went to the link and ordered the free info dvd. I have a lot of digestive problems; lactose, bloating, stomach aches, slow digestion, etc. I know that adding those enzymes will be a huge help. I am vitamin D deficient also and take vit D and a multivitamin (gummy style).
I really appreciate your blogs, Heidi. Keep up the good work and great attitude.

Heidi said...

Taisa, I am glad you liked the info on the enzymes. I can honestly say, it has helped with any gassy problems. Also, I feel that my digestion is like clockwork right now. I am also doing the vemma. www.itsinthejuice.vemma.com it has all your vitamins, and i truly like it. I think it is helping me get through this mono a bit faster! At least giving me more energy than not taking it. I am also (just today) starting to take metamucil. I need the fiber, and it also helps with digestion. I feel full too, so I am not hungry and tempted. Thanks Taisa for your support! Love ya.