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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Day 53: Help is arriving

Well, this mono is officially kicking my butt.  I do have to say that it seems yesterday had to be my worst day.  Today I feel a little bit better, so maybe I am on my way out of this!  :o)  I am excited to get back to exercising and eating again.  I have been able to eat at least 1 meal each day, I am averaging only like 400-800 cals a day.  Not ideal,  and not on purpose.  Just trying to get through this.  It is 8am, and I am actually hungry.  So this could be a good start!  I am hoping to feel better.
My mom is flying in today to take care of her baby and my babies.  This will give Gary a break and he can get back to work.  :o)
So here's to praying I am on my way out of this.  :o)

Weight: 198


Emily said...

I'm so glad your mom is able to come help you out for a while! Mono is not fun. I'm sorry you have been so sick. I am praying for you! I hope you really are over the worst and getting better!!!

Minnesota Mami said...

Heidi - so glad your mom is coming to help you out. I was sick for about a week (NOT mono) and that was hard to keep up with daily tasks of taking care of kids and me, so I can only imagine how much this help will benefit you! B/c of being sick myself, I missed out on several days of posts, so I went back and caught myself up. I'd love to get a referral for The Examiner from you...one of my goals this year is to start getting paid for my writing, even if it is next to nothing to begin with...I want to start building a writing resume. You can send details to my e-mail address (hdressel(at)dresselmeadows(dot)com) whenever you get a chance.


Minnesota Mami said...

Oh, and another PS - love the fancy new blog design! Looks great!

Heidi said...

Thanks! I did send you the info on examiner.com
Make sure you follow the instructions. :o)
Good luck. I am sure you will do good, you are a great writer!