Weight Lost!!!

13 pounds down

Friday, February 12, 2010


I can't wait to blog about it!  The scale finally has a ONE as the first number in my weight!  I am actually surprised it took this long, but it does feel so good to have it!  Ooh, I am just so happy!  I feel that my goal is that much more attainable!!!  Ok, enough with the exclamation points right?

I have been reading lots about how to lose weight without exercise, just for the time being while I am sick.  I know that exercise is vital to getting the "me" that I want out of this.  I don't want to be skinny-fat by any means, but without the energy, I still want to stay on track.  So, I do what I can, and since I can barely stomach the idea of eating, what I am putting in my mouth is healthy and beneficial.  I do a little bit of exercise here and there just to keep my muscles in action.

I was reading in Experience Life (Lifetime Fitness) Magazine last night about the right amount of food and exercise.   I read about how if you work out it doesn't mean you get to eat more, when you are losing weight.  However, when you are at your goal weight that is a different story.  I know that in the past when I was exercising a lot I would think that I either deserved to eat more or that I needed to eat more.  I thought I burned so many calories, however as we all know, we only burn about 5-10 calories a minute doing moderate exercise.  Although it seems hardly fair, the bulk of our calories that we eat, are burned off just living.  So, while the exercise is a bonus, it isn't actually giving us enough calories burned that we actually need to compensate for it.

I also read that we burn up to 30% of the calories we eat, when eating protein just by digesting it!  So our body is using it as fuel as we are eating it.  However, with fats it is only up to 3% of the calories burned by eating it.  Complex carbs was 10-15% percent.  I found this very interesting.  Eating lean proteins with each meal and with each snack will make you feel more satisfied, because it triggers your satiety.  Not to mention it helps rebuild your body after a work out.

Well, I am all excited!  Weight: 199.2  YEEHAAWW!!!!


Rebecca said...

Hooray Heidi! What a huge accomplishment and exciting hurdle to make it over. Bye bye 200s!!!

Alan and Rachel said...

YAY !!! Great job Heidi :) That is pretty darn hardcore watching what you eat when you are sick. I am super proud of you !!!

Heidi said...

Thanks Ladies! I am so super excited. A funny little story...when I was pregnant with Gabe, and I went over into the dreaded 200s, when I was asked what my weight was at my appts, I would always say 102, or 110 etc, because I had never said 200 anything in reference to my weight. I am glad I am able to 1XX for my weight from now on! Thanks for your support!

Heidi said...

And watching what I eat while sick, is the only way I can eat. I don't want to put anything in my mouth at all, because I feel so sick. So I might as well be putting healthy food in to at least make me feel like I am nourishing my body.

Megan said...

Heidi - you are a ROCKSTAR!!!!!! I'm so stinkin' excited for you. I've been reading, waiting and watching for the newest post re: the 100 club. So excited and so proud of you. I'm beaming from ear to ear for you! :-)

Minnesota Mami said...

SWEEEEEEEEEET! So excited for you Heidi! I can only IMAGINE how good One-derland feels! And I can guarantee that my post announcing that I reach One-derland will have DOZENS of exclamation points! :) So exclamation point away girl...you deserve it!

Heidi said...

Thanks Girls! It does feel so good! No going back either. I am loving it! It is attainable, and I have attained it. Now, on to goal number 2! The 20 pound lost point. Just around the corner! :o) Thanks, Thanks, Thanks for the support!!!!!!!!