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13 pounds down

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day 8: Still losing.

Howdy!  Sorry for the delay in posting this week.  My little girl and I are both sick with the stomach flu.  I have to say, it is horrible.  I feel more sad for her than I do for myself.  We are not really up to doing anything and my boy just wants to play play play.  So dad has been great helping out with that.

I tell you watching Biggest Loser is so amazing to me, but why can't I just "get into it" like Courtney.  She did so good at home, she did awesome at the ranch and her talk at the end of the show last night was so true and good.  I am still losing weight and I am doing it the right way, eating right and moving.  However this week has been a little challenging with my sick-self.  I am still a pound and half down.

I went for a facial last week at the St. Paul College with my friends mom Laura.  YOU NEED TO GET ONE, they are dirt cheap and she is amazing!  It was $15 + tip, and she makes it worth your while!  I even got some massage in there too!  It really perked me up too.  Made me feel better about myself which is what I need when I get down and out.

Life is plugging along.  I am training for the 3 day and trying to get in my miles as much as I can.  I am still looking for team mates so if you are interested, let me know.  If you'd like to donate, you can do it by clicking here.  It is hard to train when I am not feeling well, but I am pretty good at rebounding!  ;o)  I am so grateful for the the warm weather too...it helps for getting out and getting miles in.  Easier than the treadmill for sure!

Have a great week!!!

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