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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day 209: The 3 Day!!!

Got home from Seattle Thursday morning (Wednesday night) in the middle of the night.  Put the kids to bed, and went to sleep.  Woke up Thursday morning, and started getting prepared for the following days.
To be honest, the night before the walk, I wasn't jazzed up about it.  I didn't know who I was walking with.  I had met a woman at a wedding, Amanda, she was the photographer and I was the planner, she said I could walk with her team.  My team from last year wasn't walking with me this year, and I kind felt a bit lost.  At about 10pm, however I got a text from Amanda, she told me where I could meet her.  I was glad I got the text!  I felt a little hope.  Got a good nights rest and met up with them in the morning.  There was 8 of them and me, so that makes 9.  I kind of assumed it would stay that way, the 8 of them and me.  However, I was wrong.  There was 9 of us.  They welcomed me and accepted me as one of their own quickly.  All of these women are amazing, loving and kind.  They also were fun.  I got to know some pretty well.  As we walked we spoke of our kids and husbands, past walks we've done.  Many of them are runners too.  So that was fun.  I then found out that two of these amazing women are Breast Cancer survivors.  My brain tried to understand that... but they are moms, they are my age.  That doesn't happen.  Both are safe from cancer now.  It made it more real to me.  More real that I thought it would.

In the quiet moments of the walks I would think of and tear up about my best friend Kimberly, who lost her mom not to long ago and she suffered with breast cancer.  I thought how unfair it was.  How I don't understand why Kimberly (KJ) doesn't get to share so many memories with her mom by her side in the flesh.  How I don't understand why when KJ has kids why they won't get to know the awesomeness that her mom is!  So I prayed for my friend, to find and hold on to peace.

I then thought of my Aunt Roxanne, who has suffered through breast cancer two times, and survived! but still had to go through it twice.  How her life has been changed.  Why would she have to suffer two times?  Why so many women have to suffer two times.  Just one time...at all.

And most recent, my prayers and thoughts are with Beth, my sister in law's mommy.  Who is suffering from a massive headache right now as we speak from the chemo.  Her last treatment was last week.  How her life was turned upside down.  How her pain and sickness has affected her and those who love her.  Tears rolling down my cheeks as I walked!  I keep on walking with the wetness upon my face.  My knee was sore, but I'd pass by a girl holding a sign saying that we are walking because her mom can't.
As my feet became hot with blisters I'd pass another sign that said, "Blisters don't need chemo."  So I'd keep walking, sharing stories with my new 8 friends.

Walking for women everywhere.  I will always walk the Breast Cancer 3 day.  As long as my body allows it.  For my breasts, for your breasts for my daughter.  For Merideth, and Kimberly, for Candi, and Vicki. For Lily.  For all those who I know who may have it.  I walk and will walk for you.

Thanks for your support!  My team of 9 walked across the finish line hand in hand 9 across, as one team.  United to fight breast cancer.  The two women on my team that are survivors were selected to be a part of the the closing ceremony.  As we took off our shoe and raised it in the air to honor them, again the tears ran down my face.

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knj1275 said...

Thank you for your optimism and your prayers. Mom would be proud of you. I love you lots! KJ