Weight Lost!!!

13 pounds down

Sunday, February 5, 2012

A long time...no blog

Well, for those of you reading this...I am back, and ready to blog again.
It has been an interesting few years.  I lost weight I gained it...I could tell you all the reasons why...but that doesn't matter. It really doesn't.  The facts are the facts.

I have started again, kicked into gear by an upcoming trip to the Caribbean.  I will be in a swimsuit.  So we will see how I do.

I have a different approach this time. I am not going to put number expectations on myself.  Last time I was like I wanna weight XX by XX.  This time, I wanna feel good.

I started Weight Watchers and it is easy, and it works.  I am looking forward to weigh ins.

I'll be weighing in soon enough, and will not be posting weight until I feel like it.

Happy Reading, Happy Eating!

I look forward to being skinny and it is my destination!

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