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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Day 339: What NOT to do when you are trying to lose weight

Howdy folks.  Man was I going strong.  Better than I had been, if my mind is good I was well on my way to weighing in the 170s...I had hit 30 lbs lost, THEN I went on vacation, and apparently I have been there all along.  I apologize for letting you down, but mainly I apologize for letting me down.  This is my problem and it is why I have a weight problem...So since Dec 27th of last year my goal was to lose 60 lbs...WELL, that ain't looking like a possibility at this point.  I started this blog at 212 lbs, today I sit at an ugly 195.  Yeah, I have lost 17 lbs total over the year, but I am sad that I had gained 13 lbs back after the summer vacation.  Depressing really...
SO what do I do about this?
I joined a gym, our new insurance will reimburse us so that was an easy decision!  So I started on Monday and I have gone 3 days in a row.  :o)
I am also starting back recording my food intake on Livestrong's My Plate.  That really helps me out!
I am still keeping accountable with my darling friend Dana who is dealing with her own stuff on the west coast.  So we share our struggles and we will do this together.

I am ready (again)  I know it is going to be a life long battle but it is the choice I am ready to live with.

Thanks for reading this if you did come back.



Cheryl Sweeney said...

I'm so glad you're back! I knew you would be. :) It IS discouraging when we gain back what we fought so hard to lose, but look at it this way...you are 17 pounds lighter than you were last year! Stack 17 1# packages of butter, and you'll see that 17 is significant! It isn't what you were aiming for or hoping for, but I believe in celebrating our victories. :)

hug you, Cheryl

Moore Family said...

My WW leader always says, "Imagine where you would be if you weren't trying". Hang in there, it is not easy. Great job on the gym!!! I love recording my workouts on Daily Mile!