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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Day 238: Bad Heidi!

Well, I refused to weigh in this week, because I KNOW what the scale would do.  I was SO UTTERLY HORRIBLE this past week.  So after I started feeling better, I just went NUTS.  I binged, I ate donuts, fast food, ice cream...everything!  I feel sick just thinking about it.  A friend of mine who is in incredible shape now who I will refer to as "Fun Fact" sent me her "then" photos.  It was so awesome to see her transformation.  She was beautiful when she was bigger, but she is stunning now.  She did it all the right way, exercise and eating well.  I think seeing her pictures made me wake up.  I am not sure why I let myself have such a nasty week of eating, but I did.  It doesn't get easier, it is still hard to be tempted by food.  I am still tempted, but it is just making the choice and remembering that the donut will only taste good for a second but takes an hour of exercise to burn (at least).  Clearly it isn't worth it.  I have highs and lows and today is a new day!  So again I will get back up and get back in the groove!


Cheryl S. said...

Finding our way through this maze is not easy but its also not impossible. I'm with you all the way, girl, on this journey. We're learning tons, you know! And, the weight is coming off...slower than we'd like, but we ARE making progress!

Listening to our bodies is sooooooo important, and I think the key to finding what will eventually work for us long term.

love you!

Emily said...

You can do it, Heidi!

Heidi said...

Thanks girls!!!
You both are so amazing!

characters said...

don't worry I do this all the time, I just let things slip and i go nuts and eat choclate cake and chips. I am sure you will achieve your goals :)