Weight Lost!!!

13 pounds down

Monday, December 28, 2009

Day 2: Head in the game...

Hello Monday, and all you bring with you.  What a day!
Food wise, I did pretty good.
Let's get to the brass tacks and then I can ramble
Weight: 212 (same...boring!)
Breakfast: Banana and Coffee (not on purpose to eat so little, read on, kids were nutso)
Lunch: Hardboiled Egg, Salad, peas, 2 oz. turkey
Snacks: 2 clemintines, Fiber One bar, green tea
Dinner: 2 Pork Tenderloin Medallions, sweet potato salad, coleslaw
Snack: Cup of milk and carrots

Today, my kids decided to stage a coup against me, maybe to break me down and get me to snack on the cake left by friendly neighbor (for the kids), but I held my ground and won the battle of food...even if I did lose the battle of the kids.  They were crazy people today.  In the morning, I had two neighbor friends over for chat and play.  The kids were NUTS, I didn't even recognize them, an amazing headache started...Enter In-Law's in saints clothes!  Nana came and Hava calmed to a pleasant girl, but the boy who was a fright never settled down until nap time.  My sainted in-laws stayed and ran interference for me and Gabey.  When my white knight arrived from work I left for my massage (it is on trade otherwise I wouldn't have gotten it) and I came home to fed kids and normalcy!  My massage went long and it was GREAT.  She is amazing.  If you live in the Metro and need someone let me know, she is great!

As far as exercise goes for today, I did an hour of housework (please note, in-laws were coming over so I actually did 2 hours of housework in one hour and worked myself up a good sweat!)
I did stair master for 20 minutes and yoga for 30 minutes.

I am looking forward to a bath after the kids go to bed and reading of some fun magazines.

Today as I was getting my massage in the silent moments I was all excited about being the skinny person I see in my mind, and wondering what great feat I will accomplish in my next year  (2011).  Oh, being motivated  is good. I need to keep reminding myself of that when the days lack motivation!

Today one of my dearest of the dear friends answered her phone call from me saying "You are Brave!" Not hello. I thought she was referring to this blog, but she was referring to my posting of "the" weight...Yeah, it is either brave or dumb.  I don't care, it is a number, I am not defined by it.  Ok well maybe today I am, but next week and next year...it will be ground gained and I feel it necessary to me to put it out there, so I'll take being brave!  Thanks Lady for the compliment.  I love it!  It is because of friends like you who love me the way I am that make me brave!

Thanks for reading, pass me along to your friends to read and follow!  I am not perfect, and am sure I will incur some bumps in the road, but I expect them, and will move right over them.  I am excited to be me.  I am transparent and promise to be that way in my blog entries, so more of you (in your transparency) can relate!

If any of you would like to join my journey.  Please feel free to do so, privately or on my blog.  Just post daily comments with your weight and high/low points!

I am excited to lighten the load along with you!

God Bless,


In My Head said...

Nice job! I've read both days of your new blog and am excited to continue! Today I started watching my own food intake after a few months of going a bit nuts. I'm tracking my food on Sparkpeople.com, which is just great showing me where I am and helping me decide if I *really* need that extra snack. So far today, I'm in good shape food wise and I'm motivated by reading about your motivation too. Aside from some squats and leg lifts no excercise since I'm still working through a chest cold. You're right about that feeling of motivation being so exciting and we need to remind ourselves of that when it fades now and then. Today though, excited and motivated! Sounds like you had a good day in spite of some craziness, nice job staying strong!

Cheryl Sweeney said...

I am on this road with you all the way! My journey is likely to be longer than yours, but you know what? I don't care...while there IS a destination to arrive at, the journey is where we learn all the stuff that will carry us forward once we get there! So, yah for the journey and all the good things to come!

Not trying to copy you or anything but I'll have a blog launching Jan 1 that details my journey too. I've been thinking about doing this publicly for awhile now and you are an inspiration to me! Not so sure about posting my weight tho! Have to think a bit more on that one!

Heidi said...

Thanks you two! It is a journey and an awesome one at that! I am excited for us all to do this! Skinny is do-able!

Moore Family said...

I look forward to your blog! I know doing a blog during my own weightloss helped hold me accountable and also an outlet to vent! I love the new heading!! I love Fiber One bars, but they did not always agree with me!

Nicole Devereaux said...

Heidi, I am so proud of you! Even though I am a "skinny girl", I am not in the healthy shape that I once was. I eat well but can't afford a gym membership and don't have the discipline to work out on my own at home (not sure how I'd do this anyway). And even though I complain about this in my head, I DO tell myself - "you must not mind that much because you're not changing anything!" He he he. So GOOD for you! I will keep up with your blog and with many prayers!!!