Weight Lost!!!

13 pounds down

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Life in the fast lane

Well, doing great on the weight loss front!  Also, my FM is doing so much better with the new vitamins/minerals that I am taking.  It is life changing!  If you suffer from FM (fibromyalgia) I'd be glad to share with you what I do.
Also, I have cut gluten out of my diet and have found this to help with my skin and FM.  I am no longer hungry like I was initially because my body is adjusting to all the goodness and not craving the toxins.   I did cheat and had a gluten packed fat sammy at Arby's yesterday at like 5pm.  I made a bad choice...it happens, but I regret it and it still feels like a rock in my gut!  UGH!  I was instantly reminded, NOT to do that again!
Life is moving along nicely.  I have more energy and am looking forward to tackling the day!

Peace be with you!

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